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September 21, 2011


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Simon this essay was asked in 19 Sep.
thank you for your tips

No problem.

Recently in some countries government have come together to encourage industries and businesses to move outer part of major cities.Benefits are relatively high for the foreseeable future.

Firstly...effect on health of dwellers life in cities can imrove secondaly...less noice ,less overpopulation problems..finally... healthy enviornment

Disadvantages......easily get employee,more stress for worker if dont drive...diff to supply produts than in cities...diff to provide any help to employee or other part of industries asap e.g.medical help for injuries during work.

Hi Simon I have got one essay question abt writing task 2. i am confused how i can start and i have no idea abt this.Can u plz help me. As i understand, i have to ans why is that so? AND if goverment inveset in this do i support or not. And i dont know how can i include my experience in this essay .

Most people watch foreign films first, before locally produced films. Why is that so? If the government in your country decides to invest in the film industry, will you support them to do so and why? Include your own experience in the essay.

Sorry Simon i have already request to u plz help me in this speaking topic.

describe a hostorical place?


Good ideas Tahir.


Hi Reema,

Where did you find that essay question? It seems strange to me - it doesn't look like a real IELTS question.

I answered your question about a historical place the other day. Look at the comments below this lesson (where I wrote "Hi Kathy and Reema"):


Also, read Kathy's comment near the bottom of the page. She gives a really good example of a description of London as a historical place.

Topic: In some countries, the governments encourage industries and businesses to move out from large cities to regional areas. Do you think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

In this modern world, there are some governments behind the idea of pushing the head executives of big companies and factories to relocate their offices and venues in areas outside city centres. There are minor drawbacks for this movement , people will not find these venues easily , if they are in remote areas ,and ,might not be accessible to public transport which makes it worst to travel. But the benefits of moving to remote areas would prevail over the drawbacks in along term.
Take the negative impact of the thousands of employee and clients , who travel daily to city centre to work or making businesses, on the traffic. For instance, more than two million people travel to London for trade and commerce . The consequences are more traffic pressure and crowdedness because high rates of people prefer to use their private cars rather than using the public transport.therefore, moving companies to suburbs would help in mitigating the traffic congestion in cities.

Having these factories in cities has a polluted effect on the environment. It is very difficult to deal with refuse and waste released by factories and big companies properly. The industrial waste may be mixed with the normal sewage of these industries because there is no reasonable system to deal with the wastes released from old newspapers factories as an example. this might pollute rivers because of the harmful effect of the toxicity of the inks not to mention the air pollution resulting from consuming fuel in their old engines.

Moreover , it is unlikely to expand the land if the business is in the city centre because either it is very expensive to purchase a land in the centre or occupied by other business.

If governments invest some money in motivating the principals of the large companies to move from city centres , the image of their countries would be improved and this will contribute to take their nations to prosperity.

Thankyou very much simon this queston has come in ielts test which was in august in Hongkong.And once again thankyou for speaking topic as well sorry to bother you b/c i missed previous lessons. Next time i will be care full.

Hi Simon hru? First of all thankyou very much for this topic. i have read in your lesson how to write introduction for disscusion and opinion essay so here is question and i have tried to write it . Can u just tell me is it alright and what are mistakes.

Some people think schools should group pupils according to their academic ability, but others believe pupils with different abilities should be educated together. Discuss both views and give your opinion

People have different views that student should be grouped according to their ability,while there are some good arguments in favour for grouping abilites.I believe that it is better to educate pupil together with different ability.

