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November 30, 2011


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Hi Simon!
I have a question:

-AFter 3 days eggs will hatch
-After 3 days eggs hatch

Are they both correct?

Thank you a lot!
Your e-book and websites are simply awesome!


People have different views whether we should be concerned about our own communities and other countries when a calamity arises. However, I strongly disagree that we should not try to help everyone and merely worry about our own society.

It is important to help our neighbors and fellow citizens. This way they will be able to recovery quickly from a tragic calamity and also could significantly reduce the number of casualties. Additionally, helping
other nations could bring some benefits: It could create a strong bond between countries and have somebody to rely on when a disaster strikes in one's nation.

I believe that we have an obligation to help those who live beyond our national borders. We live in the same world and everyone experience inevitable calamities annually. Therefore, it is better if every countries should work together and provide aids in order to solve the problems easily. It would be very hard for a country to get back on its own feet after a catastrophe if nobody cares to help.

In conclusion, the world will be a better place to live in if every nations should be willing to provide an assistance to its neighbors.Indeed, we can surpass whatever obstacles and hardships that comes in our way as long as we show and give cooperation to one another.

How's my essay simon? :)

How do you do Simon?

Is it correct to start introduction with question?
For example :

Have you ever thought about helping other countries' people?ٔNot giving them a hand and paying attention to our country have been of primary concern to the society.To some extent I consent to the idea of ....

Hi Simon,

Is it possible for paragraph 2 and 3 to write in different reasons (but in the same view) for describing of disagreement?
For example :

Paragraph 2 : I will describe reason supporting why we should help neighbours because of reason of good relationship which will happen and it may help in trade between country , diplomatic relationship etc.

Paragraph 3 : I will give detail in another reason in aspects of humanities

I am not sure this style of writing is good enough whether or not.I mean that it may not show the improvement of idea,however,I think that it is easier to think in one side of agreement (advantage) or disagreement (advantage)

It is undoubtedly true that one of the most important issues facing our society and the world as a whole is helping other nations that are desperately in need of us. Since, it has a great deal of influence on both providers and recipients. However, I completely disagree with idea that countries concerns should focus only on their community regardless what is happening beyond their boundaries.

Before providing assistance to others, it would be better for each country to ensure that all services and products are available to their citizens at standard level. Take for example, the UK helping other countries and this help might cost the tax buyer a huge amount of money, at the same time, there are many British people who are still homeless or unemployed. Therefore, it would better for the government to allocate this money to improve the situation of their dwellers. Furthermore, poor countries should follow the steps of the industrial countries, instead of depending on them.

Despite of the above argument I completely disagree with the notion that each part of the world should work separately. Because the globe becomes like a small village and any disturbance or needs in remote areas would have an impact on the whole universe. Take for instance, Iraq war which happens in Asia, but its effect on petrol price can be seen in California. Furthermore, helping other nations would make the world better place to live, and therefore the flourish for the whole world.

In conclusion, helping the residents is important in each country; however this is not mutually exclusive with supporting other countries.

Please Simon can you give me even general comment in few ward as my test in near future and I tried to apply what I have learnt from your class in November

Hi Katia,

Yes, both are correct. I'm glad you like the ebook!


Hi Gwapo and Ramadan,

You've both got the right idea. One tip each:
Gwapo - your main paragraphs look a bit too short.
Ramadan - Your introduction is a bit longer than necessary.


Hi Mahtab,

No, don't start with a question. It's not academic style.


Hi Patty,

Yes, if you can think of 2 reasons to support just one of the views, that's fine. If you express the ideas well, you will get a good score.

Some people may argue that we should only be concerned with our immediate surroundings, countries of origin and neighborhoods rather than worrying about the rest of the world. However, I believe that we should also be helping those outside our own countries as will now be explained.
From being a child we are told that helping others is a genuine thing which will not only benefit those in need but also ourselves. The feeling of giving rather than taking brings us joy, satisfaction and sometimes personal fulfillment. In addition, by helping others we improve the standard of living in our communities, cities and finally countries. Moreover, by coming together and showing concern for those less fortunate we get closer to each other as human beings therefore we get the feeling of a strong community ties.
I believe that the same should be done outside our own countries. We should extend our helping hand toward those who cannot make it on their own. To illustrate, many developing countries in Africa do not have enough resources to get by on their own. Without international help much more people would be dying from starvation, malnutrition and diseases. I don’t think it would be morally right to deny such help, especially when it is possible and available.
To conclude, it seems that as long as we help those less advantaged regardless their nationality or place of living we will change the world and make it a little better; it is only when we ignore these issues that indifference will become dangerously common.

