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August 30, 2011


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thank you so much! it helps a lot for my listening!

Simon i wanna ask you a questions about reading .if in the context there is a sentence "people often went to the cinema in 1992 " and there is a yes or no question like this "people always went to the cinma in 1992" is that yes or no ,i'm not sure about that if there have differents between "often" and "always"

Marvellous video for Listening Practice. Thanks for your kind efforts in reaching our goals.. Bless you.

I'm glad you liked it Hanny and Anna!


Hi Doria,

You would have to put 'no' because 'often' does not mean 'always'.

Thanks for video, very useful

Simon, I was in a desperate moment, I did not know how to improve my listening skills with scholar exercises (and I will take the Ielts test on June 30th!). Then I have remembered to look for help on your website. The Harvard Lectures and the TED conferences have the stimulus I need. They are intelligent, provocative, exciting and innovative. Thank you very much for the tips. In my country, we would say you “turn the light on at the end of the tunnel” for me.

No problem Vera. Good luck on the 30th!

It is a great video about moral reasoning . I enjoyed it a lot

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