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July 13, 2011


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Hi Simon
This is my introduction
Comment please thanks

It is certainly true that happiness solves many problems in society and eventually brings precious moment for human beings. Some people think that happiness is innate feelings therefore it is very hard to explain. However, there are some elements to accomplish happiness. This essay will explain the causes to define happiness and some components to attain pleasure.

Hi Simon
I just wondering to know that do we need to explain same ideas which i mention in paragraph 2, in paragraph 3
where essay ask factors to attain happiness or use different thoughts


Happiness plays a pivotal role in our life.It brings moments which one could cherish for life time.It is as important as other amenities of life.
It is certainly true that defining happiness is just next to impossible because perception of happiness is different for different people. I think it is a reaction of mind to the outer situation based on inner condition of thoughts.
Happiness can be transformed from state of being. This state of being happy is state of eternal happiness. For instance, for some people money brings sense of security and physiological gratification in life and such people associate materialistic things like social status, luxury, and comfort with happiness. For others finding spiritual peace and tranquility bring happiness and for many being surrounded by friends, family and people brought happiness. I personally feel if you are personally and professionally satisfied in life you will be able to be happy and if you are busy in quest of more you could led a stressful life as for me happiness is directly proportional to our health and who would know the importance of happiness better than me as being a dentist, i always work with aesthetics and smiles of people and making those smile perfect makes me happy.
Though happiness is a momentary response and any reaction of mind cannot sustain for longer period of time, we should always try to find reasons for being happy and let others to remain happy as well.

Hi Simon
this is my full essay
please comment !!!
It is certainly true that happiness solves many problems in society and eventually brings precious moment for human beings. Some people think that happiness is innate feelings therefore it is very hard to explain. However, there are some elements to accomplish happiness. This essay will explain the causes to define happiness and some components to attain pleasure in life.

There are several problems to define happiness. Firstly, some people believe that pleasure is intangible and innate feelings therefore it’s not easy to classify. Yoga, listening natural music for example, allows people to relax them self but it may be difficult to explain in words. Secondly, happiness depends on personal interest of people, some people enjoy to watching games while others gets board in same time such as cricket people who like to watch this game they enjoy them self but not interested people think they waste their time. Finally, in some case there is strong relationship between happiness and spirituality which is far more distance than physical substance, warship for instance not only makes people happy but also provide them willpower to resolve their problems in life and it is intangible too. As a result joy cannot be explained in the words.

There are many ways to brings happiness on life. Some people think that fulfilling basic needs can attain joy. For example, food and healthy life style makes people happy. Moreover, many people think that material thinks do not brings happiness in life they need some spiritual guidance and family and friends support to make happier life for them. Thus this makes clear that happiness can be attain by many ways where basic needs have to accomplish.

In conclusion, it is clear that pleasure is significant in life and its internal feelings of human beings therefore people unable to identify in the words. However people can reach happiness by accomplishing their basic needs as well as family support and spiritual guidance also important.

too long !!!?

Hi Simon, this is my intro, could you give it some comments?

Day by day, people spend hours to work, study or research, etc... They are different and not having same jobs, but they may all work for one similar purpose that is seeking for their leisure, their happiness. There is no single definition to elucidate “happiness”, since each person has their own way in feeling about happiness. Although, it depends on people, there are some common factors that in my opinion could bring happiness to people such as: family and friend, travel or even money and food.

Hello Simon,

I organised my paragraphs according to your advice. It was a great help, thank you.

Happiness is a complex philosophical category. It is closely connected with other important sides of life such as: social, economic and aesthetic.
During the centuries people have tried to answer the questions "What is happiness?" and "What makes us happy?". It is very difficult to give a definition and to research such a debatable topic.

In my opinion, happiness first of all is a biological reaction. Happiness might be the highest stage of satisfaction and comfort. It is very hard to give it a definition, because happiness is a very subjective matter. Thus, what is considered to be just a good thing for one person could be a happy thing for another. For instance, attending school is a necessity and seems to be a mundane boring thing for an average western teenager, whereas attending school can be a very happy thing for a child from a poor country. Moreover, happiness can't be measured or studied from a scientific point of view. This is again mainly due to its complexity and subjectivity.

Maybe happiness is a general sence of wellbeing. Wellbeing in its turn is dependant on many factors. We are happy when we are healthy. Furthermore, health is closely linked to the other principal wellbeing factors such as performance at work. In modern society we spend around forty hours at workplace, so things like carreer achievements, salary and wealth contribute hugely to the general feeling of happiness. Another important factor is our personal life. Our families and friends make us happy. Working for the community helps us to feel rewarded and as a result brings a feeling of a wellbeing.

