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October 28, 2011


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simon is that speaking part 2 for general ?

Hi Hisham,

The speaking test is the same for general and academic candidates.

HI Simon

Would you please record it as an MP3 so that we can listen to master of this topic

Many thanks

thanks simon.i looked at the pdf files you recommended.it's quite useful.

i asked you because i got 7.5 in the last test. how can i improve in writing and speaking? (i got 8 in writing last time)

thx simon

Hi simon! I gave my exam today and i got the same topic in speaking ! Reading comprehension was really confusing ...something to do with a detergent powder company.. In writing , i got a recycle paper manufacturing diagram and effects of violent movies and videogames on people.. Speaking last section had some difficult questions like... Do you think its important to be sensitive to others needs..., second was positive and negative effects of modern lifestyle on people..., then was,ways to improve these negative effects. It was quite difficult to think of something on the spot ...though i managed to add some points ...well, i hope i get a 7 :( ...by the way , the exam was in auckland. Hope u can post some answers relaited to the speaking topic. Bye

Hi Mh,

I'll try to record it as an MP3 when I get the chance. I often recommend to students that they record themselves too - maybe you could record yourself using the ideas in the lesson.


Hi Kat,

To improve above band 7.5 you just need to become a bit more accurate (fewer grammar mistakes) and use a slightly wider range of vocabulary (words, collocations, phrases). Keep working and you'll get there!


Hi Nav,

Thanks for sharing your questions. Best of luck with your result!

Hello Simon,
Thank you so much for your help. This is my second time to take the IELTS, and this time I studied both the examples mentioned here on the website along with your e-book. They are really very useful, and they gave me a lot of confidence during both writing and speaking. But, unfortunately, I didn't prepare for the question I got in 2nd part of speaking. The examiner asked me to talk about a street in my town, what buildings are there, and why like it. Unluckily it was not among the so many topics I prepared for the test:( I tried to do my best to answer that question today, but I think I was not that perfect. I wish I got a topic that I already prepared in advance. On the other hand, I think I did very well on both 1st and 3rd parts. I hope that I will achieve my goal of 7.5 speaking score..I am hoping for the best, yet preparing for the worst ;)

Hi Simon.I have a question.suppose, in speaking exam ,my speaking about a topic is the same as which is posted in a website by somebody,will it effect my result,if examiner knows that.

Hi Ahmed,

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get a topic you had prepared - it's always possible that that could happen. Anyway, best of luck with your result!


Hi Nihad,

No, it won't affect your score at all. Everyone is entitled to use books and websites for preparation.

I have joined in an ielts coaching centre from this monday.my examiner has told me that i made many mistakes (grammar).is it really afect the speaking score.he mentioned that i spoke naturally..the mistakes were mainly sub verb agree,..,passive active confusions and some inappropriate word.. I need to get a 7 band in speaking..there were about 15 mistakes like this..is it really a big problem..i have got only 17 days in my hand..pls help me..

Hi Simon I am so sorry to trouble but would you give me some ideas about these questions?
What is the relationship between leisure and economy?
- How does economy benefit from people’s leisure activities?
- Do men and women enjoy the same type of leisure activities?

Thank you in advance so much.

Hi Jobs,

Grammar is 25% of your score, and vocabulary is another 25% - inappropriate words are considered to be a vocabulary problem, so the mistakes you made could be important. Maybe you need to slow down a bit, take your time, and try to answer in a more direct (less complicated) way.


Hi Anahit,

Good questions. I'll use them in a lesson next week.

Thank you very much

Thank u simon.

In part 1 there was a question about a place you most like to visit,how often,why ,is it popular?
Could I answer the cafe of my local M&S,talking about the food,the staff ,etc
When I talk about the staff should I say staff is friendly?
Thanks a lot

Hi sir,
Do you have a speaking test about "Describe a camera" my teacher and I need to practice about this topic, thank you sir so much!

Hi Moka,

Yes, that's fine, and you can say the staff are friendly.


Hi Ben,

You won't get a question that asks you to describe a camera - that's too technical. Maybe the question could be "describe a photograph you took". For this question, choose something like a holiday photograph - then you can describe the holiday, the place, what you were doing etc.

hi simone, what are the Band 7 words you are referring to? please help me, I need to get 7 in all areas of IELTS for my application. Thanks

Hi cj,

I'm afraid there is no specific list of 'band 7 words or phrases'. If you look through my speaking and writing lessons, you'll see vocabulary that I consider to be band 7 or higher, but it's difficult for me to explain why - usually they are words and phrases that native speakers use but most English learners don't.

Describe a situation that made you angry. You should say

- when it happened
- what happened
- how you felt


A recent situation that made me angry when I was playing basketball with my friends and other people that we don't know. We just
met our playmates in the recreational center.

While we were playing 5 on 5 basketball game, there was one guy in the other team who was taking the game seriously even though it was not necessary and we would not get anything but just a free exercise. He was getting too physical by hitting hard our hands when one of us had the ball and about to shoot.Also, whenever I stood too close to him he nudged me with his elbow and pushed me back. Normally, in a friendly game, you don't play violently. when you hurt somebody whether it is intentionally or not, you would say sorry. But in his part, I never heard him apologized which was really unusual to see for a friendly game.

Typically, I don't play basketball aggressively but I was so upset with him and it ruined my game to the point I was hitting hard his hand.every time he got the ball.And I didn't say sorry too after I hurt him. Although we lost the game, I didn't say thank you to him at the end of the game for playing sports with us. Instead, I just ignored him but I shook hands with his teammates and said thank you for giving us a great game. Next time, I definitely would not play basketball with this guy to avoid confrontation with him that could likely trigger a fight.

Simon, do you think that's a band 9 answer for speaking part 2.

Hi Gwapo,

Your ideas look excellent. I don't want to start giving scores, but you've definitely got the right idea.

hai sir
i am murali krishna.....basically am from telugu medium student.....how i prepare ielts eaxm...plz help me sir...tel me some tips in reading...because so tough to me...

Hi Murali,

The main thing you need to do is practise! There are some tips on the page linked below, but keep doing the practice exercises, and use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice.



i wants to improve my communication skills

Hi Harminder,

You just need to practise and find people to talk to.

ma exam is on 18 feb 2012.what should i do for 6 bands.i am very weak in speaking and reading..

Hi Puneet,

You just need to keep practising and working hard. Try to follow the daily lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.

I want Ielts tests Notes....Recently

hai sir ....
i am basically telugu medium background. how should i prepare for ielts . i want to get 7 bands. plz advice me sir

Hi simon, am new on your site but it seems to be so helpful i will take test on 06th july my speaking on 5th july n i also have aproblem in writing and reading.my questoin is can i pay for your book by western unoin or bank account, if possible send me ur details? thank u

Hi simon
Just need to ask about the range of idioms are matter in high score in speaking module.is n't it correct? or not? Need tips for reading and writing I have some panacea about it...


HI Simon,
who gives us band for Speaking test??

Is examiner or the Back panel Examiner team after
listening the recording ??

It's the examiner, unless you appeal for a re-mark.

should roadwork be plural? I knew that work is uncountable.

oh my god

hi Simon can u describe an artist or an entainer u admire, please . I have an exam on monday 30/07/2018, can u do it now for me and i have to remember it to. Thanks for ur help.

....(Mystery Name)


In yesterdays speaking test i got the same question in part 2

Nice please kar lae

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