There are a growing numbers of companies moving their businesses outside metropolitan areas into more remote, rural locations. Although there are a number of advantages to this trend, I believe that they are outweighed by a number of disadvantages as will now be explained.
On the one hand, it can be said that there are some benefits to companies that decide to open their premises in regional areas; there are a significant decline in the costs that are certainly higher in the big cities. In addition, more rural areas offer businesses more space. This trend also helps boost economies in deprived areas; many job opportunities are created in the more remote areas meaning that the standard of living improves for those who would otherwise have a long commute to work or not have a job at all. Moreover, pushing companies into more remote areas helps cities avoid further overcrowding which is a common problem in many major cities.
On the other hand, it can be argued that there are significant drawbacks to companies and businesses moving their venues outside big metropolises as the availability of skilled workers is being reduced. In addition, it can be said that companies based in regional areas are further away from their clients, providers and other contacts and this has certainly a negative impact on the volume of sales, businesses done and markets reached in comparison to companies that are located in the city centers or more populated areas.
To sum up, it seems that there are significant advantages to businesses opening in more remote areas, especially in terms of lower costs and availability of space; however, they are outweighed by the material advantages of businesses located in more populated locations because of the opportunities bigger cities can offer.

Hi Simon,
Your ideas are so helpful, I am afraid that I will not be able to write anything on my own during the test. Do you think I should memorize them? My test is in two days and I have mixed feeilings; I've worked so hard for the past four months, but still feel not comfortable when thinking of the test. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
P.S. I will be taking the test in the United States, Chicago, as soon as I get back I will post the questions too because I know it is helpful for the other students.

What is the importance of joined and nuclear family?
I do not understand but I guess joined family is one where older generations live together under one roof, and nuclear is the one where parents live only with their children without grandparents. I have no idea, please help!

hi simon,
i am following tips from ur book,,also i am practising essay from the ideas section,,,but i am afraid that there r alot more topics about which i dnt know single word to write,,,for that what should i do....e.g yesterday my freind send me topic about social welfare system,and i was completely clueless,,i dnot know wat to write in my body paragraphss,,,i m worrying if something like this happen to me in my real test,,,my test is on 5th november....how can i expand my knowledge about topics????plz help

Hi Simon,
Please can you mark this essay below, which band this essay is?
In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move to regional areas outside the big cities.
Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, the authorities in some nations are providing encouragement to the companies and business firms to relocate from the urban areas into the regional areas. There are both pro as well as cons of this movement. It is agreed that the merits of this will dominate the demerits as this will be explain in this essay below.

On the one hand, there are some drawbacks of this relocation of companies. For example, there is greater availability of skilled worker in the big cities compared to in rural areas. A further point is that, there is lack of better transport and infrastructure in the regional areas. Another negative aspect of this that, it is difficult to make customer in the regional areas compared to cities.

On the other hand, moving industries and businesses to regional areas will boost the development of businesses as well as the areas. For in instance, the cost of setting business and running offices is much less compared to in cities. A further thing is that, there is more space in regional areas while the cities are normally overcrowded and more polluted. SO there will be less pollution in the cities as well because the industries are one of major cause of pollution in the cities. Moreover, there will be employment opportunities for the locals people in the regional areas.Analyzing these points will make it clear that there are more advantages of moving companies and businesses into region.

In summary, administration of some countries doing great job by moving these big companies into the regional areas. It is expected that big firms and businesses will set up their offices into the rural areas in the future

In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move to regional areas outside the big cities.
Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Due to massive deveopment of technology, globalization industries and business are massively increasing in urban areas.it is true that nowadays, in some countries government are pushing indusriees and business regional areas. I believe that there are both advantages and disadvantage.

There are many reasons why government wants to shift these industries to rural area. Firstly it is less expensive to start this sector in rural area. There is low cost in regional areas including inputs and outputs.Secondly, there are more space in regional areas in compare to urban which is highly populated. Finally, it is also easy for theses business to find a local people for employment with low cost. Moreover this will help government to reduce unemployment.To sum up i think rural development will start to increas and peoples becomes more enged in jobs as a results there will be better economic and high living standard.

Despite these advantages there are also some disadvantages of shifting these industries in rural area. Firstly the environment get pollute.for example air pollution, water pollution,defoestation will increase.Secondly the land that are used for cultivation are used by these industry as a result many farmers and old people who are uneducated lost their jobs. Moreover people are unable to eat fresh food grown in their land. Finally, people from these rarea would be in feare of loosing their culture.

