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September 28, 2011


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Children's health are increasingly deteriorating by fatness throughout the world, even condition is pretty alarming among the world's most affluent western countries.There are a number of reason causing this problem and each problem needs to be dealt in a particular way.

It is likely that one of the most prominent cause giving rise to this problem is the major change in our lifestyle due to remarkable advancement and shophistication in technology, which has considerable impact on our daily life and health.These advancement comes at a cast with the adverse impact on our health due to lack of physical activity and laziness in office and home.At office most of the poeple suffering from this illness spend many hours sitting in front of the computer without any physical activity.Not only this even at home most of us spend time watching TV and taking rest at their bedroom.Even children nowadays give preference to playing computer game or chatting on internet with their friends rather than playing out door sports.In addition to that the quality of foods which we consumes every day made the matters worse.These foods , which are easily available ,oftenly contains ingredients that are high in calorie ,cholestral and fat , while at the same time lack necessary vitamin , mineral and protien and these factors are taking a toll on our health.

Moreover , these significant changes has begun showing up adverse effect on our health.Children from many country are suffering from obesity , fatness and fatness related diseases such as heart disease , cancel and sugar.As a result it is imperating that we should fight collectively hand in hand against this huge problem before it poses a threat to our health system.

In my opinion, teachers, parent and goverment as a whole should take this issue as a matter of urgency and take necessary step to over come at every stages.For instance parents are expected to keep an eye on thier children's eating habit and make sure they take healthy food while reducing the quanity of luring junk food.Government can contribute by puting a ban on unhealthy items specialy prepared keeping in mind to children.

To conclude, although many countries are now a days falling prey to unhealthy diet but we can fight and defeat this menace with strong will power and taking some preventive actions as described above.

hi shashikant and simon, i have appeared for general ielts many times but get v less in writing and reading, can u help me what should i do that i can get 7 in each, pl help,

"There are a number of reason causing this problem and each problem needs to be dealt in a particular way"
I am confused with this sentence, may you explain it for me please? And I think the word "reason" should be taken place by "reasons", isn't it? Thank you very much.

Childhood obesity is a one of most pressing cause of concern in today's world .This leading tendency is caused by several factors such as ingestion of huge proportion of fast foods,and people are enjoying sedentary life style.Proper management of obesity in children is likely to be lessen the difficulties in childhood obesity.

Firstly,it seems to be more difficult to address leading factors of obesity trends in children due to the sophisticated lifestyles of people nowadays.Availability of junk foods in food stores and restaurants and even in school cafeterias give rise to this burning problem.These fast foods are rich in high calories,trans -fats,high levels of sugar which contributes to the heart diseases,Diabetes mellites .joint disorders and mental illnesses such as depression .The Instant food culture has deteriorated children's healthiness owing to the lack of sound nutrients which helps to fight diseases.What is more,playing computer games and watching television longer hours end up with childhood obesity due to the physical inactivity which leads to detrimental effects to the health.Nevertheless,less performances of outdoor activities that support to burn extra calories are trapped by entertainment of media and social networking sites

Secondly,it is the foremost duty and responsibility of parents,guardians,teachers and state to protect children from the relentless ad creep for instant foods by implementing possible actions.By removing fast food recipies from the schools menus and banning junk food restaurents from local areas near to schools are wise suggestions should be performed.Close observation and proper guidance of children make easy to approach the situation.Introducing nutritional foods for educational stream and strengthen the domestic use of proper foods make a green light for the right path.

It is obvious that there are several factors causing obesity in children and there are possible actions which can make this bad consequence pretty comfort.

Hi Feng TIAN ,
From the aforesaid sentence I mean there are many reasons that is causing the obesity problem and we need to take indvidual step overcome with each problem.I hope clear your point.

However, you are right reason should be reasons ,I believe it is typo , thank your very much for pointing out my errors.


you gave us this topic before !

Obesity related problems are ovetaking other health related problems,specially in children.There are some reasons behind it,but also lots of preparation going on to overcome these problems.

HI SIMON,please let me know intro if fine or not.I dont want you to check this intro.fine or need improvement.
Thanks TAHIR


Hi Simon, I am very new here,i just came to know about ur website and Indeed, i am so amazed to see that what a wonderful Job you r doing for students like me, WOW! this is really amazing! the best thing here i like is with all hard work You also give reply to ur students unlike others, Certainly, you are super awesome!!!!
May God bless you! Live long. thanks a billion Sir!

Hi Simon,

can i use tremendous in my essay?
For example, the government spent tremendous amount of money on public transport service.
Is it informal to use tremendous?


