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August 07, 2011


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Sounds encouraging. Thanks for inspiring us by sharing this.

Dear Sir
Can v underline the keywords in each para after completing d essay.Is it allowed in ielts exam.
Another Qn my Vice Principal told me a question can never b a title or subtitle of any seen or unseen passage. I would like to know whether it is right or wrong.

Hello Simon,

Thanks for reply but you did not tell me about any centre in UK which takes exams through IDP as I have listened their marking is quite lenient.

No problem Ed.


Hi Vaishu

No, don't underline words in your own essay in the exam. I answered the other question in a different place.


Hi Mehreen,

IDP is Australian. As far as I know, there are no IDP centres in the UK, but all IELTS papers are marked according to the same system and criteria.

if i have an essay which haven't been repaired, can i ask you for help to repair it? and if it's ok where can i post it?

Good Morning
I done lots of reading but my score was fluctuate why this happen? As you told hard work is beeter than luck but some of my friend didnt work hard and they got band.How is possible? Sometime i think luck and hard work both are essential for good score am i right?
I hope you may give me proper suggestion for my issue
Thanking you

Hi Vipul,

It's difficult for me to comment on why your friends did well. The only advice I can give is to keep working hard and try your best.

Dear Simon:

1. You mentioned that "One of my students was worried that it took her 4 hours to write a band 7 essay for homework."
But my question is how can she know she was writing a band 7 essay?
How do I analyse the score I wrote?

2. When I wrote task 1, I can not figure out a logical analysis...So I will print your sample essay out and study it. But when I write task 1 next time, I still do not know how to organize it!(I know I have to spend 5 minute to analyse question before I write)

3. My teacher (he is an examiner)told me sixteen is a good number, so he recommend me do cover all the number if I can.
for example, http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2010/05/ielts-writing-task-1-understanding-and-organising.html
In this essay, he wrote all the numbers and had 5 paragraphs, (introduction, 3 categories bodies and summary). But I think I do not have enough time to write so many information... so which one is true? I am so confused!

Hi Pei,

1. She didn't know she was writing a band 7 essay. She just wrote the best essay she could, and I told her it was a band 7 essay after marking it. You can't really analyse your own score - this is why a teacher is so useful.

2. Just keep practising using my method. It takes time and hard work to improve, but you will get better if you keep trying!

3. In my experience, students can't possibly describe all of the numbers in only 20 minutes. Also, every task 1 question tells you to "select the main features". So I disagree with your teacher about that.

Hope this helps

Thank you Simon~ 감사합니다 사이먼. (in Korean)
Your comment encourages me to work more on writing.
I actually got 7 for writing last year but it was my best score ever. After that I didn't study hard. I think I was a bit big-headed.
I think I had better gird up my loins and renew my mindset.

Hi sir
i m going to appear on 13 july.Instead of getting good bands my scores are decreasing day by day in r,w and s.M worried about exam.kindly plz help me

Hi simon, i have my ielts test on 18 of july 2013 !!! so, i need tips to get good band in reading and writing and speaking !!! thank you in advance....

my exam is on july 18. im from Philippines. i am taking the Academic test. ano tips for me?

hi simon i need your output to improve my reading sections, because my IELTS exam on 27july 2013 still i am not able to understand the reading sections

Dear Simon:

i have given 3 times ielts for ACADAMIC.But every time i got 5.5 band..I need each 6 and 6.5 overall.

1. actually i dont like READING modual.I feel bore when i do..i can't understand what the passage want to say due to lake of vocabulary..got 4.5 or 5 bands last 2 times

2. same problem in WRITING i can't use good words..got 5 or 5.5 bands last 2 times.

3. in SPEAKING i want 7..got 6 both times..

4. in LISTENING i got only 5 bands..how can i improve this one??

PLEASE reply me and give me sugestion...plz help. this is my 4th times i really want good score..

Hi Simon,
I have problem in writing section.i m not able to write good essay.
I Got scored in my ielts 5 bands.how can I improve my writing skill.
Guide me with this please.

hii simon sir
In writing i have much material to write but i dont know how to arrange it????

hi simon
i gave three times ielts exam but every time i got 5 band in reading so how i can improve my reading .i also need some writing tips pls help me sir

sir if i am using more phrases,linkers,idoms and good vocab.will it be right for good band score or note

Hi simon
i always get confused how to make examples in writing task 2. can you help me out with that?

Hello Sir,

Please help me ...

By which type of practice I can get band score 7?

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