In conclusion, Government is trying some steps to develop regional areas by providing more oppurtunities. It seems to there are disavantages of industries but can be reduced wherase i think this is a great step to make people more advance and developed.

Hi Simon,
Can you tell the meaning of the phrases?
'none-still in high shool'
'none-graduated last year'
Thanks a lot!

Hi rr,

You've definitely got the right idea about how to do introductions. Be careful to check your use of commas and full stops.


Hi Kathy,

I think it's too late to try to memorise anything now. Have a look at this advice:


The question about families is a bit strange. I've never used the term "joined families". We usually say "extended families" (several generations together) and "nuclear families" (just parents and their children). Try to think of some advantages and disadvantages of each, but don't spend too long on this. Follow the advice in the lesson linked above - it's better to revise what you know than start worrying about new topics.


Hi Amran,

It's impossible to prepare for every topic that might appear. If I were you, I would focus on the common topic areas and try to forget about strange questions that your friends send you. My advice is "know what you know", and accept that there will always be some things that you don't know as much about.

The only way to know about everything is to read a lot - newspapers, books, Wikipedia pages etc. - but this could take years. That's why I think you need to stop somewhere and decide to focus on a limited number of common topics.


Hi Raja,

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction, feedback or scores. If I did this, I would receive hundreds of essays. I can't help people individually.


Hi Rosevn,

"none-still" and "none-graduated" seem strange to me. I would never write it like that. I'd write 'left high school' and 'didn't graduate last year'.

i have already written this essay above but now i am confused when i look the question again i believe that there is pros and cons to citiess and rural. and also because the question says government. hich is the best way to write just advantages and disadvantages for cities or rural area. For me its both but how do u express that .. It will be a big help if you try to complete this full essay thankyou

Hi Simon
My teacher avoid me to say "I" in introduction and conclusion and says you loose a mark . Is she right or not?

Thank you

Hello again

Some claim that if you write your essay by a PEN you impress your examiner and could increase your score . Id like to know is it a right?
Thank you Simon

Hello Simon
in the writting task 2. If the question is ; ''to what extent do you agree or disagree'' and ''do you agree or disagree'' and i want to write about tow sides. would you please tell me how i can write good introduction for the tow questions

thank you very much

Hi Abi,

Don't worry about the word 'government'. You just need to discuss the pros and cons, and make your opinion clear.

I'm afraid I don't have time to write the full essay now, but have a look at what other students wrote (e.g. Kathy's essay is a good example because she makes her opinion clear in the introduction and conclusion, and she uses my ideas in the main paragraphs).


Hi Mh,

She is wrong about that I'm afraid. Read this lesson:


It's also completely untrue that using pen helps your score!


Hi Waseem,

I've done lots of lessons about those questions. Click on "IELTS writing task 2" in the category menu, and look through as many lessons as you can. For example:


It is true that some nations encourage companies to transfer from urban to local areas by the government. Although there are some drawbacks, I would argue that there are more benefits.

On one hand, there are several disadvantages of outsourcing or transferring business from urban to local areas.Firstly, students who just finished college in the city would have difficulty finding a job. There are no available jobs waiting for them due to relocation of big companies to a cheaper location and labor cost. Secondly, The transportation of goods and services could slow down. Some people believe that transportation in major cities are way faster than regional areas which makes it more profitable and reliable in services.

On the other hand, there are more advantages of moving the industries and businesses outside of primary cities. For instance, people from rural zones would be given an opportunity to find a job a lot easier instead of going to the city. This could reduce unemployment for areas that are not given importance before. Another reason is that businesses will be able to save so much money because of low labor costs and locations than in big cities. Finally, avoid further overcrowding in metropolitan. This could increase traffic flow thus helps workers not to leave too early from home. In addition, it also reduces air pollution and pile up of wastes in central towns.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the benefits of relocating huge industrial companies in regional zones such as more available job opportunities, reduce labor costs and locations to businesses, and minimizes pollution in the atmosphere do outweigh the disadvantages.