Hi Simon,

Can you please explain the difference between " a lot of" and "lots of". I'm confused about how to use "lots of".

Thanks so much.

Good Morning Simon,
Yesterday I got my result; my result is overall 6 bands (L-6, R-7, W-6, and S-5.5). But I need individual 6 and overall 6.5, this was my second time. Please tell me what I do to improve my speaking and writing, listening was quite fast. So I did not get good bands in listening.
But I am worried about my speaking; my first result was overall 5.5(R-6, L-6, W-5.5, and S-4.5). please help me.

Hi Ria,

It's difficult for me to help you because I don't know what your individual problems are. It would be a good idea to take a few lessons with a private teacher who can analyse what you are doing wrong.


Hi Feng,

Regarding Shashikant's essay, I would write:

"There are a number of causes of this problem, and each one needs to be dealt with in a particular way."


Hi Shereen,

I do a mix of new lessons, repeated lessons, and improved lessons.


Hi Tahir,

The second sentence needs improving a bit.


Thanks Preet!


Hi Inusure,

It's ok to use 'tremendous', but 'considerable' or 'significant' are a bit more formal.


Hi Phuc,

They have the same meaning and can be used in the same way, but "lots of" is more informal.


Hi Arman,

You just need more practice. If you want to improve more quickly, you could take some lessons with a private teacher, or find an English speaker to practise with.

Hi Simon,
thanks for pointing out and providing me the correct answer.


Nowadays, obesity is becoming more and more common in children than adults, which has alarming effects on the community.This essay will discuss the causes and effects of obesity and what are the ways that government can do as well as the families.

What can you say about my intro, simon?

Nowadays, obesity is becoming more and more common in children than adults, which has alarming effects on the community worldwide. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of obesity and what are the ways that government can do as well as the families.

Nowadays, obesity is becoming more and more common in children than adults, which has alarming effects on the community worldwide. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of obesity and what are the ways that the government can do as well as the families.

There are a number of reasons that led to an increase in the number of obese children; however, some solutions are possible to rectify the ever growing problem as will be explained below.
In recent years concerns have been arisen over the diet of younger children. On a day to day basis children are flooded with products containing significant quantities of sugar, preservatives and artificial additives. The intake of such foods and the subsequent behavior is becoming increasingly apparent. Moreover, as the nature of play has significantly changed; with outdoor activities replaced by screen-time indoors, more young people are forsaking traditional activities such as bike riding or simply running outside, for indoor activities such as computer games and television programs. Undeniably, poor diet and lack of daily exercise are the main causes of childhood obesity.
The effects of such behaviors can be disastrous. Obesity leads to a higher risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. As a result, these children will put a significant strain on hospitals and the rest of society in the future.
However, there are a number of possible solutions to this problem. Parents, teachers as well as government should be held responsible for the well-being of the younger generation. Parents should perhaps watch their children’s diet more closely and restrict the amount of time children spend in front of TV. Schools should encourage children to take regular exercise and put more of an emphasis on the quality of food served within school lunchrooms. Governments could also help decrease the number of obese children by limiting junk food advertisements.
To conclude, admittedly, obesity among young children is a growing problem; however, by engaging parents, schools and government in these issues, solutions are possible.

Hi Simon,
There are over 300 words in my essay. I know that I would run out of time during the test. Any advise?

Hi, Simon!
Thank you for you website! It has already helped me a lot ! You are amazing!
I'm from Russia, I am about to give my IELTS exam in 6 days.
But I'm freakin' out, especially because of my writing. To tell the truth, it is hard for me in both English and native languages.
Please, would you mind ansewring some questions of mine?
Frankly, I'm confused with types of essay and owing to that I usually spend about 10 minutes on choosing structure of essay. I can't define type by question in the end of the task.
Is this classification is correct?
1)To what extent do you agree or disagree?-'opinion' essay
2)Discuss both views. - Discussion
3)Explain the main causes and effects of this problem, and suggest some possible solutions.-problem/solution
4)Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?-discussion
5)Discuss both views and give you own opinion.-Discussion (+ Opinion)
6)'2 part' essay

Thank you very much! Wish you all best! (ha, i dont know how to write it correctly)))


Are" as far as children's education" and "in terms of children's education" the same?
Thank you

Hi Rommel,

You've definitely got the right idea now.


Hi Kathy,

Try to improve your planning - make notes and restrict yourself to 5 sentences for each main body paragraph. I'll do a lesson about this next week.


