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November 25, 2011


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Hi Simon,

Thanks very much for your working.It is very useful for us.
I wish you and your family have happy Thanksgiving day.

Thanks UT!

Hi Simon,

I have suspect about grammar in sentence that " their friends might see it as a sign of weakness if they show their feelings"Why do we use "as" after "it"? I think that it should be "verb" after it, for example, I may say that "it is a sign of weakness" Is it right?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Patty,

I'm afraid "as" is correct, and your rule about "it" is too limited. We can put all sorts of words after "it" e.g. "I ate it for dinner", "I put it here".

In my sentence "it" comes after the verb, so it's the object, not the subject of the verb.

"see it as a sign of" is quite a common expression in English. Try Googling it to see more examples.

Is "Googling" is new word ^^

hi simon
in part3 of speaking the examiner will ask the questions directly or a written card will be given to student.

Sorry I typed it wrong but can't find out how to delete comment ^^

Hi Khoa,

Yes, it's quite new (I didn't invent it). It's in the dictionary:



Hi Sabah,

There is no card for part 3. The examiner asks you directly.

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for your explanation.I will remember this phrase "see it as a sign of" and use it naturally in part of speaking for other sentences which may relate to the topic.

PS. Thank you also for your bless on my test which is coming soon.I am really impressed of your e-book!! It is very beneficial
for me to prepare.

Hi Simone,
what do you think about my answer for section one;

Do you think it’s good to show your emotions when you’re angry?

"Well, in my point of view showing our feeling while we are angry is absolutely wrong ,since this make us more exaggerated and tension .However we will not be able to control ourselves, therefore more cumulative matters will build up and the situation will become more complicated.
Anger is very bad feeling, nobody can avoid it, which is true! But how many people do that? I believe those who do are the wisest people, and they can get their rights easily."

No problem Patty. I'm glad you like the ebook.


Hi Raya,

Your answer looks fine. I'm not sure what you mean by "get their rights easily" - you need to change the way you explain that.

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your amazing website, it really helped me.

Today I had Speaking exam, and these are the ones that I remember:

1- Did you grow up in a village or a city?
2- What are the advantages for young people in your village?
3- What do you usually do with friends?
4- Do you prefer to go out with your family or with friends?
5- Do you send letters or e-mails?why?
6- Did you ever have any problem with your cellphone?

Cue Card: describe an outdoor activity that you enjoy
where and when you do it
who do you prefer to be with you

1- What was the last time you did your outdoor activity?
2- do you think computer games are good?
3- what are the drawbacks of computer games?
4- how parents can prevent children from these kind of games?
5- do you think schools can do any thing about this issue?
6- what about governments and medias?

I just have one question I think it was generally good but I don't know what happened to me that exactly at the last question I got panic and just said one sentence and then I didn't say any thing, I was thinking and hesitating till the examiner said it's the end of speaking test. I just don't know why, while I Knew what I wanted to say. I want to know how much it effects on my speaking square?

Thanks for sharing your questions Bahare.

Don't worry about your last answer - it's only one question, so it won't really affect your score.

why there are many questions in speaking test 3? Or it is general test?

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