It is true that some nations encourage companies to transfer from urban to local areas by the government. Although there are some drawbacks, I would argue that there are more benefits.

On one hand, there are several disadvantages of outsourcing or transferring business from urban to local areas.Firstly, students who just finished college in the city would have difficulty finding a job. There are no available jobs waiting for them due to relocation of big companies to a cheaper location and labor cost. Secondly, The transportation of goods and services could slow down. Some people believe that transportation in major cities are way faster than regional areas which makes it more profitable and reliable in services.

On the other hand, there are more advantages of moving the industries and businesses outside of primary cities. For instance, people from rural zones would be given an opportunity to find a job a lot easier instead of going to the city. This could reduce unemployment for areas that are not given importance before. Another reason is that businesses will be able to save so much money because of low labor costs and locations than in big cities. Finally, avoid further overcrowding in metropolitan. This could increase traffic flow thus helps workers not to leave too early from home. In addition, it also reduces air pollution and pile up of wastes in central towns.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the benefits of relocating huge industrial companies in regional zones such as more available job opportunities, reduces cost of labor and location to businesses, and minimizes pollution in the atmosphere do outweigh the disadvantages.

Despite enormous growth in urban areas,many countryside part of most countries are untouched and uneffected with growth story of other part.As a result many countries have begun moving theri business to other less developed areas.I believe this appraoch has both advanatages as well as disadvantages and this essay will throw some flash ligh on both the aspect of this change taking place.
Moving business and industries out of the major cities will bring many benifits to the country as well as business too.Firstly, most of the urban cities are now a days grapling to cope with the problem of trafic jam, rising cost of running busniess ,crime and high wages which infact , brings their profit margin down.Thus shifting a business towards countryside will help them to overcome with these problem becuase of the availability of plenty of resources, raw material for industries by cutting down cost of runnnig business.In addition to that this will foster local economy by brinding various development due to demand in other sectors such housing, water and food and helping deprived people to make their ends meet easily.
However, on the other hand the negative side of this development can not be overlooked and we should give enough thought as well.Indeed relocating industries will have some postive impact but industries will have to cope with a number of various factors in less developed areas such as security, lack of transportation, appropriate insfrastructure to setup an industry and scarcity of communication channel.As a result companies and goverment would have to spend a good amount of money to setup these means even before starting the business and this is what most companies would not come to terms with.Besides this connectivity and client visit will also not be a piece of cake and can cause enough problems.
In conclusion , although there are negative side of the shifting a business in country side but In my opinion these things can be managed working hand in hand with the corporate and goverment for the sake of development in rural areas and yeilding benifit to both the business and community.

Government,by recognizing many disadvantages having industries within the big cities persuades industries and business to move outskirts.
hi simon is this sentence correctly paraphrased???

Thanks for sharing Gwapo and Shashikant.


Hi Tsering,

"by recognizing" doesn't really work here. It would be better to write "Governments recognise..., and therefore persuade... to move TO THE outskirts"

Hi Simon,
My teacher also says dont use word 'I' in essay and use 'It' instead,
and Simon just a Question? if u could answer that will be so helpful..

If we are writing discussion essay then we need to tell our view in the conclusion not in introduction, in body we are looking at other people's view like some agree ...and others dispute ... eventually, showing our opinion at the last. Is that true.
thank you Sir! many thanks....

how do i will know if someone replies me? I am very new so dont know? this is my first day..

Hi Raja,
I just read ur essay, and I think you have done good work, but just be careful as i was told by one of my teacher that we should not use word 'thing' in an essay.hope u dont mind.. I am not neither a teacher nor a very intelligent person, still a learner. btw have u done this test before? how was ur score that time in writing?

thanks ..

Hi Raja,
and when u write essay, show ur opinion to writer very precisely, so the reader knows that what writer belives..and what u say then prove it with supporting paragraphs.


Hi Simon,
thankyou very much for correcting my sentence, its been great using your webside as a guidance as it really helps me to improve my english. thanks!!!!

Simon how do you make an introduction for this type of question? how will you not state you opinion in you introduction?