Hi Helen,

I'm glad you find the website useful. The good news is that your classifications are all correct apart from number 4.

Number 4 is 'discussion + opinion' because it is asking you to decide whether there are more advantages than disadvantages - you need to discuss both and make your view clear (just the same as number 5).


Hi Adverb,

Yes, but it's "As far as children's education is concerned,..."

Hi Simon
I can not thank you enough I was struggling with IELTS for more than one year , I always had a problem with writing.I discovered your website by chance,I was totally desperate.I follow your guides and guess what? FINALLY I got the result that I am looking for.
Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks, I will recommend this website to my friends

Hi jojo,

Well done for getting the score you needed, and thanks for recommending the site!

It is an obvious fact that food plays an essential role in humans life but nowadays mankind have an immense issue throughout the world such as children obesity.

Indeed , this kind of serious problem caused by eating unhealthy foods. Every day millions of youth consuming junk foods such as hamburgers, chips or drinking sugar drinks in order to save their precious time or money. In addition, lack of exercise can be the main root as huge amount of children just sitting in front of their computers in order to have some kind of entertainment instead of playing outside or doing sport.

Coming to effects, these problems lead to be overweight and in near future they will suffer from incurable illnesses like diabetes, heart disease or cancer. As a result, they will be a burden on hospitals.
In terms of solution of the problem, there are several possibilities. Firstly, parents should devote time on their child and they should be more attentive about their eating habits and involve their scion to take regular exercises instead of playing computer. Secondly, government should control the figure of calorie and limit junk foods advertising.
Taking all points into consideration, I can draw a conclusion that parents and government should maintain society with reliable life where healthy food and strong life.

Hi Simon.
can you give me some advice about this essay?

Hi Bakhrom,

You seem to have the right idea, but I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction and scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

obesity is major concern nowadys amongst many young children. there are number of corntributing factors associated with this. However,this problem could be combated taking some effective measures not only from an individual itself but also from the government point of view.

You've got the right idea h.

It is true that obesity among children is growing in an alarming rate every year around the globe. It is not only the responsibilty of the parents to control the diet of their kids but also schools and the government are accountable to prevent and reduce the number of obese children.This essay will discuss the causes and effects of overweight in young people and some solutions to deter it.

There are several causes of obesity in children. Firstly, lack of control in eating junk food like humburgers and fries which contains lots of fats and salt.Secondly, inadequate exercise. Children are expected to be active in their age. However, they would rather stay at home and play video games. Thirdly, lack of discipline from parents. There are some occasions that their own parents encourage the convenience of eating food from fast food chains instead of cooking home-cooked meals.

Meanwhile, the effects of obesity in young ones cannot be ignored. Some people say that it could lead to overweight which can be a subject of ridicule at school. Others may argue that it could lead to different diseases like diabetes and heart problems later on. Another problem posed by being overweight is that it can increase the admission rates in the hospital in the future.

There are effective solutions to combat obesity. One is to make schools, governments and parents to become accountable in hindering children's being overweight. Another solution to the problem of obesity is to help children choose foods that are healthy and emphasized the importance of eating fruits and vegetables over junk foods. Finally, when at home parents should set limits in playing computer games. Therefore, kids will be encouraged to do outdoor activities and spend more time with their friends playing physical sports.

In conclusion, although the problem of obesity among children is undeniably alarming, there are stil effective ways to combat these like healthy eating of fruits and vegetables, playing outdoor activities and, setting limits in playing video games.

Hi Simon,
According to the table you gave us, this essay should be divided into 5 paragraphs. Besides introduction and conclusion, another 3 paragraphs should discuss causes, effects and solutions respectively. I am confused about causes and effects. Can I combine them into one paragraph?

BTW, would you mind correcting this sentence 'Overall, it is not only the individual's responsibility but also the whole society's responsibility to guarantee our children possession of a healthy and enjoyable childhood. '

Hi Lei,

Yes, you can either separate the causes and effects OR put them together in one paragraph (I'd probably put them together).

Just delete "possession of" from your sentence - then it's good.

sir, is this conclusion enough?

in conclusion, childhood obesity is a worrying concern nowadays and to reverse this trend both government and individual should take come out with some effective measures making sure that they enjoy healthy lifestyles.

Hi Simran,

You've got the right idea.

