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June 08, 2011


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The discussion about whether or not rich countries should give other types of help instead just providing money is a very controversial one. there are people on both sides of the argument who have very strong feelings.

how it is as an introduction?

hi simon

i took my speaking test today..and i was asked to describe the oldest perosn in my family for part two of the test.. at the end i had a look at the examiners score sheet, and i could see two sevens and one eight and several .45.. do you think it was a good sign..?

It is certainly true that the problem of poverty remain unsolved if poor countries are being provided with money.In my opinion rich countries should definitely help poor countries in other ways.
Providing financial aid is not the best way to help poor nations as billion of dollars of aid often goes into corrupt government or insufficient administration.And corrupt administration think about their own benefits instead of helping their people.So,because of following reasons developed countries should think of other ways to hep poor.
Firstly ,opening up the barriers for trade to sell goods in those markets in which poor countries are competitive could be a better option.Along with this,remove subsidies so that imported goods from poor countries could compete fairly.
Secondly,Foreign aid projects are more suitable.for instance building huge dams and investing in buildings like schools and hospitals which involves local people would help them in earning their livelihood and these buildings are primary tools through which new generation fostered and developed.
thirdly,forgiving huge debts or old payments would be a much better option instead of giving them money.
so examining the real needs of poor people and investing rather than giving is much more beneficial for them.

Hi A.T.M.

Yes, that's fine. Just remember the capital "t" at the start of the second sentence.


Hi Sridhar,

Personally, I never wrote any scores until the student had left the room, so I'm surprised that you saw some scores. If they were the examiner's real scores for you, they certainly seem good (although I don't know why he/she would write .45).


Good ideas Kani. Just make sure you separate your paragraphs clearly.

hi simon,
this the first time im taking ielts..i was browsing a few websites to practise.finally,i found this site very interesting..
my introduction for the above topic will be like this.If there is any corrections to be made please let me know.so that i can rectify it.

people have different opinion on the way that the richer countries try to solve the financial crisis in the poorer countries.Though,donating ample amount of money might be useful to a certain extent.In my opinion,giving money is not the best way to help the needy one's.

In today’s heterogeneous world, where the gap between wealthy and poor nations increases in startling pace, talking about the financial contribution and support to the third world should come as no surprise. Annually, in West a significant proportion of the budget is allocated for this purpose, which is entirely understandable. If financial aid exclusively make possible the progress in undeveloped countries, why should not be provided? At the same time, it cannot be denied that because of this people miss other opportunities, which has strong impact on their self-reliance.

The fact is that provision of cheques guarantee development of a country according its own needs and pace. This is recognized a healthy type of support since allow a nation to develop apply plans according their needs and focus on the areas which are recognized priority. It is also easy for the donors to fulfil their contribution because they may not be able to convince a doctor, for instance, to serve in under-served hospital in a third world.

It is extremely important that the long terms projects of developing countries are supported, so they are enabled to become self-sufficient. Given that investing on programmes such training experts locally or establishment of the corporations similar to that done by Sony in china can guarantee sustainable development in a country.

From what has been revealed a conclusion can be drawn that while assisting plans of a country financially may enable it to move forward, in my opinion options other than transferring currency are not only more durable but are successful.

Hi Simon,
Here is my essay based on your advice:

It is undeniable that the donation of finance for the poor nations does not an effective solution for the poverty. In order to tackle this phenomenon, there is one suggestion that the wealthy countries should offer the other assistance. In my opinion, this viewpoint needs to be examined thoroughly. This essay will discuss this issue to establish my position.
First and foremost, there are obvious benefits if money can contribute suitably to poor countries. As evidence of this, governments could spend money on improving and expanding their agriculture systems. As a result, the quantity of foods has been increased more which can fulfill the demand of all people and the poverty will be repulsed. In addition, the charity funds can help children receive a better educational system which give them chances to earn more living in the future.
On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks of such approach that need to be taken into consideration. One of the most common criticisms is that money can cause the increase in corruption in officials. As a consequence, there are a little fund invested in the right purposes and the last one flow into official pockets. To solve these problems, the rich countries should invest directly in agriculture or manufacturing in poor nations which can help people have stable jobs as well as nutriments. Furthermore, they should transfer the plants which high quantity and good quality together with technology supporting to the poor. These all things can solve troubles roof and branch.
In a nutshell, I am convinced that giving money to poor countries is not the good solution to solve poverty. The development of agriculture and manufactures is the background to create a long-lasting life in the future.