Hi Preet,

At the top of the comments you see this:

"You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post."

If you click on "comment feed" and subscribe, you will receive replies to your email.

For advice about using "I", look at this lesson:


If the question asks "Discuss both views AND give your opinion" don't save your opinion for the conclusion - we don't like 'surprise conclusions', we prefer to read your opinion in the introduction and then see how you support it in the rest of the essay. Have a look at the essays in my lessons to see how I do it.

PS. I agree that it's best to avoid the word 'thing'.


No problem Tsering.


Hi Gwapo,

Here's an example:

It is true that businesses in some countries are given incentives to move out of the big cities. While there are several benefits to moving to regional areas, I believe that a city centre location is more desirable for most companies.

Simon, because my teacher told me that if it did not ask you opinion in the question, she said that don't state your opinion in the introduction and save it in the conclusion. tnx

Hi Gwapo,

If the question does NOT ask for your opinion, don't write it ANYWHERE (not even in the conclusion) - the question is boss, so do only what it tells you to do!

The above question DOES ask for your opinion because it says "Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?" - you need to answer this question with your view.

So, this type of essay is argumentative type with opinion? Have you made a argumentative essay that you did not show you opinion? This really confuses me when to identify if the question is asking for opinion. what are the indicators to determine when your opinion is needed or not, if the sentence "give your opinion" is not included in the question.


Hi Gwapo,

Think about your own language - there will be many ways to ask for an opinion without using the word 'opinion'. For example, we don't usually say 'what's your opinion of this food?', we say 'is the food nice?'

In fact, most questions ask for your opinion. It's better to look at this question the other way around - which questions DON'T ask for an opinion? The answer is: only questions that tell you to 'discuss' e.g. 'Discuss the advantages and disadvantages' or maybe 'Explain both views'. In these questions it is clear that your job is simply to write about both sides equally. Any question that asks you to decide which side is better is an opinion question.

Hi Simons
I have tried to follow your instructions. Is it wrong if I use future tense and conditional sentences in this essay?

"Many governments are taking initiatives to spread the businesses and industries to the outskirts to avoid increased pressure on the cities. Although there is debate going on regarding merits and demerits of the trend, I think this will bring positive changes in both city and regional area.
First of all, business will be benefited by moving towards periphery because of the lower cost of space and workforce. At the same time, residents will get the advantages as it will not only create more employment but also increase small business opportunities related to the major industry, resulting in overall development of the region. Secondly, such move will also help to avoid overcrowding cities. As we see, most major cities are overfilled causing high living cost and more stress and it has become imperative to take actions to offload them.
However, there are also some disadvantages of moving the industries and businesses towards regional area because infrastructures and skilled workforce are mostly available in cities. Moreover it they could stay much closer to their clients, contractors and government authorities buy staying in cities.
Overall, although there are some drawbacks of decentralizing commercial activities, it will be advantageous for both cities and regional areas. As we know, in modern businesses contacting a client from distant is very easy by phone, email, fax and video conference. Above all, it will help to develop deprived regions and to save city life from being congested. Therefore, according to my opinion, merits of spreading businesses toward regional areas are significantly more than the shortcomings."

Hi Simon
Could you please categorize all kind of essay here and tell me which one needs my opinion .
I really a bit became confuse with questions asked here
I deeply appreciate your efforts this useful site
Many thanks

Hello again
shall we write "would" instead of will when we are giving our opinion like;
I think this will(would) bring positive changes in both city and regional area.
or when we want to suggest a certain way

many thanks Simon

Hi again
I do appologize for asking alot Simon
But I saw in essay (written by shams) many will used and some questions appeared to me well..
and as I see he wrote the disgreement(Disadvantage) near the conlcusion which finally he agree with it
Do you think it would be better write disadvantages first?and follow this method

Conclusion(summarizing + opinion)

I do appologize again Simon

Simon, thank you for explaining to me about how to identify the question, whether it's asking for your opinion or not.

Thanks a million, Simon. I hope I can repay you someday.