Hi Simon, Thank you for you website! It is very helpful! I'm from Spain and I am a self-taught student preparing for my first IELTS exam.
Please, I would like to inquire about some doubts about types of essays on Writing task 2:
First of all, I would ask about differences between PROBLEM SOLUTION ESSAY and EXPLAIN A PROBLEM OR SITUATION ESSAY. Recently, I've found this table on IELTS ON TRACK book, which helps to identify different types of IELTS essays.
I need to know if EXPLAIN A SITUATION OR PROBLEM ESSAY can be considered as CAUSE EFFECT ESSAY or if it's the same type as PROBLEM SOLUTION ESSAY.
I am asking this question because in many books, only identify 3 types of essays (ARGUMENT, DISCUSSION AND PROBLEM SOLUTION ESSAY) and do not mention the Cause and Effect Essay, so I am doubtful about the TASK KEY STATEMENTS which can help me to identify this type of essay.
What are the differences between both? (in its structure or layout and in its task statements). I as gathering some of them from several IELTS-related books. Here are they. I wonder if they are correct or not:

What are the reasons for…?
What measures could be taken to deal with this problem?
Why ........ and how serious are the consequences...?

What can be done to solve…?
How can this problem be addressed?
What challenges/strategies…?
What are the effects of this and what measures could be taken to improve it?

Could you tell me any task statements and outline or layout that might help me to differentiate between these two types of essays or can be considered as the same type (A PROBLEM SOLUTION ESSAY)?

On the other hand, I've got some doubts about OPINION ESSAYS. I wonder if I must to acknowledge the opposite view (COUNTER ARGUMENT) in AGREE OR DISAGREE & TO WHAT EXTENT ESSAYS in another paragraph for saying why you don’t accept it, or... I must not do it because I would be considering both sides of argument? (I know OPINION ESSAYS deals with ONE SIDE of argument).

Finally, I could not find in any book, any table or schema, which satisfactorily clarifies the classification of different types of essays to those faced by students IELTs, so I would like to ask you the next favor: Could you post on your blog a diagram or table that clarifies once and for all the doubts, we find regard to this issue?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Maribel,

Most books, websites and teachers just talk about 3 types of essay question because they consider "cause and effect" to be aspects of a problem. In other words, "problem and solution" essays can vary in what they ask you to do - you might need to explain what the problem/situation is, or give reasons for it (causes), or explain the effects of it.

The question will make it clear which aspect of the problem/situation you need to write about. The list of task statements you mentioned looks good to me.

For opinion essays, you CAN (but you don't need to) mention the counter argument if you want - you might write that you accept some aspects of the opposing view, or that you take a balanced view. You could even write about the other view and explain why you believe that it is wrong. Sometimes it's easier to do this, other times it's easier to support one side only - it depends on the ideas and opinions you have for the question.

Your idea for some kind of diagram or table is good. I'll work on it!

It is true that obesity of children is becoming increasingly serious and addressing people's concern in most nations. There are various contributing factors associated with this problem and effective measures need to be taken to address this problem.

You've got the right idea.

Hi Simon!

I have a problem of understanding the "problem solution" essays. This is because sometimes the question is only telling that "explain the reasons and suggest some solutions. ( I feel I should give my opinion.)

But sometimes the question is: "what are the problems and solutions for this?"
( In this case, I shouldnt give my opinion)

Is that true?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

Hi Cagla,

Both questions are really asking for your opinion. It's always your opinion about the reasons, problems, causes, and solutions. Everything you write will be what YOU think, so you don't need to write "in my opinion" or "I believe", but you can if you want.

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for this explanation! I really appreciate your work!

No problem.

Hi Simon
I am very new to this blog,and I find this site is so helpful!!!! I wish I could know about it before I wrote my first IELTS exam in april 2012,I did good in every module but my writing was not good I could only get 5.5 and I have no idea what was my mistake as I prepared for this test by myself having no private tutor or classes,so what should i do to improve my writing according to you?
thank you so much


Hi Neha,

It's difficult for me to help you because I don't know what your individual problems are. It would be a good idea to take a few lessons with a private teacher who can analyse what you are doing wrong.

hi simon,
I have problems in figuring the structure of problems and solutions essay. Currently, i give the reasons for the problems in first para in thesis of the essay and then i suggest solutions in outline sentence and discuss solutions with examples in the next two paras and then conclusion para.
Is this approach is right or not?

Hi Arshad,

Here's a lesson about that:


Hi Simon

Is a problem/solution essay essentially the same as a causes and effects/solution essay?
Just different ways of calling it.

In many advanced countries, such as Australia, USA and United Kingdom, obesity in children has become a serious issue. There are many factors which cause this problem, and it will have a serious effect on the children, therefore some actions must be taken to resolve the problem.