Hi Simon

is it OK if i use my personal experience or examples in Task2 some thing like
"For example, my mother was working for an accounting firm for more than twenty years. Five years ago, she started a Chinese restaurant, and has made a fortune from it" to support my argument that we may find out our potential by changing career path

Hi Simon,
I strongly believe that helping poor developing countries is a moral responsibility of other richer developed countries.It is an essential bridge between the future generations of both nations.Although the benefit appears to be to the poorer ones,days prove that it is a mutual benefit cause a lot of the skilled hands coming from the third world fill the work gaps in many developed countries.Still,financial aids,loans or even donations were not and I believe would never be the ultimate solution.
Please Simon advise me considering my introduction.....feel a bit long but not sure which part to omit coz words just flow.Thx
Also which ways better leaving a spac at the start of each paragraph or a line.Thanks again

Hi Vishwas,

You've made a few mistakes, but you've got the right idea.

I'm afraid I can't offer to correct mistakes (too many people send me their work, so I have to be strict about that), so it would be a good idea to find someone who can look at your grammar.


Hi Ahmad,

The introduction should never be longer than the main paragraphs. Have a look at my lessons on introductions.


Hi Tom,

You've got the right idea.


Hi Daniel,

Yes, that's fine.


Hi Moka,

Yes, your introduction seems to detailed. Have a look through my lessons to find my advice about introductions using "topic + response".

Will I lose marks for being detailed?thx

What about the paragraph type?is there any preference ?

In today modern world the gap between rich and poor nations is increasing day by day.There are many generous nations who really want to make difference in the life of an ordinary man of the poor nation.They donate money to help them but i think giving money is not the right solution to the problem.
In my opinion,it is a bad idea to simply give financial aid to the authorities of poor nations.If the modern countries do this,there is a high risk aid may not be use for the benefit of a common man.The aid may go in hand of corrupt government and they have become more richer.In some cases,the executives misuse this aid because they do not have the resources to estimate the budget of a project.For these reasons,it is important that developed nations should find ways to invest money in these countries,instead of just donating money.
There are a number of fields where the money can be invested.For example,opening new schools,collages and universities and giving scholarships to brilliant students.By providing good education opportunities,a great difference can be seen.Another way of helping them is by opening new plants and projects in these areas so that more job are available.Furthermore,the world bank and IMF should overdraw their debts.
In the end,in my opinion investing is better than donation because it may enables them to become more independent and move forward.
please any one could correct my mistakes

Hi Moka,

If you spend too much time on the introduction, you have less time for the main paragraphs - these are the key to a high score.

I'd leave a line between paragraphs - it's clearer.


Hi Jiya,

You've got the right idea, especially in terms of structure.

Hi Simon,
I came across this question "Universities should accept equal number of male and female students in every subject.To what extent do to agree or disagree" I don't understand what exactly to write to this question.I don't understand what the question asks for.give me some ideas if you can

Hi, Simon.
Isn't "know-how" an informal phrase? Is it appropriate to use it in this context?
Thank you.

Poverty is one of the most pressing concern in today's world.To alleviate or reduce poverty,there are highly effective ways rather than donating directly money for affected countries.

A sound argument can be made supporting my view point with sufficient data that money which offered by richer nations or wealthy organisations never goes for poor.Corrupted ruling or corrupted politics cause the distribution of money unfair.Nevertheless lack of skilled work force or limited technology ,inefficient institution block the access of aided money for poorer people who in need indeed with their basic human needs such as food,water, housing.safety health needs and education.The most important thing about the money is misusing by government undisciplined agents.

