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November 05, 2011


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thanks simon , really its so helpful ....

Hi Simon,

You are great Simon,

I recieved my result today,

My scores- L-9 R-7 W-8 and unfortunately S-6.5.

I acheived 8 in writing (my last score was 5.5. 2 months ago) ,I attended only two lesson at manchester with you and I followed your website properly.

Do you think shall I go for re-check speaking module? I have achieved two times 7 and one time 7.5 before in speaking module.

I know there is no harm taking this step but I need your suggestion.


Hi Simon,

I sat IELTS today's morning.

Is it really necessary to leave a full line between paragraphs? I just started new paragraph with a red line :(

Sorry for offtop - question about speaking... Is it so important to use Linking Words(such as Moreover, Therefore etc.) and 'difficult tenses' (perfect)?

i took date for ielts exam on dec 10th.am good at reading but i am tensed about writing and speaking.is it possible to score individual band 9 within this 1 mnth?hw i should plan my studies?

Hi Sergey
could you please post some of the exam questios especially those related to writing tasks one and two.


see Recent Exam Questions

Hi TAhir


If you dont mind I would like to contact you through Email and use from your ideas!!

Email: [email protected]

Hi TAhir,

My congratulations! just noticed your message, sorry )))

I'm also very interested in your ideas or maybe style of writing.

If you don't mind, e-mail me: [email protected]

Dear simon
could we use broadcasted to talk about different subjects displayed web pages. For example, information about traveling is broadcasted widely on the internet. or the verb broadcast is unique for TV and radio.

Thanks Sergey for posting the questions

Hi Tahir, could you please tell us what style and strategy do you follow in writting your essays.

I'm sorry, typing mistake : on web pages

Hi Simon,

1-First of all,I am really appreciate for your Ebook,it is the most useful source that I have seen for writing.

2-I have problem in paragraph heading.I didn't know whether or not I should read the whole heading then go through the text for finding main idea?or I should read the shortest paragraph then go through the question and read all of the choice for finding the best answer?

I need your useful suggestion as usual.

Thank you very much

Hi Friends,

I will post in detail later on(may be tomoroow),but in short I have followed Simon's idea.I went through his all writing-1 tasks and task-2 (not superficially).Also,I did attend two Simon's classes in which he explained only about writing modules.
I am an average student(for english subject) and some of you might have better command on english than me.

I will be happy to post about my ideas and strategy.


looking forward to news from you :)

hey simon ,
i had my test today,and it went well,reading and listening was bit difficult then my previous exam but writing topic was quite easy i think it was
after starting school teachers have more influence on chilfren intellectual and social development than parents ,to wat extent do u agree or disagree?
and for speaking cue card i have to describe a situation that made me angry..thank you for explaining this question beforehand,and also there were some question related to mobile phone and wat i like about my city ,emotion and about noise in my city.once again i am heartedly thankfull to you,your website and ebook help me alot.hopefully my score will improve.thanks once again

Dear Simon,
Is it appropriate to talk about Ramadan if we are asked about festivals?
Please advise?
btw Ramadan is a holy month celebrated by Muslims.

Dear Simon ,
Could you please give me ideas about an experience you find adventurous

Please Simon tell me why did u write in ur ebook p11
The media report crime stories in order to increase their audience.
Why didn't we say audiences.
Also what is the meaning of sensational crime.

Hi Simon,
I have just learnt IELTS and I don't know how to learn well. can you show me how to learn to get high score?

Hi Friends,

How I prepared for introduction, I went through all Simon’s inroduction and wrote them on one paper . Basically,you have to remember all introduction by heart that Simon has done in past..

I was asked to discuss both view and give your opinion.
How I wrote my introduction
Look at Simon introduction for one essay,

It is true that some minority languages may disappear in the near future. Although it can be argued that governments could save money by allowing this to happen, I believe that these languages should be protected and preserved.

Now what I wrote in my exam using this introduction

It is true that new technology can enhance environmental damage. Although some people argue that we have to avoid use of this technology in order to prevent environmental damage, I believe that technology should take more steps to decrease environmental damage( I used another word in in place of environmental damage to avoid repetation but cant remember now)

I will post later how I prepared for rest of essay .
To understand Simon’s website easily and effectively , you have to attend Simon’s few lessons.(This is my advise)

hi Sergey,r u from russia?I studied in russia(Smolensk state medical academy).

I hope this helps.

