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June 29, 2011


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repeated postings are really useful for those who can't go through all tips

Hi Sruthi,

Yes, people often ask questions about things that I've already covered, so I'm trying to do a mix of new lessons and repeated lessons.

even if we understand the rubric , the problem is still exist. One of the reasons is how to phrase the main idea of each paragraph or in other words how we classify the ideas. It is crucial to know how to classify the ideas into logical categories. For instance , look at this question: The Internet has revolutionised the modern world, but it has also created
new problems and inequalities. Do you agree?

Ist paragraph as you said we reply agree or disagree. Then we give our supporting ideas , why we agree or disagree. These supporting ideas are going to be topics for the main body. For example, one of these supporting ideas is communication. Then communication is going to be our topic to discuss in the 2nd paragraph. The problem is how to choose the right topic.For example if I choose e-mail as a supporting idea instead of communication, the problem will appear. The reason is because I was not been able to choose a general topic .

To conclude, we might need more knowledge in writing to differentiate between general topic and a specific topic.

Hi Sulaiman,

Good points. Your choice and development of ideas in the main paragraphs are the key to a good essay.


Sometimes many ideas crop up for a particular topic.Then we need to weight which idea suit best to the question.Unless we prioritize these ideas and decide which one to be included in a paragraph,we could loose track in the middle of writing.


Technological developments evolve from earlier ones to recent inventions.From the introduction of electricity,combustion engine and telephone to jet engine and the internet,people lives have been changed tremendously.In my opinion,both early and recent developments in technology have significant impact upon us.

It is an obvious fact that earlier inventions have changed our lives.Since the invention and later ubiquitous availability of electricity,for instance,people enjoy using it regardless of social status.Almost every households use not only electric lights but different electrical equipment to fulfill varying needs at home as well as outdoor.Moreover,earlier communication device like telephone has changed the way ordinary people and privileged ones communicate each other.Furthermore,invention of combustion engine fundamentally transformed the mode we travel.

Similarly, recent developments also have its own virtues and influence.Personal computer and the internet,for examples, change the way we get information,communicate and entertain ourselves or doing business.Likewise,with the development of the jet engine,air travel become much easier and faster.

Obviously,these developments have changed people lives including ordinary folks,not just in the past but the present and the foreseeable future as well.On closer look,recent developments utilize earlier ones,thereby creating new inventions.In case of personal computer and the internet,it is clear that they will not come into existence without electricity.

All in all,people lives have been improved significantly as a result of both early and recent developments.



Hi Phoyazar,

You seem to have the right idea, but I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction and scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

Giving aid to poorer countries does not work. The richer nations have given billions of dollars to poorer nations, but while some nations have benefited ,many more are still poor.What are the causes of the problem and what measures can be taken to reducs it?
I really have no idea for this topic. Can you pleas help me work it out?

Hi Apple,

I think I answered the same question below another lesson.

Good sharing indeed! 100 Likes!

I will try the way u provided to us.
really appreciated.

Hi Simon
Could you please give me an example of adding sentences later in the essay, after finding that essay is short. Thank you.

why did you use "what good vocabulary..." instead of "what good vocabularies..."?


'Vocabulary' is usually an uncountable noun e.g. "I learnt a lot of vocabulary".

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