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September 04, 2011


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hi simon, i haven't received my ebook yet.

i have sent an email to you.

-ritzchelle quindo

Hey Simon, I hope you still remember me, Goh? I placed test questions here 2weeks ago. I just got my result. Overall 7, but a bit disappointing for writing, 5.5, which is out of my expectation as I have high confidence in it. Read&Listening 7.5 & Speaking 7. Im not sure whether I need to resit for it or not. And my concern is: I shall write part 2 essay very formal and serious rather than using other approaches like what we read from magazines/newspapers(sometimes)?

Hi Simon,

How we differentiate between variable and different.

Hi Ritzchelle,

I sent the ebook yesterday. I hope you've got it now.


Hi Goh,

It's a great overall score, but maybe you are doing something wrong in the writing test. Look at the style of writing I use in my lessons, and try to follow my approach/methods. It might help to ask an IELTS teacher to check your essays to see what the problem is.


Hi Sulaiman,

It depends on the context/situation - there are many ways in which those words can be used. A good dictionary should give you definitions and example sentences. You could also Google both words to see examples of how they are used by native speakers.

Hi Simon, the university requires a 6.5 in each skill area. With this, I need to resit it in November. Is it necessary to be a very serious essay for part 2? I think I don't follow this during previous test. Anyway, thanks for your advise and guidance in your website. I'm all the while using your blog as my guidance.

Hi Goh,

It depends what you mean by 'very serious'. Read the essays I've written (look in the 'IELTS writing task 2' category on this website) and try to write in the same style.

Good luck!

Something to add to this lesson, word families can also be learned from a good dictionary like this one:

I especially like the lower section of the page where it gives more examples on how to highlight differences... ideal for Task1 essays!!!

Thanks Martin. I agree - the lower section is really useful.

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