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August 02, 2011


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I have read a book which is called 'mind map', published by BBC. The example from this book is the same as drawing pictures to connect each idea. This is a very good example of making a mind map. Thank you Simon for sharing this useful link! ^^b

Yes, it's a great example. I'm glad you like it.

This definitely explains why my 5 year old son surprises me all the time with his ideas and answers; he isn't the victim of educational system... not yet.

Hi Simon,

The year 1971 saw a considerable fall.Can I put "the" in the beginning or should I try to write in another way like IN 1971

It's is truly interesting! :)

It's really interesting video.

"Prevention is better than cure.

Out of a country's health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?"

This writing topic is from the IELTS Cambridge 2 book. It was also very similar to the topic that I got about 2 years ago when I took the academic IETLS test for the first time. I agree that prevention is definitely better than cure, but I don't think spending more of the national budget on prevention, compared to cure is a good management. However, I've got quite poor argument about this.

So if you have time, could you please guide us some ideas about this topic, Simon?

I really appreciate all your online help with the IETLS test preparation, especially this website. Thank you very much.


Hi Marguerite
It would not be appropriate ethically to let the patients for death while focusing preventive measures only.Secondly,learners in these disciplines would be probably fewer in comparison with people having different diseases.

Finally,older population have contributed a lot during their young age in the form of taxes so they should be dealt with affection,sympathy and care in latter years as these people are asset of society.

feel free to comment!

Good point Kathy!


Hi Mehreen,

It's correct the way you wrote it.


Hi Marguerite,

I think that EXAMPLES are the key to answering that question well.

You could write a paragraph agreeing that prevention is better than cure, using examples like 'anti-smoking campaigns' or 'improving diet and exercise for children in schools'.

Then you could write a paragraph saying that, on the other hand, it would be a bad idea to take money away from the treatment of people who are already ill with heart disease, cancer etc. Researchers need government money to continue their search for cures and for the development of new medicines.

Hope these ideas help!


Good ideas Mehreen.

Thank you very much, Simon. It really helps my thesis to be clearer and stronger.


Hello Mehreen,

Thank you very much for your ideas as well. I like the idea of tax contribution during their earlier stages.


No problem Marguerite.


Thanks Sruthi. I watched that video too - really interesting.

Hi simon
I have a problem in dates!In some questions when speaker says a date the answer is for example 8th April but sometimes it is wrote 8 April!Which one is correct?I found different types in answers!

Hi Negin

You can write dates in many different ways, so don't worry - they are all accepted.

Dear Simon,

I just want to say thank you to you, since your website has helped me a lot.

This website you've recommended in which I spent around 30 minutes really gives me a picture of current education in tearms of advantages and disadvantages.

I really appreciate your efforts.


No problem Aleaf. Thanks for your positive words.

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