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July 06, 2011


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Hi Simon my introduction is

People have different views about influence of old and latest technology on individuals lives. Although I accept that early technology revolutionised people lives. I disagree with the statement that it change significant than current technology.

please comment

Hi Simon my introduction is:

In my opinion, previous and present technological advancement have had an equally significant impact on our lives. However, i do not agree with the idea that earlier technology helped ordinary people more than recent develoments.

Thanks Simon plz let me know is it good or bad intro either any gramaticall mistake plz .

Hi Simon i hv tried to write introduction can u plz tell me is it alright or i am out of topic, and is there any gramatic mistake

In the modern era, everday new technologies are playing incresingly impoant role in our lives. But in the mean time wheather it is blessing or curse has sparked much debate. Some people argue that earlier develoments had a great influence in laymen people's lives while many other contend that technologies have had equally significant impact on our lives.

Sample of my Introduction:
Technology has a big impact in the role of our modern life today. There are early technological system that people can benefits from it, but today there is a much huge and very high class kind of technology we have compare to the early technology that arise. There is a big differences between the early technology and the modern one we have today. Modern technology is more advance and helpful to the needs of the society and people especially in our daily lives. I disagree to the statement that early technological developments helped ordinary people and changed their lives as compare to the recent development.

Thanks for sharing your introductions.

Kb's and Reema's introductions are the best in my opinion - they used 1 sentence to introduce the topic, then 1 sentence to give their opinion clearly. You don't need more than that in the introduction - save your ideas for the main body paragraphs.

The aim of technology has always been serving people through making their lives easy. It is true that technical innovations took place long ago assisted people to change their live for better; it dose not indicate that current technical advancements left behind its original goal.

The fact is that emergence of machines revolutionized people’s lives. With the invention of steam engine, for example, travellers could travel extremely faster than using conventional means, and arrival of tractor reduced the duration of month’s works of farmers to days, which were significant moments in human routine. In terms of communication, telephone and telegraph also brought people closer, which are entirely understandable events.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that the impact of the current technology has been by far fundamental in changing today’s world. Take computer for example. This invention not only shocked people, but entered them to a new era of Computerized World’’ means petite. Now, a large library and a gigantic administrations are converted into a pocket box, which not only saved space for other activities, but it also minimized the unnecessary consumption. Enhancements in genetics can be another domain, which realized long-standing dreams to reality in the fields of medicine and agriculture. Tens of previously killer ailments are now diagnosable and curable, food quantity and quality is not comparable even to its one decade before situations.

It is therefore does not seem logic to ignore the significance of new technical developments, and it is better to bring to a close that science and technology constantly serve humanity.

hi ahamd!
i want to know that when r u appearing for ielts and r u receiving any type of training for it,your ideas are really good....i m appearing for the 4th attempt this saturday and i am really stressed.

Thank you Simon

Hi Simon,
i cannot able to cope up with word limit therefore i extend my introduction
please comment !!

People have different views about influence of old and latest technology on individuals lives. Although I accept that early technology revolutionised people lives. I disagree with the statement that it change significant than current technology. Advocates it this view think that present innovation provide more options to access information to general people.

On the one hand, advocates argue that latest technology save people time money and provide work efficiency. Moreover, modern technology quite easy to access such latest mobile phones equipped with internet browser, therefore people can access the information they want wherever they are. As a result people save their time and become more productive. Hence, this example makes clear that today technology far better than old technology to cope up with ordinary people lives.

However, on the other hand critics believe that pre technology has relatively cheaper than modern technology and also less training require to access. Typewriter, fax, calculator, radio for instance. These innovations quite friendly to use some even only require user guide such as calculator. Thus, this illustration makes clear that early innovations revolutionised people lives than present technology in different ways.

In conclusion, it is certain that old technology provide many efficient ways to access information. However, latest technology provide mobility and widely available in market therefore it their changes significant that previous technology on individuals lives. Hence, it is clear that old technology has influence on ordinary people lives but it cannot over take effect of latest technology on general people lives today
Thank Simon

I love your site and it is wonderful.
I have a problem with understanding the phrase that is "In which way does the development of technology change the types of relationships among people?" and "Does it positive or negative effects on the relationships." from the whole question "The development of technology changes the way people connect with each other. For the effects, can I mention both?

Hello Simon,

I'm not quite sure about distinguishing between "together" and "each other". I thought it would be appropriate to use "speak to each other", however, we have used "speak together" in this situation. Could you please explain this further for me?

Thank you very much, Simon.


Hi kb,

I don't think you've improved the essay by adding to the introduction. If you need more words, try to add to the main body - explain one of your points in more detail or give another example.


Hi ju,

It's asking you to explain how technology changes our relationships e.g. the way we communicate by email, mobile phone etc.

You can mention both positive and negative effects.


Hi Marguerite,

Yes, we usually use 'speak to each other', but 'speak together' means the same thing.