In conclusion, I would like to say that happiness is not a long lasting feeling. If there is an emotion that is able to have this powerful effect on a human being, then like any emotion, it is temporary. The most important, in my opinion, is an after feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

hi simon,i took my ielts test few days ago..there was a task 2 about

some people believe that higher number of university graduates do play an important role in the progress of country ,others r of opinion that higher no of graduates will lead to further unemployment...do u agree or disagree.n give your own opinion

Kb, Kani, Tim, Elena:

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'm afraid I just don't have time to offer a correction service, but I hope it helps to read other people's work.



Have a look at my paragraph ideas - I try to use different ideas in paragraphs 2 and 3 to avoid repetition.


Hi Aleeze,

Thanks for sharing your question.

can u give me ideas about the second half of the question,will be thankful to

Hello Simon,

can you make me understand these words in very simple form please! plus how to use them in sentences?



Hi Aleeze,

I suppose more graduates could mean more people competing for the same jobs e.g. there may be more qualified engineers than the country needs. Also, graduates might not want to take jobs with lower salaries, so they may remain unemployed while they look for their ideal job.


Hi Maya,

I'm afraid it's not simple to explain those words - my attempt might not be very good!

My advice is: First look in a dictionary to see the meaning and explanation. A good dictionary should also give examples. Second, use Google to search for each word - by looking at the search results, you will be able to see each word used in many real examples. This kind of research will really help your English. Good luck!

thks alot simon..

Thanks for your advice Simon.

As previously suggested, this is a nice online FREE dictionary and provides good samples of how to use the words: http://www.learnersdictionary.com/

As painful as it may look, students themselves should do their own homework and use the dictionary more. This is just one of the important steps to improve your English (or any language!) skills.

Thanks Martin.



Try Martin's suggestion above. The dictionary link is really useful.

Is"decent important" a set phrase in English? What does it mean, and is it Ok to use it in written English? I cannot find its definition in English dictionaries.

Hi Adverb,

No, it's not a phrase. Where did you see it?

These days, with a graduate of developing technology, everything becomes more popular and easier to find out with everyone in the social life, but happiness can be seen as priceless thing which is really difficult to describe and find main issues in achieving happiness. It is my thought that people will find happier with their own situation, feeling, especially family and friendships play key factors in human society. The following paragraphs will be discussed more about these statements in depth.
To begin with, first view seems justified for many reasons. First of all, it is accepted that the happiness is so difficult to explain since it is very different with different persons who have plenty of life conditions. In fact, so many kinds of people in the world have so many life purposes, having diversity to life happier and happier. Actually, while people in the third-world nations will completely find much more happily to have foods for their lives, people in countries with high standard as Western nations really would like to become richer and richer.
As far as the second view is concerned, there is a belief from question where essential happiness from. Personally, family and friendship can influence our successes which lead us to happier. In instance, the parents who have a plenty of life experiences can not only take care their children very carefully but can also teach them to get better knowledge. Furthermore, everything becomes easy with wide range of friendships which are a plenty of positive effects such as support us to make decision and even give useful advices to life better. Hence, the better life can be taken the happier people will find.
In conclusion, it is really hard to define a happiness which is from many aspects. However, people will have their own explain and their important factor to think of their happiness.

give me some advices,plsss
thank for reading ;)

Hey Simon
pros and cons...i wrote cos and two times it have instead of it has how much i'll lose for this. can it cost me band 7?

Hi Mrmete,

You seem to have the right idea. I'm afraid I don't give feedback, corrections or scores for essays - if I did this, too many people would send me their work. Thanks for sharing your work though - I'm sure it will help other students.


Hi Commonman,

"it have" is quite a basic mistake, so it might affect your score. It really depends on how good the rest of your essay was.

I will keep you posted ..but the 1st task I believe did pretty well.Thanks to you.

Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

After primary education and secondary education, university education or tertiary education is known as the last stage of education before graduates start to work. Male and female students usually pursue different courses at universities. There are people who think that universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. Actually, there are different ways to look at this topic.
Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject because it is proven that both male and female students are capable of excelling in different subjects. For instance, although majority of engineers are males, but there are also female engineers who are equally good. Therefore, universities should not discriminate the acceptance of male and female students in every subject. In addition, we are living in a modern world today where males and females have equitable rights. Hence, there is no reason for universities to accept different proportions of male and female students in every subject.
On the contrary, it might be advisable for universities to accept different numbers of male and female students in every subject because male and females have different interests. For example, in the field of science, most male students generally prefer physics to biology but most female students prefer biology to physics. Thus, it is rather common for male and female students to study different subjects at universities. If universities accept same numbers of male and female students in each subject, this might affect their studies because male and female students usually do not share the same interest.
To sum up, I agree firmly that universities should accept different numbers of male and female students in every subject. When considering the acceptance of students, universities should decide based on the interest of students rather than gender so that students can enjoy their studies.

Simon,I would really appreciate if you can give me some comments on my essay. How is my command of English? I really intend to further improve my English. Thanks.

Hi Justin,

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction and scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

However, you seem to have the right idea. One tip: for 'agree or disagree' essays, it's better to make your opinion clear in the introduction, rather than waiting until the conclusion.

Hello Mr. Simon

I feel this type of essay is " Discussion "
Is it ?

Thank you

Hi Noony,

No, a 'discussion' is when you discuss 2 different views, advantages and disadvantages or benefits and drawbacks.

The question above is really an 'opinion' question which has 2 parts.

Hi Simon, here is my essay, is it needs a lot of works or lack of vocabulary?

Happiness is considered very important in life.
Why is it difficult to define?
What factors are important in achieving happiness?

It is undeniable fact that happiness is the most important part in the life of human beings. It has been a long way for human to pursue happiness but it is a never ending journey in my belief. Some people used up all the times in their life just to enjoy that valuable moment.

Happiness is a noun which is very hard to explain its meaning or definition because it depends on one’s desires. However, each of us has different kind of wishes because we have experienced different kind of life and it varies from time to time. For instance, a student always hopes to get flying colour in their exam while parents love to see their children stay healthy forever.

As the saying goes, money is the root of evils but we cannot live without money. Thus, a stable financial status is one of the reasons made us live happily. This is because when there is any emergency accidents occur, money act as a great translator as the society nowadays is lack of sympathy. People from all kind of work have their own define of happiness. Nevertheless, it also bank on their own capability from the aspect of career, family, academic and etc.

However, I believe that health is the greatest wealth for human. We may prohibit doing our favorite activities such as sport activities throughout our life. For example, diabetes is the mother of illness which may evoke others diseases and patients even have to undergo amputation when the conditions are deteriorated. On the other hand, spiritual support from your beloved also plays a pivotal role to success in the journey of fighting with the reality. It can be said as a basic need of human.

In summary, I would like to convince that happiness can be won by having optimism
character and satisfied with their current situation. In addition, those who are only emphasizing the material life can hardly get the true blessedness until the last stage of their life.


Hi Ahfanfss

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or feedback. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays. Try to find a teacher who can help you face-to-face.

Hello Simon, I know it's impossible for you to correct the whole essay, so I just ask you to check my introduction . Please give me some words :)

The positive effect that happiness has on life is clear. However, many people are facing problems of identifying happiness and attaining it. Well, the answer is already available in themselves, as I will now explained .

Thank you.

Hi Kevin,

Your introduction is fine. Just change "explained" to "explain".

Hi Simon
would u tell me whether it essay is opinion or problem?
And introduction will be different in opinion and discussion?
Many thanks and sorry if my question sounds ...

Hi MH,

It's really a type of 'opinion' question, but I call it a '2-part question' because you have to answer 2 questions.

Have a look through my lessons to see examples of opinion and discussion essays. Try to analyse the different introductions I wrote for each type.

I am so happy to have found this site.It made me more eager to achieve success.I find it hard but I have to be firm in my determination to get to the top.Thanks ,Simon.

No problem April. Good luck!

Hi guys! How is it going? Here is my 270-word essay I wrote for roughly 40 minutes. I wish you can learn something from this model-essay. Please submit your comments, and I will appreciate each of them. Thanks!

Happiness is a universal pursuit that seems indefinable. Nevertheless, it can still be achieved if we consider two important factors.

One’s happiness can never be true to another’s. We have our own desires and goals that make us strive for such state. Some want money while others want peace. There are also those who are not happy with money and with peace. They surely need something else. So, it is relative. Another reason why happiness is difficult to define is that it is as mysterious as life. Nobody really knows how it came to be or how it will come to an end. So, we just feel it and never dare to wrestle with our imaginations anymore.

