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July 09, 2011


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HI Simon i have one question if in task 2 question ask reasons and solutions can i do like this

FIRST para about the reasons
Second para abt the solutions

Or do i need to write
In para 1 reason and solution
In para 2 again reason and soltion

if i can write the both way which one is the best for ielts.

Thanks a ton for replying me for my all questions so far i donnot have words to appreciate about your work. Only one word 'God bless you'

Hi Simon

I wrote a writing part of IELTS today and I think that I can achieve at least 32 answers in both reading and listening sections. Writing section was a bit difficult for me, but it seems to me that I will get a band score of 6-6,5 in writing section. I am attending a speaking part tommorow. I have learned vocabulary you suggested to know and prepared six presentations on task 2. Hope I will do the best. Thank you again for all your advices and tips. God bless you

Hi Reema,

Good question. Both ways are equally good, so do whatever is easiest for you. Personally I find the first way easier.


Hi Arman,

It sounds like you have prepared really well. Best of luck with the speaking test!

Thankyou very much

Hi Simon

Today I attended a speaking section. 1 task was about my house, my favourite room, what I think about different colours. Task 2 was a bit confusing: Describe a character you remember from a childhood story. I decided to explain a mother-character. I said that she was a good role model for her children, that she brought up them well, that she has a good sense of hunour and always tells jokes. I described her like you did in a father's topic. Task 3 was quite difficult for me but I managed to answer questions confidently and straightly. I think I will get a band score of 6,5-7. And without your help I would score less, so thank you again :D. Now waiting for results

Thanks Arman. I wish you the best of luck!

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