Hi simon thankyou very much u for liking my introduction your appreciating words are really great encouragment for me and it realize that yes we are going on right path.

Hi Khan,

I sat my exam on 16 July, and God willing pass it. I practice with my friend Dr Suliman. The good chance fo us was meeting some students at the Machester University who gave us materials wich published by Australian witers. Thy really changes our writting towards high scores.

Wish you success in the exam.


Hi Ahamd can u let us know abt that material plz.

Thank you Simon
your suggestion help me a lot


Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon,
My second paragrpah is as follows -
Indeed, recent development in technology has immensly benefited and made lives easy for ordinary people as well as, brought dramatic improvement in their lifesytles way beyond their ancestors.For example ,oflate inventions of mobile phones has undoubtly revolutionised, not only the communication process but also the way we carry out our businesses.This clealy fortifies our opinion why not only earlier inventions provided well being of ordinary masses but also the recent inventions has improved their lives.

Hi, Simon
The question is that
some people think that machine translation is highly developed in today's society;therefore it is not necessary for children to learn a foreign language.
What is your opinion?
If my answer is disagreement with that, body paragraphs would be
why machines are not a perfect tool in one and then reasons why children should still learn a language in the other?

Thank you

Thanks for your explanation, Simon.

You've got the right idea Shashikant.


Hi Ju,

Yes, that's how I would do it.


No problem Marguerite.

Thank you so much, Simon

best regards

The earlier technology was not so sophisticated than the present technology.The modern technology has great role on our society and people of the world.The modern technology gives more helpful assistance in our lives.The simple example is the internet.The internet which makes us able to connect to the entire world within the seconds.Thus the modern technology plays an utmost role in our lives than the earlier technology

Technology has persuaded the lives of people in different ways . The modern era has encroached the usage of communication to different ways . The improvement in technology has influenced people lifestyle from past .

Hello Simon,
I found this topic in IELTS book 7 test 2. "Some people believe that there should be fixed punishment for each type of crime.Others however argue that the circumstances of an individual crime and the motivation for committing it should always be taken into account when deciding on the punishment . Discuss both views and give your opinion"
I find this topic really difficult.can you give me some ideas to write this

thank you

Hi T,

I did a lesson on that question:


Hi Simon
This is my Introduction
In my opinion , both the early technologies and recent invention has no comparison, But sure have equal significant impacts on our daily lives. So, i disagree with the given statement.

Hello friends feel free to correct me .

hi ahamd best luck for ur exam i m also appearing on 16 july.can u help me with this writing material.

Hi Hima,

There is a problem with "has no comparison, But sure have" - try to change that.

Thank you simon.
can you please check this.
In my opinion, both the early technology and recent invention encouraged people to come up with new ideas which can make life much comfortable and secure.So, i disagree with the given statement.

Much better Hima.

Just put "inventions" (plural) and "more comfortable".

Thank you Simon thats great help.
Can you please correct my Introduction on tourism.

Tourism is a popular activity of traveling,people go on holidays for relaxation and fun . The tourism site provide local services like accomidation ,entertainments and catering for tourists .It might look health and happening with its incoming benefits , but in the further it also have negative impact on the place.

Hi Hima,

I'm afraid I don't offer detailed corrections or feedback. However, you should change the last sentence of your introduction - it's confusing.

hi simon,
i'm kinda new ur blog and lovin it.
hope u can help me with my writing skills.


People have different perspective on the effects of the early and recent technologies. Many argue that modern technologies are far better than the old ones, whilst other contradict to the idea. However, it is believed that both technologies have equal importance in our lives.

On the one hand, early technologies have changed and brought ease to humanity. The invention of transportations such as cars, planes and steam engines have modified the way we travel and increase the global economy. Also, television and radio have channeled our lives by imparting knowledge and understanding of current events, learn different cultures and entertain us with music, T.V programs and movies. Finally, the genius invention of Graham Bell in the early century, which is the telephone, allowing people to communicate to one another in different places.
On the other hand, recent technologies have also greatly influence our lives. The invention of computer by far, is the greatest creation in this generation. Firstly, it has further intensified the method of communicating to other people from different walks of life. For example , video chatting through skype is more exceptional than ordinary phone call because we can virtually see the person we are talking to. Secondly, computers are used in almost everywhere in the workplace and home as well as gave a possibility to transact business in any part of the world.
Moreover, modern technologies have made break- through in the field of medicine. Equipment like CT scan, magnectic resonance imaging are just one of the few technologies that can diagnose diseases that cannot be seen through the naked eye. Thus, improving the health and the life span of the people.
In conclusion, early and recent technologies have equal value in the lives of the people. It has served its main purpose which is to bring comfortability and satisfaction in one’s life.

Hi Mich,

I'm afraid I don't give essay scores, feedback or corrections. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays. I just don't have time to help everyone individually.