To bring a balance improvement, many countries nowadays are encouarging many business firms to locate in the outskirt of cities. This trend ,though, has some drawbacks, it seems to me that advantages of such move far outweigh the disadvantages for a number of reasons.


To bring a balance develoment in a country

Hi Shams,

Future tense and conditionals are fine in this case.


Hi Mh,

I'll do a lesson next week to clear up the confusion about when to give your opinion. Also, have a look at my conversation with 'Gwapo' above.

You can use 'will' if you think something will definitely happen, and 'would' if you are imagining what might happen.

I prefer to put the view I agree with in paragraph 3 (just before the conclusion), but it wouldn't make a big difference to your score.


No problem Gwapo,

I'm happy if I've lifted your confusion!


Hi Simran,

"To bring balanced development..."
"Although this trend..."

The same question asked me in 17th september ielts exam. I got 5.5 which is very low but I think my mistake is focusing only disadvantages. I didn't talk about advantages, I just gave 3 disadvantages about it. However, I like to get 8 from writing. How can I achieve it? Thanks.

Hi Nesli,

To get 8 you need a very good level of English. This only comes with several years of practice - there is no easy way or simple technique.

Some governments tend to persuade industries and businesses to scatter their manufactures and offices in the outskirts . Although some drawbacks may appear in this case , but benefits are far from drawbacks .
In fact , there are some difficulties in moving industries outside the cites .For example , governments have to bear huge expenditures on transferring big companies , which mostly are giant ones such as steel company . And also it is true that usually employees do not tend to live in countryside which probably suffer from lack of facilities . Although today people through higher technologies such as communication and modern transportation could surmount those problems .
However , cities and regional areas benefits from many advantages come after this deciding . For instance , it is likely cities which suffer from air pollution , could see reducing in this trend , also it may lead to less traffic jam and population in cities . Moreover , people who live in deprived areas , could have more job opportunities by investing more money there .
Overall , I feel while many problems may come with moving industries and trades toward peripheral areas such as burden taxes and cost on people ,and have some difficulties to daily -commuter staffs , but we cannot ignore huge advantages which both cities and regional areas benefits from them , such as better health and less stress because of decreasing in air pollution which mostly caused by industries and businesses .

(250 words)

Hi Simon
Can I achieve Band Score 6.5 By this essay?
I would be so glad if you take a simple look on it

Hi Mh,

I'm afraid I can't give you a score. If I did this for one person, I would receive hundreds of essays from people asking for the same help. Sorry.

Thanks Simon
You did already help me by your very useful site.
Sorry for my request

Could you please answer me
DO we increase our score by using strong word instead of ordinary word for example:

She felt it "INCUMBENT" on her to raise the subject at their meeting
instead of using "NECESSARY"

Thank you

i think it is better that u can give u a model answer for this question, so we can see how u answer this type of question.

Hi Mh,

It's good to use 'less common vocabulary', but be careful to use it in a correct and appropriate way. Also, remember that using individual 'big words' is not as good as using good groups of words (collocations).


Hi Daniel,

I'll try to do the full essay soon. Have a look at some of the essays written by students in the comments above.

Hi Simon,
The use of outweigh confuses me ,could I use it as a synod of exceed,also what is the best approach to rephrase the introduction?it it right to use RURAL-outskirts-far from center or in central areas instead of
Regional areas
Thanks a lot

Hi Moka,

Yes, 'outweigh' is similar in meaning to 'exceed'. You can't really say 'the advantages exceed the disadvantages' but the meaning is correct. You can say 'there are more advantages than disadvantages'.

'Regional areas' doesn't really mean 'rural' Rural is the countryside, whereas regional could mean smaller cities or towns. Also 'central areas' is not clear because it doesn't tell us what the centre is - is it the centre of the country?

Just write something simple like: "move away from the major cities" OR "relocate to less populated areas of the country" or "set up businesses in smaller cities or towns rather than the major cities".

Hi Simon,
I finished this full essay below, but I spent more than two hours. So sad.

