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July 05, 2011


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wow really inspiring and full of messages
Thanks for sharing Simon

No problem. Glad you liked it!

Simon! I watched this video hundreds of times! Steve Jobs is the rolemodel! And it is the video of my life!

great speech...thanks for sharing sir...

I really liked the video,was short & inspiring,I have noted some phrases from the speech which I'm mentioning here now.

-If you live each day as if it's your last,someday you will most certainly be right.
-It was the awful testing medicine but I guess the patient needed it.

-Death is the destination we all share.
-Get your affairs in order.

-Sometimes life gonna hit you in head with brick,don't lose faith
-Stay hungry,stay foolish

But honestly Simon,I didn't get the last one,can you pls make it bit clear..thanks!

For the help of everyone, here is the text edition of the speech. Hope you like it.


"stay hungry and stay foolish" for me it is the hunger to learn more ,increase knowledge and still in end, more hunger for new things to learn."stay foolish" beside knowing every thing it is better to remain foolish instead of wise, so that you can learn more and more either relevant or ir-relevant.
I think this is the message in the end,correct me if i am wrong

stay hungry - yearn to learn more
stay foolish - don't be afraid to take make mistakes and take on big decisions in life

Hi Simon
I just wondering to know that
can i write sentence like this
Between 1995 and 1996, there was a slight decrease in sales by half million from (700 to 650)respectively.


awesome and very inspiring!! i thinks its the best speech i've heard till date. Thank you Simon for sharing it.

Thanks for your comments, and thanks to vicc for the link to the full text - definitely worth reading!



Saichee's explanation below your comment sums up what he means. Thanks Saichee!


Hi Kb,

You should delete "respectively" because you only described one decrease. Also, write 'half A million'.

Thank you Simon

Simon, thanks for sharing this video.. It's a great and very inspiring video... Like it so much..

Thanks vicc for the text edition of the speech.

Wonderful, inspiring speech. Simon u r doing marvellous job by guiding n motivation people who are in pursued of right guidance. keep up with the good work!

Thanks Vaishu!

Hi Simon,

I was greatly moved by Mr. Jobs' speech. Thanks for sharing it to us. On that note, I am grateful, as well, that I came across your website. You're such a blessing to us IELTS passer-aspirants. I could say, you're a very selfless person because you shared your time and knowledge to us. Now, I am totally inspired and determined to make it to my IELTS exam! More power to you!

Best regards,


Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

i am still deeply touched by Steve's speech when I watched it today! I believe the dots today will be connected someday in future! Working hard on IELTS and go!

it is certainly one of the inspirational thoughts i ever heard. thanks for your efforts to make us focused. it is very much helpful for my ielts. finally i feel much more confident to crack the mustard

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