There are so many poverty reduction methods which can be easily implemented rather than donating money.Among those proposals supporting to fuel the agricultural industry by facilitating fertilizer at reasonable prize, confirming arable land possesion ., stabilizing political situation ,empowering women through different access route to the economy ,supporting sound trade liberalization and avoiding unfair trade rules by richer nations are highly effective and accessible.Fostering all levels of education ,health security by immunization , infrastructure facilities long term development projects confirms better poverty alleviation strategies for underdeveloped nations.All development aids should not be tied aids which donar countries block the sustainable trade.

To sum up, although money makes a good opportunity for poverty reduction , there are sustainable measures tackle poverty.

Hi T,

A few people have asked me about that question - I'll try to do a lesson about it soon.


Hi Adverb,

"Know-how" is maybe a little informal, but in this context I think it's a really suitable expression that the examiner would like.


Hi Deepika,

I don't recommend using phrases like this:
"A sound argument can be made supporting my view point with sufficient data"

You don't have any data in the exam (you only have your own ideas and opinions) so this phrases seems memorised and 'unnatural' in the context.

Have you found someone who can check your mistakes yet?

hi simon thanks for encouraging me.I am afraid, i could not find a teacher yet, because IELTS learning takes much fees here in sri lanka, i will try to go through your advice.

Thanks simon for your response i m practicing from ur websit and really found it helpful.

Thanks Simon

In our modern world which is becoming smaller , countries are interacting with each other in unprecedented way. Poverty in one country can affect the way of life in another country. The aid money given to many poor countries around the world has not worked, poverty is not alleviated. What is wrong , there must be something which is to be given but not yet given-

The phenomenal failure of aid money given by the west to the poor countries around the world is not hitting the target. The commonest cause of poverty in the poor countries is lack of people driven approach to the governance and to the economics. In many of these countries there is no social contract theory of governance. Governments are imposed either by their own gun or by the wheel of the west. they are not the government of the people , from the people , by the people no body listens to the policies of the government nor the policy of the government recognizes the wheel of the people. So economic stand still-whatever aid come to the country ends up in the pocket of political elite class of the regime- that is a dead end. The debt will be paid by the next generation-what a shame !
Indeed, poor countries need aid but the aid must be an idea which motivates or put into action the natural resource of poor nations . Aiding them in planning , education, exchange of experience and above all siding with the people and preparing the ground for genuine law and order. Justice must be dispense it with free and fair election. There must be a law conducive for investment not slanting one side. Countries will develop through investment channeled with the rule of the law.

In conclusion, countries need each other . the poor man and the rich man need each other to convert capital into manufactured products by consumption of labor. this is a moral way of development. No donor fatigue or dependency syndrome, every body for himself and the devil text the hind most. The skies are limit if the equation like this.

No problem Deepika, Jiya and Moka. I'm glad you're still enjoying the lessons.


Some good ideas Jemal.

A quick piece of advice: try to divide the main body into 2 paragraphs.

Hello Mr. Simon, i've written wt2 type essay recently, i would like to share it.

Governments should make more effort to promote alternative sources of energy.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Support your ideas with relevant examples....

The demands of people is unlimited and covering the whole demands of mankind is impossible with limited resources on earth. Therefore, governments should find the ways on more environmentally friendly resources of energy in order to maintain healthy life. In this case I completely agree that governments have to carry out more effort to provide echo-friendly and renewable energy sources.

In economical terms, investing money on technologies to generate renewable energy sources is much more beneficial than those of conventional ways currently being used. For example, Germany, Denmark and the UK are saving a colossal amount of money by using solar panels and windmills these days. With the help of them, they reduced their expenditure on generating electricity. It is because there is no place on earth that we can not find sunlight or wind. In other words, we face them everywhere and they are renewable. Another good means of alternative energy source is wave powers which produce electricity with the help of water. The process of making electricity is simple and effective while waves are created themselves in the coastline of oceans the devices simply produce electricity.

