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September 15, 2011


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1. What happened to UK house prices in July 2011?
The house prices went up by 0.5% in July 2011
2. What do the figures 0.5% and 2.6% refer to?
The figures refer to the rate of increase or decrease of house prices in percentage points
3. Compare the 2011 average UK house price with the 2007 average.
Between 1907 and 20111, there is a noticeable decrease in the prices of the houses in the UK with just under 13 percentage points.

1)The house prices increased by 0.5% in July 2011
2) changes in house pricess(comparision)
3)Between 2007 and 2011,there was fluctuation in house prices,but at the end of period,house prices were just under 13% lower than peak time period(2007).
There was overall downward trend for house prices in last four years with just under 13% differrence,from peak time 2007.

the price of housing in the UK accounted a modest growth of just 0.5% in July 2001.

the average price of housing in the year 2007 stood just below 13% . Although this figure increased after 5 yaers, the rate of growth was less significant, accounting a mere growth of just 0.5%.

Hi Simon,

This is great advice! In addition to house prices, I think reports on oil prices also contain useful sentence structures for Task 1 essays.


Hi Simon,
I am little bit confused whether to use " The house price" or "The house prices".

1. The house values rose by 0.3% in July 2011.
2. 0.3% was referred to the increase from comparing prices from May to July to those in previous three months.
While 2.6% was refferred to 2.6% decline on the housing prices over the 12 months before July 2011.
3.In average, the property value in 2011 is still 13% lower than that in 2007.

Hi Simon,

Today i received my IELTS result.

Listening = 8.5
Reading = 8.0
Speaking = 7.0
Writing = 6.5

I am very much disappointed with my writing score, can you please suggest me should i go for EOR.


Hi Rocky,
From my opinion,go for EOR,but you should confident about your writing,when you apply for EOR add cover letter saying you have achieved 7 band before(if you have acheived) and exp about your listening and reading score.that wil help.
If you have time ,otherwise simply give one more time.

Hi Rocky,
from which university you have conducted IELTS?

Hi Simon,

I want to ask if what are those personal pronoun aloud to use in writing task 1 and task 2? I'm academic module examine. Thanks.

Hi Simon,

I want to ask if what are those personal pronoun "allowed" to use in writing task 1 and task 2? I'm academic module examine. Thanks. Sorry for my English. I forgot to proofread my sentence.


1. In July 2011, UK house prices rose by 0.3%.

2. House prices were 0.5% higher over the three months from May to July than in the previous three months, but prices fell by 2.6% over the preceding 12 months.

3. The average UK house price in 2011 is just under 13% below the average price in 2007.

Notice that I have used the original text as much as possible - by doing this, you practise expressing ideas in the same way as an expert. Don't worry about 'copying' - we are just practising.

PS. Ed, you can use either 'the average house price' or 'average house prices'.


Hi Rocky,

I agree with Tahir's advice. You have nothing to lose asking for a re-mark.


Hi Rommel,

Have a look through my lessons and example essays. You will see that I often us "I" and "my" for task 2, but not for task 1. For task 1, I sometimes write "we can see that..."

could you please comment on the following sentence?

The prices of accomodation in the UK rose in july 2001. however, the growth was less significant as it recorded a modest growth of just 0.3%.

That's fine Simran.

thank you. I just wanna know how to descibe 2graph in 1question

Hi Momo,

Have a look at the lesson below:


I've done several other lessons about 2 graphs or charts - click on "IELTS writing task 1" in the category menu on the left, and have a look through the lessons.

how will you determine Simon how to use rise or rose and fall and fell with proper preposition proceeding the verb.?

Hi Rommel,

Did you mean "proper preposition after the verb" (i.e. 'rose to' or 'rose by')?

rose to = the number it reached
rose by = the difference between the old number and the new number (i.e. the change)

that's right simon thank you but can you give me just a few examples? thnx

Hi Rommel,

I'll make a lesson about it on Sunday.

you such a great help. Thank you for the patience you're giving not only to me but also to those who would like to improve their band scores.

Hi Simon
1)house prices rouse by3%
2)0.5refers to the rise ii hose prices from May to July over the previous three monthes
3)House prices fall by more than13%below the peak of2007
would you please corrot my my mistakes..Tanks alot

Hi Moura,

You need to check carefully for spelling mistakes.

hi simon,

why can't we use 'than that of' instead of 'than in the previous ' in the second answer?.

I suppose you could use "than those" (those is plural because it refers to prices).

Hi Mr Simon,
I have a question regarding pronunciation, the word 'renaissance' to be exact. I found that the pronunciation of this word is completely different between British and American. Can British recognize this word when I say it in American way as they might not be familiar of that pronunciation?
Thank you.

... familiar with ...

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