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October 07, 2011


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Hello Simon, sorry that I ask you the relevant question, but I have an exam tomorrow
So is it wrong to write words with small letters such as “city center” instead of “City Center”
And not to use articles such as “main source” instead of “the main source”
Thank you

Hi Simon
I just got my results; L6.5 R6.5 W7.5 S7.5 I am very happy with the results because it means I can move pernamently to Canada with my family. Thank you Simon for everything you do, for your advice , help and commitment.However, it does not mean I won't visit your page any more. I will try now to take the academic module, so I can pursue my further education. This time I am aiming at the Band 8:)
Thank you again and God bless You

Hi Kathy
congratulation!! for these great scores
May I contact with you to use from your experience
I would deeply appriciate if you could email me
[email protected]

sir , it is good idea to use idioms in speaking test

I have been using this site for the last four months, read a lot and wrote essays. When you go through this site you find a lot of writng tasks that students have posted. Other than that it is practise and your commitment.
Good luck

Hi ID,

Sorry I didn't reply before your test. Small letters are fine, and it's usually ok to miss the article.

I hope it went well!


Fantastic news Kathy. Well done!


Hi Simran,

Yes, it's fine. Don't use too many though.

Dear Simon,
I am always confused when exactly should I use the Capitals in words except the name of the countries,people and if It is the name of a play or film should The first and second be in Capitals for e.g Three Lives.Please explain,thanks a lot

Could you please give me ideas about different types of meeting and the difficulties which may be found when the world leaders meet each other?
Thanks a lot Simon

Hi Simon
I was wondering how difficulty of word in which I should use in speaking to be considered I know verity range of vocabulary
and Is it useful we useful phrases instead of using uncommon words in speaking?
And last whether your ebook has phrases related to speaking or it aims to writing only
I would be very grateful if you clarify my vaguenesses in this case.

Hi Moka,

Here's a good explanation of the use of capital letters:


Note: it doesn't matter if you don't use capitals in the listening and reading tests.

For the 'meetings' question, try thinking about how you would answer in YOUR language - this should help you to get some ideas. Then you can try to translate those ideas into English.


Hi Mh,

The important thing is the way you use words together (collocations and phrases), not the 'difficulty' of the individual words.

My ebook will help you with good phrases and collocations for 24 common IELTS topics. Also, look through my speaking lessons and you will see good words and phrases underlined.

hi simon.
if the question ask :
" the museum you enjoy visiting "
can i speak about national park/ famous caves instead ?
if i dont know anything about museum.
how to start the speaking ?

Hi Ahmad,

I'm not sure in your country, but here in the US each National Park has a visitor center that has a small museum about the park's history, flora and fauna, and the most distinctive geological features.

So perhaps you can talk about such museums in your speech.

Hope this helps.


Hi Ahmed,

Martin's advice is excellent (see above).

thanks martin & simon.
thanks for the answer.

Hi Simon,
could you please tell some tips to improve in speaking test,as i sound monotonous.Am really confused and hope you 'll help me

Hi Gigi,

There's no easy solution I'm afraid. You just need to keep practising. It would help to find a private teacher or a native speaker to practise with.

How can i find native speaker to practice with everyday.

CAn I use "celebrate milestones in life" instead of "celebrate special occations"

Hi, Simon

I have a ielets test on 21 september , this is my second attempt. I am bit nervous in the reading part of ielets ,however more confident in others ,my module is general. Please give me some reading tips specially true,false , not given part of reading.

U can't have it both ways, a?

Dear, Simon
I live in IRAN, so because of situation that my country has I cannot deposit money and I want to buy Ace the IELTS but I can't .

Would you please help me?


Hi Dears,
I participate in IELTS exam, General Training, Today, 10 July 2014. some of Listening answers were as follow:
- 27 Feb.
- Scotland
- Water
- 70
- Park
- Grass
- catering
- Rich Plants
- Transportation or Transport
- a Phone No
- Lock
- Ceremony
- Accounting
- 40%
- beach
- view
- ...

hi simon I have a lot of problems in speaking nd readings. plz help me . I really thankful to u

Hello Simon, I am curious about the "essay correction" you mentioned in your website. Could you please tell me more imformation about it, like how much it will cost for each essay and how soon I can have the feedback?
Thank you.

Hello Simon,

How can I understand whether I am ready for IELTS exam or not? I am quite confused about it. I want to improve my fluency in speaking English much better. how can I achieve it in short time?

Thank you.

What kind of parties are more popular in your countiry

Sorry sir, could you tell me the meaning of let off some steam i tried to find out but i didn't find exactly

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