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October 04, 2011


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My problem is in the multiple choice.
I can hear every words in choices but I don't know where the answer is??

Hi Simon,

Another thing I would recommend is to disable all the automatic correction functions in Word, and manually click on the spell-check button to identify the misspelled words. I think students really should NOT rely too much on these automatic functions, even when they are just composing an e-mail.

And since the IELTS writing module must also be handwritten, students should practice and HANDWRITE more and get into the habit of PROOFREADING their essays before turning them in! I think examiners or any tutors would appreciate it if there are no silly typos in an essay.


I agree with Martin

I would like to find someone who likes to practise IELTS speaking . I will sit the IELTS exam next month and urgently need to do this
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Hi Nina,

Yes, multiple choice questions are difficult. You just need to do as much practice as possible.


Excellent points Martin. I completely agree.

Hi Simon,
Can help me with this?
Why I answered not given for 3rd question for monday reading lesson.
well for question -3 it is clear for britain that no rules but its written that france banned shows aimed at under 2,so no information about children over age of two.that means children over 2 can watch anything in france
.under age 2 count as toddler.so we can say france has strict rules for toddler not for children


Thanks for agreeing with me, Tahir and Simon!

Simon, I am just wondering, what tips or advice would you give students on proofreading essays? Obviously for spelling is just to look closely at each of the words, but what about grammar, coherence, sentence structures, and so on? Is there a "technique" you would suggest? If so, perhaps you can make a lesson on this as I believe it could be quite useful for students in intermediate/advanced levels. Anyways, this is just a thought I've just had.

As usual, thanks for all your help and advice~


Hi Tahir,

I answered below your other comment.


Hi Martin,

With the stress and time-pressure of being in an exam, careful checking often goes 'out of the window'. However, I do think it's worth considering whether there is an effective technique - I'll have a think about it. Good suggestion!

Hi Martin
May you conatct me by Email to study through Email
I put My email above
thank you

Thanks Simon!

I understand that the pressure during the exam doesn't allow most students to have the time to check their work. But for those who tend to write quickly (regardless of their level of English), a good proofreading technique might help them to improve the overall look of their essays and MAYBE get a better score.

Thanks again and hope you have a nice weekend~



Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't have enough free time to help or practice with you.

Hope you can find somebody else!


Hi Martin,

Yes, I agree. We need to think of a good procedure for checking. I'll try a few things with my students.

Enjoy your weekend too!


simon is either breaching the code of ielts or fibbing.

Hi Jo,

The code is for examiners. I have been out of contract for several years.

the code is also for the ex-examiners as well. were you a speaking test examiner or writing,specifically ?


Whether it's a breach or not, I call myself an ex-examiner because that's the truth. I'm not going to debate this with you. Students can decide for themselves whether my lessons are useful.

Hi Simon,

In my opinion, you really don't owe anything to anybody (not even an explanation of your identity)... you have been giving advice (which is indeed extremely useful in the mind of many!) free of charge and that's already one of the most valuable things that students can get nowadays.

I think questioning your background and/or integrity is just one of the rudest things people can do. And I hope visitors to your website can somehow learn to be more appreciative of what you have been doing since the start of this amazing website.

I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you again for everything you have done so far!!!

Best regards,

Thanks Martin. I appreciate your support.

In speaking test,my main concern is capitals,for e.g I wrote Media Room,Resources Room and Embassy instead of media room ,resources room and embassy in the answers....does it matter because I am really confused and is it more safe to use capitals whenever I doubt .Pls help.Thanks a lot.

Hi Moka,

Don't worry about use of capitals - it won't change your score.

Thanks Simon:)

Thanks a lot Simon,sorry I meant the Listening exam....think you already got it.

Dear Simon ,what is the diff between concert and live music?both were mentioned in a listening exam live music and the model answer was concert.

Hi Moka,

A concert is the event and 'live music' is the form of entertainment at the event. You can say 'I'm going to a concert' but you can't say 'I'm going to live music'.

i Gave test of 4th of this month , i heard all answers....but am sure that i did some spelling mistake ....... like ( security , i wrote secruity ) ( genetic , gynatic) ( room , rooms)....... if for my spelling mistake, the gave me 7 .... that is not fare ....

Hi Pardeep,

I'm afraid that spelling is an important part of the listening test. I agree that it doesn't seem fair, but that's the way it is.

hello sir,
I'm vijay. In IELTS listening,transferring of answers is really a bit difficult...I have some doubts like while practicing,i wrote 'warm up' but in answers it is 'warm-up' & i didnt used hiphen for some similar words like 'cross section' etc..is it gonna wrong?? in test??? please help me sir...thanks in advance.


Hi there,
Can you please let me know about Multiple Answers in listening because i tent to feel that is bit difficult than others .

Thanks in Advance

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