As far as environment is concerned, using alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and wave is overwhelmingly useful and enables us to create more greenhouse so that human beings will have ecologically pure life. In other words, they are natural resources and we do not need to burn fossil fuels like oil and coal emitting carbon dioxide, instead we use sunlight, wave and water which are environmentally acceptable.

In conclusion, I completely agree that governments have to utilise and promote the usage of eco-friendly and renewable energy sources so that the enhance the life in both economically and environmentally.

Thanks for sharing Bakhtiyor.

Thank you, indeed

Hi Simon. I wrote the introduction! Is it ok?
The question about helping poor nations has sparked a heated debate of whether wealthy countries should supply them money or not. I strongly believe that subsidizing poor nations with money is not the best way for them to exterminate their poverty and this is not a favorable choice of many rich nations.

Thank you!

Hi Tu,

You've got the right idea.

hi simon
please give remark for my essay.
"Financial education should be a mandatory component of the school programme" ??

It has been noticed in the past that the youngsters do not have proper guidance about the financial aspects of their life.Financial education is an indispensable tool which makes the civilians an efficient worker who can manage their monetary well.But some people believe that it is learned by experience.
The factors which favour the statement: Firstly it has been seen that children and youngsters often lack knowledge about financing for example if one has to apply for an education loan they had to rely totally upon their parents as they are not familiar with the procedure and they hardly understand the terminologies that are used in banks.
Secondly the children would be able to apprehend the different policies which have been running in their countries for an instance life insurance corporation.If the financial education will be provided in schools the children would not feel any impediments for organisingtheir money matters in the future.They will also use the money more cautiously.
On the contrary of it some people think that it is not appropriate to put burden on the young generation.According to them it is reckless as they would learn it with their practical experience.
Besides it can also make the children money minded.Their will develop a cynical behavious and will start seeking profit in every aspect of their lives.
To concede that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages thus to protect the children from future consequences,financial education should be mandatory in early age. It will help them to be a responsible civilians.

Hi Jaz,

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or feedback. If I did this for one person, everyone would send me their essays.

Try to find a teacher or native English speaker who can check your work

hello sir, is this right response to above question

in introduction > to some extent it is good idea. however, i would argue that there are some better ways.

paragraph 1 why it is a good idea ( some benefits of providing financial aids)

paragraph 2 however, other ways to provide help

conclusion, accept it is good and stress on other ways.

Yes, that would be a good essay structure.

Is it the same argument as,
Whether richer countries should share their wealth with the poorer nations or is it the responsibility of the government ?IELTS 2 test2

Dear Simon,
Please advise me how to plan task 2 during exam ,should I rephrase first then say for eg paragraph one will answer this part,paragraph 2 that part parag 3 concl and opinion...etc or should I think about the details of each paragraph before starting?
Thx a lot

Hi Moka,

It's not exactly the same, but you could use some similar ideas.

You can try both ways and see which you prefer, but I recommend spending about 10 minutes planning ideas (details) for each paragraph before starting. Have a look at this lesson:


To a certain extent, I agree that directly giving money to developing countries can tackle the problems of poverty. However, I also believe that there are a variety of other methods can be also done to help those countries.

You've got the right idea Zhengyu.

hi simon
can i write introduction to this topic like ths

todays world is divided in two sectors according to their financial stabiity.One includes developed countries and the other includes underdeveped countries.As a good wil,the rich nations provide financial assistance to the poor nations.In my opinion,rather than donating money,some other measures can be taken to lessen their poverty.

is this ok?
another question is that which tense should i use in my main body paragraphs.

Hi Sohaib,

Yes, that's fine.