There are increasingly number of companies and factories removing from big cities to small towns or countrysides in recent years. Speaking for myself, the advantages of this phenomenon do exceed the disadvantages.

The relocation of industrial factories may bring some drawbacks. For one thing, it leads to inconvenience for workers and employees who live in the downtown. Now imagine that after eight hours working, another two hours of long-distance transportation just begin. Therefore, workers do not have enough leisure time to relax or take a break, which definitely exerts negative impart on the company operating. Furthermore, it may form barriers for companies to expand business. To be specific, a client who is interested in your products is more likely to be stolen by one competitor due to the remote locations of your workshops.

Despite the drawbacks mentioned above, there are still many benefits of the removal. Firstly, industrial plants always produce emissions, which do harm to individuals' physical health. We can see that some research institutes have proved that those live close to the industrial zone within ten kilometers have a much higher risk of getting cancers. Secondly, workshop building takes up vast areas of land while its land use efficiency are extremely lower. Meanwhile, each square in the big cities are as precious as gold. Thus, it is economic for factories to set up new workshops in the remote area. It also benefits consumers due to the decline of production cost. Lastly, labor market in the regional areas will boost. More job opportunities will be given to the poor live in the rural thereby improving their living standards.

Overall, although there are a few drawbacks of relocating the factories and companies, it actually brings far more benefits to individuals as well as society.

Hi Lei,

Don't worry about how long you spent. Read the advice on the link below:


Hi Simon,

Could you tell me whether the below essay is fine to you or not?
Because of economic integration and globalization, many companies are encouraged to relocate their factories and offices to the suburbs of the big cities. Although this trend has both benefits and drawbacks, I am convinced that it brings more positive effects.
It is clear that moving to regional areas outside the big cities is beneficial in terms of economic aspect. An obvious benefit is that the companies could take advantage of low costs including labour cost, materials cost and land fee. This means they can increase their earnings and enhance their competitiveness in the goods market. In addition, rural areas provide more space to expand the companies or establish the new ones; meanwhile, relocation would help reduce overcrowded pressure in the big cites. A further positive aspect of this trend is that the businesses contribute to boosting these deprived areas. Specifically, the unemployment rate is probably dropped and the local resident’s living standards is raised.
Despite the above mentioned advantages, the trend has its own downside. Firstly, major cities have greater availability of skilled workers and university graduates, who hold professional qualifications that meet the jobs’ requirements. Another drawback of the act is that cities have better transport and infrastructure, which facilitates the circulation of goods and services. Furthermore, a common criticism is adverse consequences for local environment. The new companies may pollute the air with poisonous emissions and contaminate the water and the soil with solid and liquid waste.
In conclusion, while there are some disadvantages of this trend, it also brings advantages with regard to the economy. Thus, I think that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

hi simon
if a question asks for examples, if i face difficulty to get an example, what should i do in that case?also which things should i consider to select an effective example? if i dnt include any example(if question asks or not), will it affect my score? thanks in advance

Hi nheaynug,

You definitely seem to have the right idea.


Hi Zillur,

Don't worry too much - even when you say things like "many people believe" or "in many countries..." you are giving a kind of example. The important thing is to give an idea and explain it well - examples are one way of explaining an idea or opinion.

hello Simon
Are these examples for Academic or General?

Hi Buhle,

Everything on this site is aimed at the academic paper. However, writing task 2 is the same for both general and academic. It's really only task 1 general that I don't do on this site.

Hi Simon
I have a question about the essay structure.
In this essay, if I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, should I need to emphasise the advantages first and then put the drawbacks into the 3rd paragraph?
Thanks for answering.

Hi Amy,

It doesn't really matter which order you put the advantages and disadvantages in. It won't affect your score.

Personally, I usually put the side I agree with in the 3rd paragraph. I put the other side 2nd, then in paragraph 3 I write something like "On the other hand, I would argue that..."