Despite its relativity and mystery, happiness is still achievable in pragmatic ways. First, try to discover it within your inner self. What really makes you happy is something you have to personally deal with. If something is unpleasant, you can avoid or ignore it. Hence, try to focus on the positive aspects of life. In short, you just need to be the master of your own ship and don not let others maneuver it for yourself. When you are happy, everything else conspires eventually. It is also the time when someone makes you wear a sweet smile or when your family and friends inspire you even more. Ultimately, your beliefs and principles in life turn out to be firm.

In conclusion, you can never find happiness from anyone or anything around for it resides deep within you. Thus, it makes happiness still achievable no matter how difficult it is to understand at times.

It is true that happiness is very important in people's life, but some people have different views about how to be happy. This essay will discuss the reasons that makes happiness difficult to understand and the things how to attain it.

There are things that makes a person happy ,while others do not such as a stable job, a beautiful house, and winning a lottery. A person will be happy with his life if he will be able to feed his family by having a permanent job. Also, if the house is descent, he will be happy to see how comfortable life is to live in a place with wonderful furniture and appliances. Finally, winning a huge sum of money is a dream come true for most people. However, others do not like to buy lottery ticket, because some people believe that once they have won the lottery, they might put their family's life at risk, perhaps, they think somebody will try to kidnapped their kids and ask for a ransom.

On the other hand, there are simple factors to attain happiness. For example, when a family of five could meet the basic needs such as food, clothing, and a house. These could make a family satisfied of what they already have in life as long as they are together. Another example is that able to pass an English proficiency test to quality to become a registered nurse in Canada. Most foreign workers would be very glad if they could pursue their career after passing the test.

In conclusion, people have its own meaning of happiness and there are reasons why certain things make them happy such as basic needs and passing an examination test.

Happiness has been human long life quest. Achieving happiness fulfill the essential sense of life satisfaction for all people. However, defining happiness is difficult as varies person to person, but there are several common factors that contribute to happiness such as social relationship, health, economic stability and positive thinking style.
Happiness definitions are as many as people's attitude towards it. The varieties of ideas make it hard to define. Some people see wealth as a source of happiness. While, others believe strong family-friendly relationship inspire happiness to their life or spending time to favorite hobbies and sports fulfill sense of joy and fun for them. As well, there is another group that feels happiness through work and education satisfaction. In fact, whether we feel happiness through successful family life, wealth or education, we all describe it as a sense of joy, contentment and positive well-being.
Furthermore, combinations of factors contribute to happiness. Recent studies have shown people who have a strong social relationship have much more positive attitude towards life that could lead a happy life. In addition to social-family support, most people who take care better themselves by doing exercise and getting themselves screened have higher self-satisfaction feeling and lifespan that indicate they enjoy their life. Lastly, economic stability and wealth could provide higher quality of life that when comes together with other factors bring happy atmosphere to a society. For instance, people living in Switzerland that has stable economy condition are the happiest in Europe.
To sum up, it seems to me happiness is abstract concept which is hard to define, but it resonates with positive emotions including joy, pride, contentment and gratitude. I think when strong social-family relationship, health and wealth comes together happiness appears to life.

It is true that everyone in life works to achieve some goals that make them happy. Although it is not possible to make exact definition of happiness, there are some common necessities for anyone to achieving happiness.
To making exact definition of happiness is difficult in terms of some reasons. One reason would be that happiness means different hing to each people, the same situation can make some person happy but another person sad or bored. Another option can be related to the points of view of people; while some people want to obtain power, status and prestige through the success of work and achieving money, others can be seen the money as simply a requirement to continue their lifes and meet the basic humanistic needs such as food, accommodation paying for bills etc. For example, one of the best relaxing activities in my life is swimming, however, my best friend hates swimming and sea.
However, despite the above arguments, some basic demads should be fulfilled before the achieving happiness for anyone. Firstly, without good health condition, people do not find the essential power to work and attain their other targets, and also having somewhere to live and enough food to survive is as much indispensable as to be healthy. Secondly, having a family and friends are another factors that make life more meaningful and therefore people happier. If people did not have family or friends who give support whenever they need, other significant possessions that make life more satisfied would mean nothing.
In conclusion, it is difficult to give one difinition for happiness, but it seems to me that there are some vital necessities that is essential for anyone to live in a satisfying life.
(286 words)

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