Have a look at my example paragraph to see what tenses I used - it all depends on what ideas you want to express, but I think I mostly used the present simple tense.

thanku Simon

Hi Simon,
I am Nhiem, from Vietnam. I found your website really an amazing one. Thank for creating such an interesting site for study.
My introduction for this topic is as following, do you think it is the good one:

Many people think that it would not be helpful to help a poor countries by aiding them with money but other kinds of support. However, in my opinion, both money and non-financial supports are precious for poor country.

Is it ok to favor both sides of the argument like this? I thank you so much.

I am so sorry for any mistakes.

It is almost certainly true that there are many different developing nations that need help and support from richer countries. However i would argue that there are other different ways of helping these countries apart from simply just providing money .This essay will discuss why it is better not to give money and instead help by other ways.

On the one hand, i agree that sending money to poor countries is not the best way of support for two main reasons. Perhaps the principal one is the fact that many poor countries are already governed by a corrupted politicians. As a result there are a greater risk that this money will be misused by these leaders. For example , some african leaders and politicians have become very rich while their citizens are still suffering and this is a pity. Also, there are some countries and governments that simply do not have the best resources and the idea how to tackle its problems ,so by giving them money, there will be greater possibilities of failure and wasting this money.

On the other hand, there are other preferable way of helping these poor nations. One option is to support by providing project aids, possibly through investing in vital public sectors such as education and health. For instance, some international charity organizations like Oxfam has helped by building schools and hospitals in many poor african countries , apart from providing other basic necessities like food and clothes. These types of aids would ensure that the needy people who are benefited the most and this is more safe. Another option is by easing some immigration rules in developed countries especially for those who come from very poor countries. As result, immigrants could have better chance to learn and work and then by sending some money to help their relatives they will in help boosingt the economy there.

On conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above , i believe that helping developing nations by investing in their education and health would be extremely beneficial rather than just sending them money which could be more risky option.

Hi colleagues, nice paragraph and pleasant arguments commented here, I am really enjoying by these.

Such a useful site it is!

I think that Nhiem is right! The wrong behaviour or strategies of the leaders make people to suffer from tehir lives. I live this exactly in my life. For example I know a family, the father was a business man, earned too much money but not saved.He was helpful but didn't think his family. Always spent the money for the people who wanted money from him. He didn't control the noney and his work. At the end he lost everything. And now the family is suffering from debts and can not pay the rent of house. Woman get ill from stress and she has been living with her 2 sons. They need help but nobody help them. One of her son will go to university but he is afraid from expences. I really see the results of wrong behavior of the leader will bring the family to an end..I am really afraid that the woman will die from tension, cause is stress.. I think poor countries are like this example. Leaders don't act strategically and people get poor and ill. Isn't it?

Hello simon
I just want to know that how much score we can get by using simple wordings and clear points with justification. Please respond me I will be glad to you. Thanks

Despite the mass globalization that have made many nations alike, the world is witnessing disparity in relation to their economic status.I agree that solutions should be taken in this regard yet helping poor countries with money is not a viable solution.

Generally, every nation is self contained to support its economy, the need is to identify its resources and tap its potential to the fullest.
To illustrate,a fertile land can support agriculture or an ore rich country can exercise mining. Therefore identification of plausible opportunities can lead a self dependent country which is a precursor of development.

Also, education and skill development can be a prime prospect to uplift any economy since statistics indicate that literacy rates have been directly linked to development of any state.Thus,adopting skill development and creation of job market can be reformative strategy in human development and in turn national wealth.

Nevertheless, its quite debatable that richer country should provide money to poorer nations since this can only be exercised in case of emergency yet in other case it can cripple the economy in long run due to various constraints like corruption and heavy debt over poor nations.On the other hand,solutions like development of employment ,schools and colleges can be a benchmark to set an examples of help with providing freedom to an economy.

In the end,definitely solution are important since one part of the world is negatively affected if other lags behind yet efforts should be made to reform and set free an economy that functions and self generates.

Dear sir,
Kindly review and comment.

On Nokia's essay I think she is not suppose to use the word "bad" as it is low level instead use its a "harmful" idea.

Ideas are excellent

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