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August 21, 2011


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This is true.People from English speaking countries who at the same studied a lot can get the 9.

Once I tried the test, I found the reading passages difficult because I bacame nervous about the time, and hence didn't even finish passage 3!

I need to try again next month, what best can I do, Simon?
I need 6.5 only

Hi Simon. I just shared my test questions in the "Recent Exam Questions" and also in FB. I'm worried about my listening and speaking parts. For listening, the last part always the hardest one. I lost attention and directions for last 7 questions. I could not do well for that part. While for speaking, I could not answer well for few last questions in Part 3. I lost attention again here. The examiner tried to stop me when I stammered for long time. Worrying me though. Part 1 and 2 should be ok for me. Would I score well in this condition?

Hi Mohamed,

Your first priority should be to reach the end of the test. Miss any questions that you find difficult, and return to them at the end.


Hi Goh,

It's very difficult for me to say how well you'll do. It sounds like your loss of attention will affect your score, but it also depends how well you did in the other parts of the test. Try not to worry, let's wait and see.

hi simon this is anil . i have been trying to follow your instruction specially in reading. basically i always do through scanning process where i look for the similar words in questions and in the passage. although i am doing thing i failed to get acceptable score. never i can reach more than 25 out of 40 . can u suggest me
to improve my skill to get acceptable score. besides this i was wondering can you give me lesson regarding general ielts writing part 1. thanks

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Hi Deepika,

You told that you had a good book of phrases. Can you please share with me. Please mail me at [email protected]


hey Rocky,i have a problem with my email.could you contact me via skype.my id is sweet.sanju1

Hi Anil,

Looking for keywords is the right technique. However, if you skim or scan too quickly, you might miss the answer. Maybe you need to read a bit more carefully when looking for keywords - so that you don't miss the answers.

I'm afraid I never teach the general paper, so I'm not the best person to advise you on general writing task 1. This website is all about the academic paper.

Hi dear SIMON
I had IELTS exam last day and I think I will take 5 or 5.5 and I study about 14 months. pleas, give me the name some of books that cause to my ability in all of the skills increase and some of the ways to each of the skills important them listening and reading.
Thank you so much GOD bless

Hi Peiman,

Just follow the daily lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.

Good luck!

hi Simon, Pleasure to meet you. The problem that I'm facing right now is that my ielts exam is upcoming Saturday,i.e on 5th of Nov. And to be honest, i only started to prepared week ago for it. Is it possible for me to score at least 7 + if i make sure i utilize my remaining time well? Also, its writing and reading i worry the most.I believe i can excel in listening test and for speaking, i am going to make sure of utilizing a full week for it. What do you think so?
looking forward to hearing from you.

(i only started to prepare a week ago for it.)*

Hi Kristi,

It's difficult for me to say whether it's possible for you to get a 7. If you only have one week, your level already needs to be very good because you can't make big improvements in such a short time. Just do your best - look through as many of my lessons as you can, and try not to worry too much.

Good luck!

Thanks a Lot Simon! I Hope I can make it. I will surely look through your lessons by heart.

Keep Wishing me Luck!


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