I noticed that all your ideas are based on company.Is it necessary to write this essay from a company's benefit?OR can i write it from the standpoint of people.For example,in 2nd paragraph about advantages,I mention environment will become better and people will have a more comfortable life if factories move out.Is it OK?

Hi Aegean,

Yes, I think it would be fine to mention the benefits for people working in those companies.

Nowadays, it is true that relocating industries and companies to suburb areas is popular in many countries. However, while I agree that this trend is beneficial to either local authorities and inhabitants, I also believe there are more drawbacks than benefits.

You've got the right idea Zhengyu.

Hi, i guess the words advantageous and disadvantageous would be more appropriate.

u can help me how to answer this question?
do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?why do u say so?
tnx poh...

hi simon,

can you please suggest few points on this topic.

Recently the freedom to work and live anywhere has become the main trend due to the development of communication technology and transportation. Do the advantages of

these developments outweigh the disadvantages? Discuss.

- due to tech, can cntct ppl living in any part of the wrld.
- eg webcam- face to face communication has become popular.
- in the past- days or months to reach destinations
- nowadays- flight, private jets etc..

-although the tech has improv so much
socializing person to person has reduced alot

can we talk about disadvantages of working abroad for the above question? ??

The presence of many businesses and factories in large cities has created enormous problems for urban life. Although there may be minor inconveniences, it would be greatly advantageous if governments would encourage the management to shift or start their establishments in less crowded regions.

An obvious benefit of this strategy is that overcrowding of cities can be reduced to a great extent. It is clear, that increasing number of commercial enterprises has attracted a large number of professionals and workers to urban areas, which has resulted in problems like traffic congestion, inefficient waste-management and pollution. For instance, during the morning and evening peak commuting time, the roads in a metropolis like Bangalore in India are jam-packed and it is one the most polluted cities in India. The tax incentives offered by the state government for companies that would establish labour intensive software facilities in the satellite cities like Mysore and Hosur, attracted many companies. This initiative has helped the administration to handle the growing urban problems and distribute the available resources more efficiently in this fast growing city.

On the other hand, operating businesses and industries in regional areas would be challenging for companies, in attracting skilled professionals, servicing clients and dealing with poor infrastructural facilities. This would mean that many highly skilled engineers and business professionals would hesitate to relocate to smaller towns or regional areas, for lack of superior educational facilities and lifestyle opportunities.

In conclusion, when considering the enormity of problems faced by huge cities, on account of increasing population growth, moving businesses and factories to rural or less crowded areas would be very beneficial. The drawbacks would be less consequential, and can be handled by effective management strategies and governmental support.

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Hi simon;
Please check this out :)

It is no doubt that,most of governments today encourage industries and business to relocate their place to regional areas outside the big cities. However, I believe that, there are some arguments against this issues where advantages are more from drawbacks. Thus, in this essay, I would like to examine both sides of arguments and try to reach conclusions.

I want to know the answer for this question,

Information technology is dominating the world of education.this made the teacher job at risk.
What are the advantages and disadvantage in the field of education?

i have a problem in writing task 1 as well as 2 so plz give me some important tips

Hi Simon! I had to answer the same question today in my Ielts exam. Unfortunately, I focused only on the disadvantages of bringing businesses to rural areas. I did not discuss any advantages as I have mentioned that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Do you think this will affect my work negatively? thanks!


Hi Simon
Should I use "bring about" in task 2, for example:
It is true that tuition costs has been soaring in recent years. As a result, some governments have subsidized partly or totally all costs of tuition and fees. While I accept that this approach might bring about some positive outcomes, I believe there might also be some drawbacks

Hi Simon,how many paragraphs we should made in agree or disagree essay and
is there any difference between attemption of
To what extent do you agree or disagree ?
Do you agree or disagree?
suggest me sir.

Hi sir can u tell me is my essay ok

hello, I wonder, in discussion and opinion essays, or advantage outweighs disadvantage essays, I often see sample says “even though there are some problems, the positive are greater because……”. Do we need to further explain why these problems are not significant, so as to strengthen the idea that positive are greater?
Thank you for your reply~~

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