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August 26, 2011


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For the second question, I am always puzzled its emphasis. Is it as same as " Many people think that famous sport stars should be play a good role as models for children. Do you agree or disagree?" or " do you think whether it is suitable for people to pick up famous sports stars as good role models for children?"

Thank you.

Hi Tim,

I think you could understand the question in both ways.

The question actually asks whether sports stars ARE good role models, and maybe I should have answered that more directly first e.g. "Some sports stars are very good role models, but others aren't. In my opinion, they SHOULD be good role models because children look up to them..."

Thank you for your quick response, Simon. It helps me a lot.


well in my opinion, it is perfect platform to become physically and mentally fit. moreover,we can build a sense of co-operation which is needed while living in societies and building a sense of team spirit.

Dear Sir,
I got my result for IELTS gen n d scores r
After followg ur link i could get overall band 6.5.
I would like 2 know whether this band is good or...
it was possible 2 get such score only after follg ur link

Thanks Simran.


Hi Vaishu,

Those are good scores - especially the writing score (it's not easy to get 7 in writing!). Well done!

thnks Sir was possible only under ur guidance n support. pls continue with d unconditional support u r offerg 2 d sincere learners.

Do sports play an equal role in the age of children as well as adults?
Sir please give me the answer of this question.

I got 8 in listening 7 in writing 6.5 in reading and 6.5 in speaking . . . . still not good enough

I Got 7.5. Thanks for sharing such a informative post.

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