TAHIR (sorry for lenghty explaination Simon)


Yes, I'm from Russia, Samara.
Write me to e-mail(wrote above). I'm always interested in abroad life of countrymen :)

Hi Amran
Could u please give ideas about what u wrote in task 2 which you had.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Tahir,

Wow! What great scores! Yes, why not go for the re-mark for speaking. You might be lucky and get the band 7 that you need. Congratulations again!


Hi Sergey,

You don't have to leave a line. You just need to show clear separations between paragraphs. If they are clear, it's ok.

No, don't worry about linking words or 'difficult tenses' in the speaking test.


Hi Leeniyav,

Scoring band 9 is very difficult - you need an excellent level of English. You just need to keep practising and working hard. Try to follow the daily lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.


Hi Hassan,

Yes, it's ok to use 'broadcast' for the Internet.


Hi Azadeh,

I'm glad you like the ebook.

Both ways are fine. It might help to check the headings quickly first, but I prefer to go straight to the shortest paragraph (to save time) then look for the best heading from the list.


Hi Amran,

Thanks for sharing your questions. Good luck!


Hi Moka,

Yes, it's fine to talk about Ramadan.

An adventurous experience could be a holiday, your first day living in a new town or country, or your first day at university.

You could write 'audience' or 'audiences' - both are fine.

A 'sensational' media story is one that provokes great public interest.


Hi Duong,

You just need to keep practising and working hard. Try to follow the daily lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.


Thanks for sharing your ideas Tahir.

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much! You help a lot

Thanks again!

Hi Tahir,
Simon had examples for the introduction in his e book ,why did you go the whole introductions?

Hi Moka,

The ebook itself doesn't contain full introductions, just ideas that you could use for all parts of your essays.

I think Tahir went through the task 2 lessons here on the website and collected all of the introductions that I've written - that seems like a good idea.

Is it possible to get band 7 if I write 227 words for writing task 2.
Plz let me know.
Thank you.

Kind regards

It's possible, but less likely.

Hi everybody

I have some problems,

1. It took me too long time to complete the essays while practicing (more than 20 minutes in task 1 and >40 min in task 2)
2. Also, I write mostly less than the word limit
3. It is hard to me to bring out some ideas, i got only 1-2 idea for whole essay, while perfect essay will have 2-3 idea per paragraph.

when I did the exam, something I dont know happened and wrote more then 300 words and I finished both tasks.
I got band 5.5 although my practicing essays are minimum 6 (without considering words limit)


hello simon
I did a mistake in listening and reading test
they asked to write in one word but I wrote 2 words eg : radio-station , I have put a line in between two words ..
so will I lose marks ..

Hi Simon,

I just had my IELTS test today. On my writing test, I had so many erasures on my test paper that I am no longer writing in between the lines of my test paper sheet. At first I cannot think of what to write and keep changing my ideas, the result, to many erasures which my writing is no longer in paragraph but kind of messy one. I want to ask for an extra test paper sheet to transfer my letter and essay writing but I am afraid I might make it on time to transfer. Will I get a very low score because of not writing in paragraph? Thanks.

Hi Simon, I just sat for IELTS exam in the morning. I went blank for a moment when the writing task began and I forgot to leave a line space for each new paragraph but I think my new paragraph is noticeable, is that alright?
At the end of exam,I realized that both my essays were underlength, about 130 words and 220 words for task 1 and 2. May I know how examiner usually count the number of words (I have small writing hand)? And also, how many band score will I lose? Thanks

Hi simon,
I took an ielts exam on 28th march and i'm feeling really nervous now.
I didn't do well in the writing exam. I spend too much time on task 1, so i didn't have enough time to finish my task 2 essay. I worried about the cost of this will affect my overall band score :( you always remind us to finish the essay no matter what and i didn't follow it :( could you please tell me if i didn't finish my essay, and it was underllenght , how many score will i lose?
Please answer me. Thank you so much!

I wrote 270 words for task2 and only 100 for task1 so can I expect band7

how does three spelling mistakes affect the writing getting from 7 band

If I will use headings in writing test, in this case i will loose marks or is it acceptable. I have doubt because I have never seen any writing example with headings.

Never use headings in the writing test Siya!

Hi simon
I was afraid to leave blank lines between paragraphs to avoid paper wasting but I used to fill only half of the last line in each paragraph will this decrease my score?

I have the same problems with my ielts today as Anice and Osama. So how did you guys do back in the day? What band did you score in writing? I’m feeling so worried now, I used paragraphs but I forgot to clearly indent or leave a line between them. But the last sentence of each paragraph doesn’t fully fill the line, similar situation as Osama’s. Please greatly appreciated if any of you can give me some responses.

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