Hi mich
the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph has been chosen wrongly. It's better to start the 1st paragraph of the body without "on the other hand"

oh sorry, I had a misreading. your sentence is true.
but after contradict there is no need to use any preposition

In my opinion, both past and current technological developments have had an equally significant impact on our lives. However, I do not agree that only early technologies improved the lives of common people than latest advancement.

How's my introduction, Simon? I'll appreciate your feedback. thnx

It looks good Gwapo. You've got the right idea.

Early inventions aided humanity and changed the lives of millions of people for the better. The birth of photography, for example, had a tremendous influence on our technologies today.The ability to save pictures and display them in the house were not only helped humans to remember love ones, but also showed how useful photos in publication of newspapers and books. Secondly, electricity was an early advancement which hasten the transportation of goods and services from national to international markets around the globe. As a result, More technologies were produced such as Television, Airplanes, and satellites. Finally, breakthrough in science had a huge impact on the development of new medicine to cure diseases that plague human lives in early 1900 like the swine flu, where it killed hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

how's my second paragraph Simon? tnx in advanced

Hi Gwapo,

You've definitely got the right idea.

Hi puneet,

Researches always provide us the new way of living.Every technology have their own importance in our life either it is previous or it is recent.It is argued that only recent technology changes the people life.

For example , video chatting through skype is more exceptional than ordinary phone call because we can virtually see the person we are talking to

Here is my answer , could you or anyone please give some comment so i can improve my writing.

It is argued that normal people’s live has huge change due to previous technological development rather than the latest technological revolution. Though earlier technological invention had changed our lives tremendously, I disagree that the impact of older technology outweighs today’s technological revolution in many aspects of lives.
It cannot deny the earlier application of technology change the way we work with greater productivity and efficiency by the support of mechanism. For instance, Take back to 1 century ago when People applied the machines like buzzer and cropping machines in their farm which help them work more productive and less manual work than before. These technologies hugely changed the way people work from manual work to engine machined work and had a great impact on workers and industrial companies. Though it changed a lot people live, it only changed those people who lived in some countries had industrial mechanic revolution.
On the other hand, the impact of recent technology greatly effect on normal people regardless age, sexual gender, nation, industry and so on. Firstly It have changed the way people live and communicate even you are in country or cities in any countries. For example, the invention of internet allowing normal people can connect and do business out of national borders regardless geographical location or time zones. The other huge step towards normal people also is recent invention of computer by famous professions and genius. The use of computer advance can be seen not only in workplace but at homes, which change totally how normal people work , study and entertain. For example in terms of communication, mobile phones are an crucial part which allow any people to talk , work and learn. Thanks to many smart function are set up in a mobile reduce a lot of manual work for people and society in the way they live and communicate in daily basic.
To sum up I believe that recent innovation of technology has a greater effect on ordinary people than ever.

H r u?

Plz hlp me for complt my topic that is invention of machine,human wrk has reduce nd it also rise to other serious issues......plz hlp me

Hi Simon, I am facing difficulties to start body paragraph and summarize them.

Please Evaluate my answer Please rate my answer out of 9.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Early technological developments helped ordinary people and changed their lives more than recent developments.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
In olden days people used to lead a very simple life. There were no cell phone, no tablets, and no computers. Employees used to go to offices, do their work on files and returned home. Mode of transport was also public. In addition to that they used to read books or news papers on their way to office and back home. In olden days technology was at its initial stages. People used to read more as they had very limited exposure to technology and hence most people were inclined towards research. In olden days innovation was more. Technology was new and as a result of which innovation was more and whatever was launched in the market had a great impact on the public’s lives.

On the other hand nowadays no new products are being launched often. Most of the products are just an updated, upgraded versions of the previous products. At present the markets are competition driven. All the rival companies are releasing new products with very few or minor changes to their previous product so as to sustain in the market. Innovation has come to a standstill position and due to which technology’s having a very minor impact on public today.

However, whenever a new product is being launched of a different genre people are readily accepting it, since the standard of living has also improved over the years. For example unless first tablet computer was launched in the market nobody even thought that a gadget like tablet, which comes in between a mobile phone and a laptop would change the way they use internet, listen music, watch movies, and play games. But as the tablet hit the market, it became a huge success and as a result its competitors also started making their own tablets with different features and of different sizes.

Conclusively, in my opinion technology always has impact on public’s life. However in olden days it had a tremendous impact when compared to today’s situation.

Please rate my response out of 9.

In conclusion,development is a part of life.because of recent technologies,the life of people becomes more easy.They can get all kind of things on prompt.And development will never be stop.It will go on and brings lot of opportunities for the people.

It is true that early technologies have significant impacts on human beings, however, I disagree with the idea about early technologies have more important role than recent science developments. I believe that both of them have equally important influence on people.

In conclusion, just like mentioned above, I insist on that great technologies have critical impacts on people no matter it is old or new.

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