Parents today prefer to serve instant food rather than preparing the traditional one for their children, since they are busy with their career. These kind of food are not healthy and they contain lot of fats and hormones. Another important matter is that children these day are lack of exercises. They prefer to watch the cartoon programs on televisions today or play the attractive video games. As a result, many children are overweight in their early age, and it increases the risk of some serious diseases, such as cholesterol, diabetes and heart attack.

There are some solutions to solve the problem and it should be directly implemented. Firstly, parents must prepare healthier meals for their children. They must spend more times for shopping in the traditional market to get fresh foods rather than to purchase frozen foods. Secondly, they should encourage their children to do some outdoor physical exercises, such as walking in the park or playing football in the field. Thirdly, parents must limit the time for watching TV programs or playing the console game. For instance, the children are only allowed to play during the weekends only. Lastly, schools should have some campaigns about the negative effects of obesity in order for the student to get gain a better understanding of it.

To conclude, children who suffered overweight problem are increasing these days and some actions must be taken by parents and school in order to solve this serious matter.

Hi simon..

We should not eat meat in order to maintain healthy lifestyle.do you agree or disagree?

pls help me to writing this topic..

Simon thanks. :)

thank you Simon 4 such great opinion

Dear simon,
Is it OK to write one problem and solution( with supporting details and examples) in such types of essays rather than giving two problems and solutions?

Thanks in advance

Please correct me, I am very poor in writing:

Children's in today world are more prone to the new technology rather than doing things physically. They prefer gadgets to get the work done.I too agree with the fact that obesity will rise in the future generation.

In current environment children most like playing video games, chatting with there friends and surfing internet rather than playing outdoor games. Also, sometimes they spend most of time in watching TV instead of indoor games.They are more influenced by advertisements, which sometimes misguide them. Adopting sedentary lifestyle, doing very less physical activity or exercise leads to obesity. Moreover, the eating habits are also changed. Children like junk or fast food more which they can easily found on every street corner. Unhealthy diet is also a major cause for obesity.

There are number of health issues which raise from obesity like overweight, unhealthy and unfit . Also, there are higher risk of diseases for example diabetes, heart disease and cancer and many more. If this is not controlled on time, the future hospitals will be flooded with patients having diseases originated from obesity.

In my views, this can be controlled if collectively action taken by parents, teachers and government.Government should restrict the false impacting advertisements.Parents should provide healthy food to children rather than looking at their comfort zone.Also, children should motivated to adopt healthy lifestyle like eating healthy food , playing outdoor games and doing exercise on regular basis.

To conclude, this can be controlled if collective and preventive actions are taken as discussed above.

Hi Simon I have got overall 6 bands in ielts but I have a lot of problem in reading I only got 5.5 in reading I don't know how to get 7 bands in reading please give me some tips regarding this .

Hi Simon,
I could not find many of your full written essays such as this topic. I have commented from Iran; please provide links or methods to find all your written essays. I write my email hear.
Warm Regards,

hi actually im a new student and want to improve writing especially task2 could u give me some tips please what to do or what not to

This is a good information. Thanks :D

Hello, IELTS-learners. How about mine?

The growing number of overweight children is becoming a hotly debated issue in a number of countries. There are diverse causes contributing to childhood obesity. I wish to hand over two main reasons and influnces on this issue.

The foremost reason behind child obesity is due to a prevalent indigestion culture of soft drinks and junkfood. There is no doubt that these contain a huge amount of sugar and artificial flavours which help accumulate adipose tissues in the body. According to a medical study, accumulated adipose tissues tend to bring about deadly coronary heart diseases that make an effect on reducing average life span. Thus, the governments should strictly prohibit stores from selling sugar beverages and junkfood for children who have no ability to control their appetite themselves. Then, they would become in more good shape.

The second reason is that the average time children spent in outdoor activity is decreasing at an alarming rate compared to the past. A recent educational magazine found that around four out of five childrens spend most of time doing frivolous acitivies indoors such as social networking sites, watching TV and playing computer games, which does not help both exert their energy and burn their fat. Therefore, the goverments should introduce compulsory physical education lessons more in school curriculum in order to encourage them sweat a lot. I am sure that children’s energetic physical outdoor activity will be devoted to lessening the rate of childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity has an adverse impact on children’s health. Not only it decreases life expectancy but also impairs the normal functioning of the body. If the governments’ policies I mentioned to prevent children from being obese are taken, I am utterly convinced that childhood obesity will be not a serious problem in the future anymore.

great essay

I appreciate your essay and your essay help me a lot to complete my argumentative essay.

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