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November 01, 2011


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Hi simon,
I want to know that Is it a good idea to write any proverb or any quotation of famous writer or person in the eassy?


No, I don't recommend using proverbs or quotations.

In my opinion, if the government can provide free education to everyone for any level and almost same kind of salary levels for all jobs, it reduces inequality in a high extent.

to Hima!

It is impossible to provide even almost the same salary for everybody, because different employees have different obligations! so employers should take into account it!

i suggest to listen to ted's speechs and outting the english subtittles, to improve the vocabulary; i found this trik very useful

Here is some useful vocabulary I learned from the video:

- Compare societies
- Relative income
- Homicide rates
- Highly significant relations
- Child wellbeing
- Diagnostic interviews
- Socio mobility
- General social dysfunction
- Narrows the gap
- Redistribution of income
- Social hierarchy
- Progressive taxation
- Drives consumerism
- Evaluative judgment
- Psycho-social effects
- More equal societies
- Wellbeing of societies
- Manual occupations

Hope it will help other students.

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