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August 04, 2011


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why do you repeat your lessons

I repeat some and add other new ones. Many students haven't watched the older lessons. Well done for noticing!

Hi Simon,,

Could you explain me how to write a well introduction in task 1 and task 2??

i need your help plzzz,, i sat in exam 2 times,,i scored 5.5 bands in both exams,,i need overall 7 bands,,,now my exam is on 25 august,,i have more problems in reading,,,could u tell me how can i improve my score???i have only 20 days,,,plzzz help me



Hi Simar,

I've done many lessons about introductions (and about improving your score) for both tasks. Just click task 1 or task 2 in the menu at the top left of this web page.

Hi Simon,
please can you correct this.
The map describes the development of the town of Garlsdon,by establishing a new supermarket. There possibility of two sites.
The first site is located outside the town center.While the second is located in the town center.
Garlsdon town with a population of around 65,000. Up north of the town of Garlsdon, industrial area is located. There is also an industrial area in the South. Bordered to the south eastern town of Cransdon, with a population of approximately 29,000. In the South West the town of Bransdon with a population of about 15,000. There are railway, and three main roads linking the town of Garlsdon with other towns.
The second site a good location in terms of geographical and in terms of population density surrounding it. It is much better than the first site.

Hello Simon,
Thanks for sharing this map as I did this one with 2 paragraphs for 2 locations but now I realised that it will score higher if we allocate one for transport links instead.

Hi Simon,

Here is my attempt. Any comment?

The map outlines two possible locations of a newly planned supermarket for Garlsdon, a town with population of 65,000 people. As can be seen clearly, the site one is outside of the town, while the proposed site two is located in the central of town centre.

The site one is located in the north-west outside of the town, on the way to Hindon, a town with 10,000 population and 12 km from Garlsdon. It is between main roads and railway. In contrast, the site two is inside the town centre of Garlsdon, which is designated as no traffic zone, however, its distance to railway is much closer than that of site one. There are three main roads, which connect to surrounding towns, Hindon, Bransdon, and Cransdon, with population of 10,000, 15,000 and 29,000, respectively. However, the distance to the access of main road is relatively far in comparing to that of site one.

Hi Simon
Thank You for sharing this task:

My Introduction will be:
Is it near the correct response???

This map illustrates two potential locations of a new market which are planned to be built for serving the populations of the town " Garldson "

Nafei, Ed and Noony:

You all seem to have the right idea. I'm afraid I can't offer individual feedback, but I'll put my full essay on the site next Thursday, so you will be able to compare your essays with mine.

hi Simon,
i wrote just for introduction, please check it out
the map points up two potential locations of a new planned supermarket in the Garldson town

hi, Simon,
thank you for spending your time to develop all the lessons for all students who couldn't afford the private class or tutor.

I have a question regarding 'linking words' such as therefore, furthermore, moreover, etc. I know in english writing or speaking, linking words have its role to make the article or speech more logically and fluently. However, even I know the meaning of those linking words, I still dont know when should I use, which words should I use, 'however'is the only word that I use confidently. so, in my essay, you can not find linking words except'however'.

could you please provide any advice for me?
thank you in advance!

Hi Ali,

Don't use "points up". Just write "shows" or "illustrates".


Hi Luminous43,

The only way to really understand when to use those linking words is to see them in context. My advice is to Google them and look at different examples of their use. Also, a good dictionary should show you examples of each word in use (not only the meaning).

Hi Simon.
I am trying to study for IELTS by myself as I cant afford to pay for a school or teacher. I'd like to ask you if could post some table reports on the blog ? I think it is so difficult to find the main trends as on big tables there are too much informations.

Also, As its just 20 minutes to write this essay, I usually do it very quickly, therefore my hand writing is quite bad. I asked one of my friends who is english to help, and he said that the esssays are good but he struggle to understand my writting and also said that if they dont understand it i wont get high scores.. what should I do ??

Thank you.

PS. your blog is very very helful.. for people like me who cant afford teachers it is an amazing opportunity to progress.


Hi Diego,

Have a look through all of the task 1 lessons - I've done several lessons about tables.

Regarding handwriting, your friend is right - you need to slow down a little and be more careful.

I'm glad you like the blog. Keep working hard!

Hi, Simon ur a doing a fantastic job. Thnx for ur valuable help. Plz tell me if my introduction is correct for this writing task or not. Here it is: The map illustrates about two possible sites for making a new supermarket in a town called Garlsdon.

Hi Veena,

Don't put 'illustrates ABOUT', just 'illustrates two...'

Could you please tell me my common mistakes. I have an exam very soon and do not know how i am delaing with writing. Thanks in advance

The map illustrates two potential locations for a new supermarket in Garlson town with population of 65,000 people. According to the plan one of them is in the countryside (S1), another is in the town centre (S2).
Boss off these sites are not far away from railway and main road which makes them easy to reach for inhabitants who use the train or this road.
The placement of supermarket S1 is in the North-West of the town and in a great distance from town centre as well as from industries. Despite of this fact the town of Hindon (10,000 population) situated in only 12 km of S1.
In contrast, second possible placement S2 is in the town centre. Moreover it is just next to the south industry, also available for towns of Brandson (16 km) and Gransdon (25 km).
To sum up, it is clearly seen that none of these possible sites are suitable for whole population of Garlson. While it is realistic to attract more inner costumers in the S2 if there would be a traffic zone.

Hi Gunay,

You seem to have the right idea, but I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

If you would like detailed essay correction, read this post:


Hi Simon,
thank you.

Hi, Simon! I'm Akosya! Nice to meet you! Here is my writing for this map. Could you check and tell me how much points (mark)can I take for it? =)

The chart shows two possible locations where is planned to build a new supermarket (S)in the town of Garlsdon.

The first possible site (S2)located in the town centre, whereas the second potential location (S1)is situated in the countryside close to small town named Hindon (12 km)in the north-west of Garlsdon.The site S1 lyes next to housing area, and the same position has S2.

According to the map, both sites S1 and S2 are connected with main road systems, but road from S1 to S2 is not allowed to use the car because there is no traffic area, and it will be difficult to reach Bransdon and Cransdon, whereas the railway system is allow to connect three towns on the map.

HI..Simon thank u very much for using these important guidelines with us..these are very useful.

n u please share your essay with us about this writhing.I CANNOT GET THE REAL IDEA.THANK U

Sample answer for this task please :)

please give answer,simon

plz give me some points about reading i have exams after 20 dys plz guide me plzzzzzi hope u eill reply me

Hi Simon,

I noticed both versions of your reports (2011 and 2014) didn't include specific distance number. Is it necessary to have them included and will we lose score for missing them?


Hi Simon,

I cannot find your writings about topics? Did you remove them from the site?

Hi Simon,
Your intructions are very useful but Can you give more sample anwer

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