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July 08, 2011


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Hi Simon ,
Thank you very much for your nice effort and we are learning a lot from you.thank you very much indeed.
In very recent Ielts exam from my friends I found some similar topic in part 1 speaking on flowers like:

-Do you like flowers?
- Are flowers important in your country?
- How are they important?
-How often do you exchage flowers?

I haven't that much ideas on it. would you please give some advice?

Hi Lubna,

I'm glad you like the site.

Have a look at the lesson linked below:


I think the most important relationship you have is with yourself. You must be honest ,true and being confident to yourself before you can be so to anyone else. No body can deny the influence of a friendly , healthy relationship between peers in society Because humans are not a solitary species. We need companionship and friends. it is important for me to have a friend with a good character, trustworthy and generous. For example, a friend in need is a friend indeed,
I personally find it easier to talk to my friends about my worries. I would ask a friend if I encountered any problem because as a peers we are having the same feelings and can keep secrets. But if an individual who has no friends he would become bored and annoyed , the reason is you might consider certain decisions without any consultation that might impose some irritability in your plans in long-term.
friendship is indeed a very supernatural thing in the world.
people can live without a lover, but they can't live without a friend

yes,i believe friendship is one of most beneficial bond we are experiencing throughout our life time.firstly,apart from our family members friends are the second most important partners our lives because they help to cope certain problems even in bad situations in our life.secondly we can rely on them in terms of sharing our personal contents and sometimes we follow them as role models .They support to stay healthy emotionally .When my life went through a harsh time my best friend was my redeemer of my pain.It is wonderful . if i had not got a true friend at that moment i believe i would not escape from that hardship

Nice ideas Sulaiman and Deepika! Keep up the good work.

Yes i love flowers because they make our environment more attractive adding more colours and fragrance make our soul fresh.

In my country,flowers are considered as a sign of prosperity.And most of the youngers lives of my country is directly connected to flowers as they believe certain types of flowers keep them with romance.For example,red roses are the most popular flower among young people.

I really do not exchange flowers so often.As far as i remember i have not done it in ages .I exchanged flowers with my boy friend at Valentines Day 2 years ago.

Hi Simon! In this sentence "In my case, I like to meet up with friends at the weekend to do something enjoyable, like see a film or go out for dinner. " Could we say "...like seeing a film or going out for dinner." Does it sound right? And by the way, I couldn't open the link,probably it is broken,fyi.



do u like to have flowers in ur home?where would u go to buy flowers?
on what occation would u give someone flowers?
are flowers important in ur cultures?

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