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August 31, 2011


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Currently , the tendency to misbehave in schools is increasing and has become a serious problem .The solutions to this problem may be considered according to the reasons that lead to it - lack of discipline, flexible rules and internet are the causes for bad behaviour in schools.
Some Parents spoil their children substantially and do not show their children how to behave properly in schools. The reasons for that are either difficulty in giving a birth to a child or time availability . For instance, some women in some families are having problems in becoming pregnant and therefore having a child is a considerable present when it comes. These parents think that they would not be able to breed another child which might lead to unfavourable consequences in bringing up the child like bad behaviour and not obeying the rules and regulations of the school because the parents are linen , follow child demands and do not told their children off if they are indiscipline for example.
Moreover, internet games are another issue that motivates children to neglect the moral values of society. These games teach children to be violent and indiscipline .the consequences are not only to the children who watch these programmes but also their peers at school- children have the tendency to imitate their colleagues if they behave in a positive or in a negative way. Moreover , TV games like MP3, Wii are also had a negative impact on child behaviour because he/she would not listen to what parents tend to teach them.

It is important to organise a schemes from schools or the schools councils to tackle this problem. This solution is considered in the UK in the UK- although there are many indiscipline children in the UK schools , most schools have family advisers in order to tackle any anti social behaviour of children at schools . The role of these advisers is to work with parents whom children ethics need to change and to improve. Schemes from councils may have a positive influence in encouraging parents ,who are having one child ,to be strict and not flexible with their child.
To conclude, it is essential to tackle the anti social behaviour of children at schools by implementing a joint effort between schools and parents and legitimise teachers to punish disruptive children .



Nowadays, many children in school behave in an arrogant manner. this is a worrying concern not only for school administer but also for many parents. This problem is due to some factors and to reverse this trend parents and school should stand together to address this problem.


Hi Simon,

If I am not mistake, this question is assuming that "behaviour in schools is getting worse", right? But what if I think that this is not true and that there is no such problem in schools?

The reason I ask is that candidates come from different countries and may have different educational backgrounds, and a question like this one could be very difficult for them to have good supporting ideas.

Please advise how this should be handled and what would be the best strategy to avoid getting stuck during the test.

As usual, many thanks for your dedicated work!


to sulaiman
your essay is more than 300words, in fact there are 390 words!!
I wonder if we have enough time to write that many in real test?

Hi Simon

There is an issue that I discovered today while I was searching on the Interent for my essay material. I typed in a topic and found out that plenty of sample essays on the Interent are the same or very similar (to the ones you taught us, to be exact). Which means every tests taker is getting the same resources. I am worried that will examiners look at our essays and see that everyone is writing the same format of essays and will give us very low band. What's your opinion? Thanks a lot.

Hi Simon,

Is it correct to say: technology brings some positive impacts on human beings.
Or i should say: technology brings positive impact on human beings.


Thanks for sharing your ideas Sulaiman.


Hi Simran,

Yes, that's the format I would use.


Hi Martin,

That's a really good point. Unfortunately, I think you have no choice but to answer the question (i.e. assume that the statement is true, then explain the causes and solutions).

Maybe candidates who live in countries where school discipline is not a problem can think about why this is true. In other words, their countries have the solutions, so they just need to imagine what other countries might be doing wrong.

Your question also highlights the importance of preparing common topics BEFORE the exam.


Hi Yamei,

Don't worry about that. Examiners will not give lower scores if you use the same format as other people (in fact it's the opposite - examiners like the standard format).

The reason many people use the same format is that it is the BEST format. It's the same at university - lecturers expect you to follow certain conventions when writing essays, assignments or dissertations. If you try to use an 'original' format, you are likely to get a lower score.


Hi Inusure,

I'm afraid both are wrong. We don't normally say "bring impact". Change it to:

Technology has a positive impact on humans.

Hi Simon
I have had your ebook and I have to study English by myself. Can you give me correct answers for the first part of the ebook?
thank you so much!

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your response!

So I guess the best thing to do (at least for now) is to prepare based on the topics and subtopics listed in your previous lesson: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2011/02/ielts-advice-you-need-ideas-and-opinions.html

This request is kind of a long shot, but if you had the opportunity to participate in an IELTS conference, perhaps you could bring up this issue for me... I just personally feel that this type of questions is not very suitable and may be unfair to those students who have the ability to communicate well in English but just don't agree with such "assumptions"...

I think most people agree that IELTS is a test of the candidates' level of proficiency in English, so they should not "be forced" to express/make up/imagine ideas or opinions that they don't really agree with. I understand that IELTS is not perfect, but I guess knowing that there are no "assumption questions" in the real test could somehow ease the students' preparation.

Anyway, rest assured that I don't intend to offend you, but I just wanted to share my opinions in this regard.

Thanks again for everything!


Hi Chi,

I'm not sure what you mean - my ebook doesn't contain any questions (so there are no answers either).


Hi Martin,

It's a really good point, and I agree with you. I imagine it's something that the people at Cambridge and the British Council are aware of, but I'll certainly ask for clarification about this issue if I get the chance.

Thanks Simon!

Dear simon
I got 5 bandscore in all of skills. But I need 6. I registerd again and another my exam will be in 20 October. Please advice me for these days , how I plan?
thanks so much

Hi Goli,

If you got band 5 in all four skills, it means that band 5 is probably your 'true' level at the moment. To improve, you need to do a lot of practice:

Keep following the lessons on this site, practise the tests in the Cambridge IELTS books, and try to find a teacher who can check your work and correct your mistakes.

Keep working hard!

is this good introduction , sir?

there is no doubt that many children nowadays behave in an arrogant way. there are number of reasons for this and to solvethis schools and parents should come out with some effective measures

That's fine. Just remember to begin sentences with capital letters.

Topic: disruptive students are not required to attend schools because they are the main cause of discipline problems in schools.
What should i do?

Children’s behavior create a various issues in schools around the world. There are two main reasons for such problems about their family and teachers. These kind of problems could be battled by training courses and increasing the cultural values for families.
Becoming uninformed about how to obey rules and instructions during the courses and at home could lead to mistreating in school. Information which teachers teach students has a significant role in their behavior. For instance, Children who are studing in Japan are involving in a progressive education system. Japan has been experiencing successful teaching methods in order to prepare better students in schools since modern age. Other fact that has lead to misbehavior of children is spoonfeeding them by parents in homes. It is their fault that children do not feel responsible for acting inproperly.
I believe that there are two main solutions to solve misbehavior of children in schools. Firstly, Teachers can attend in training courses that schools which have designed to improve their abilities to teach. In this way, teachers would be updated annually. Secondly, parents could help by teaching their children to behave honorably. They could bring up their children in the way that they know each bad act has some subsequences instead of treating them like a baby and just giving them what they want.
In conclusion, children will continue to behave dishonorably in schools unless teachers and parents instruct them to obey school rules and conduct themselves.

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