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July 02, 2011


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The poverty has been the most pressing concern in today's world which is driven by varies factors giving rise to more detrimental effects on individuals ,community and Eco system.

Firstly ,it has closely scrutinized that people who are under the poverty line faces wide range of difficulties in day to day life leads to detrioration of mental,social physical wellbeing while majority of needy are more likely to be unsatisfied with basic human needs.Goodies that affluent people enjoy almost throughout their life is the unrealistic wishes for them because they have never met them beside a little portion of food to survive.Throughout the human civilization gap between poor and rich seems to be tend to grow distance although innovations of science and technology is able to erase its boundaries towards poverty.Social phenomina such as youth delinquency ,crime committing suicides ,youth unrest,political instabilization ,homelessness show the poor understanding of humanity as poverty has been unchanged in certain demographic areas due to the poor attention of wealthy people.A good illustration of this the city lagos ,a one of mega slums of world is over exploded with population more than ever before portraying huge demand for sustainable life saving methods urgently. It is hard to even think how many people manage their lives to survive under burning social problems.

Secondly, to tolerate diminished standards of life status more poor people are accessing fragile environment in a distorted way to address bad consequences of poverty.Alleviating poverty just can not simplified because it has rooted deeply in their lives without any support directed by national poverty reducing pilot programmes.Environmental degradation is being observed due to the deforestation for human habitat and farming.Nevertheless unsustainable farming practices ,logging for forests have created irreversible outcomes to the ecosystem. The link between poverty and devastation of environment is a clear cut.Poverty lead to mismanagement of natural resources thus fuel to destruction of natural landscape triggering more environmental concerns.

Hi Sir,
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Thank you so much. You are great.

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