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June 29, 2011


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It's a relif to see this message from you, Simon. I thought maybe you simply wanted to shut it off because too many people have been asking you millions of questions. Hope everything is going to work out with your account. Take care.

Thanks Yamei.

I recommend you to use Ultrasurf to access facebook by changing your IP. It may slow down your computer a little bit but it is quite useful. Here is the link to download Ultrasurf (don't worry, it's free) http://www.ultrareach.com/downloads/ultrasurf/u1007.zip

hi simon we are facing a great trouble with face book.nice to hear from u

What's exact ur problem ?
- 1. You can't go to Facebook.com
- 2. Or you can't login

If you can't go to Facebook.com, it means your IPD prevent you to log on this website, you can use Ultrasurf to login

we cant log in to simons face book page

At the moment my IELTS Facebook page and my personal Facebook page have completely disappeared!!

I'm trying to solve the problem.

Recent exam question: who should pay for pensioners, people or governments?

is that people’s requirements are also divers in this age. While some may struggle with health problems and stay in hospital bed, another may hobby to like writing or painting which requires different approaches and costs

Recent exam question: who should pay for pensioners, people or governments?

Retirement is a crucial period in an employee life. At this stage, not only physical ailments arise, but financial problems may also maximize and add to the troubles. When it comes to approaching this group of population, saving during working is a common course of action taking mainly. At the same time, it cannot ne denied that governments are attuned to handle this matter.

The fact is that states should give back for retired people. This is, in fact, a repayment for a person’s efforts made benefiting others through working hard. it is also a recognition of the dedication a young inhabitant doing to prosper a nation. Another valid reason can be avoiding of inequality among elderly, because if governments provide certain services for everybody, the resources is likely enjoyed equally that can guarantee the social balance. Living in a nursing home supported by officials, for example, can facilitates a chance for the pensioners to have a happy time through interacting each other.

It is extremely important that people are self reliance during retirement through saving in working times. Given that, this allows a pensioner a freedom in terms of making decisions about the place to live in or travel to and even how to spend, for example. Another point and perhaps a more important fact is reduction of governments’ burdens which is already loaded. If the amount goes to supporting retired proportion shifted to another priority area such as education, further development and progress in a country is highly likely.

It is therefore better to expand the tradition of put aside for retirement that seems more logic.

Answer to recent exam question: in modern world, are people are more independent?

The elements of advancement and dependency have been strongly intertwined. Professions, nowadays, consistently becoming specialized and team working is recognized the soul of almost every daily activity. At the same time, it cannot be denied that there have been instances indicating that modernity, move the societies towards independency, which is entirely understandable.

The fact is that reliance on other gives way to technology. there have been a number of machinery fro mobile phone to wheelchair, small motorbike and artificial organs like hands and fingers (forceps) that enable elders and even disabled to live independently. Governments, virtually, also took the responsibility of caring of vulnerable sections of population which was conventionally relatives and parents task. Tens of nursing home for instance can be seen in a remote town serving regularly.

It is extremely important to realize that modern life is mainly managed by joint activities rather than an individual control. Given that no one can live properly if try to live independently. Take electricity supply for example. If a problem is happened that cut the current of electricity and electrician is not available, tens of a person’s task will be stopped which directly impact his daily routine, not to mention the huge amount of stress. Likewise, consider the examples of water supply and waste management, which confirm that maintenance of today’s routine, is the result of a joint effort.

It is probably impossible to argue against the fact that people are dependent on each other and therefore it is necessary to cultivate the culture of proper coexistence.

Thanks for sharing Ahamd. Both are interesting questions.

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