Simon, can you complete this essay please? So that I can compare my essay with you writing. tnx

Thanks a lot !!! Simon

awesome writing and website

It is true that we can not help everyone in the world. However it does not necessary means that we are only concern our own community and countries. In this essay, I would list some reasons that we need offer assistance to others.
Firstly, globalization and modern technology make the way of our lives are no longer by ourselves. Things like a country develops agriculture and harvest in the crops, they have more than enough to feed their nation. While other country is more advanced in industry to make machines to save man power but may lack of foods. It is obviously benefit for both to merge their economy together.
On top of that, to help each other is a human nature which creates friendship bond. Everyone will experience a certain time of difficulty in one’s life and to get help to overcome this period is critical important. The bond relationship will assist the provider in future who is in same situation.
On the other way, those who believe we should focus on our communities may have reasons are that it will cost extra money and it bring some negative impacts for themselves as well. For example, UK offer help to Iraq to recover its economy will spend lots of tax payer’s money. While in UK, some citizens may still do not have house to live. The dilemma is who should get help first.
However, I believe the problem is help each other is necessary as a member of the global village. What kind of offer can be discussed? Such as a criminal for robbery need be sent to jail rather than assist whom with money.
In summary, personally we should be ready to offer assistance to those in desperate need of help. But to choose the right way is the most important.

Hi Simon,
I am a new comer. Please give me some ideas.

The world contains countries galore which have many residents. These countries and residents need help in either property or emotion. Therefore, people who have affluent capacity in their live should share their happiness or prosperity to the others as much as possible.

To begin with, the importance of help the populace in homeland cannot be overestimated. In every country, there are reservoirs of people who are destitute and have to work hard or do anything to survive. They have to live in poor conditions or even don not have enough money to buy food. These people need to be assisted from philanthropists, benefactors. The deeds which help local people can be an effective way to alleviate suffering. Further to this, these deeds can help the country to mitigate its budget burden. Thanks to this help, government can spend more money into constructing and developing the hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure which aims to promote economic growth and poverty reduction.

In the other hand, many people are of the same opinion that assistance for people who live beyond the nation’ border is also very important. This is a sine qua non for tightening the international solidarity and bridging the gap between developing countries and rich countries. In fact, when a certain nation faces the catastrophe, people worldwide are always willing to help them to surmount this difficulty. Furthermore, poor countries need technical assistances from the developed countries. Such helps ought to bring poor countries benefits galore in economics, education or infrastructure.

In conclusion, affluent people should share their assets to everyone in their capability. Although local residents should be the first priority, international friends should not be neglected.

I'd appreciate very much if you give me feedback

It is undeniable that over the past few decades wealth gap between countries has been one of the leading issues. Consequently, the question whether rich countries should help every poor country or not has been controversial. To curtain extent I agree with the statement that we can not help every country, but I also believe that as a human kind we must try to give aid to every poor.
On the one hand, it can be argued that every country and their government must be responsible for their own citizens and neighborhood for certain reasons. First, even in the developed countries there is vast amount of people who live in the state of poverty, people who are still homeless and number of unemployed citizens are high as well. Considering these reasons every county must alleviate poverty in their own nation, making high standard of living. Secondly, poor countries also should try to imitate the success of developed countries, instead of being dependent on other counties all the time.
On the other hand, people also tend to believe that even if county`s economical state is not very high, it our obligation to help other nations in order to maintain good relationship bounds. For instance, my country Kazakhstan is developing county, moreover there are large number of people who are jobless, ill etc. However, we always try to give financial or other types of aids to neighborhood countries such as Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan. Additional reason to help nations beyond our boundary would be that life never the same,despite our country`s economical state is good now, we never now will happen in the future. As a unique human being countries must help others.
In conclusion, it seems to me that if countries had no mercy to each other there would be a war all around. Furthermore, Earth would not be the safe place to live.

Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing your essays. I'm afraid I don't give essay correction or feedback, but I'll post my full essay next Wednesday so that you can compare yours with mine.

Dear Simon,

I have been following your site since I found it accidentally 2 weeks ago. I would like to thank you for your wonderful work in helping many ppl, including me. I had my exam on today in Australia.

The writing task 2 question was:
Today, food often travels a long distance from farm to consumer.

1. What are the causes?
2. Is it a positive or negative trend?

Speaking test:
part 2
talk about a shop you like
- where
- what does it sell
- how do you know about it

explain why do you like it

part 3 was mainly about online shopping and shopping
- difference between female's and male's attitude in shopping
- benefits of online shopping
- etc

I cannot remember the rest of it now.

I don't think there is a "middle" opinion for this question.

Hello Simon,

Well, rich countries can afford to help, although not every individual on the planet who needs help, while poor countries cannot.

Hi Simon,

The concept of social solidarity is fundamental to every healthy community. It is highly humanitarian and promotes the strength of a country. I believe, however, that people's help to each other should not be confined to the boarders of one's country but should be universal.
No one can deny the importance of helping our fellow citizens as much as possible. It does not only serve in making the life of the needy better but establishes a sort of social justice. For instance, poor families can be supported with money and food on monthly basis by those who make regular salaries. People should also make donations to charity organizations, which make sure that the right families receive equal donations. In this way, those in need of help would not feel abandoned and rather become active citizens.
At the same time, people need to broaden their horizons and devote themselves in times of catastrophes to help other nations. It is gravely unjust that the children of Africa, for example, should be condemned to a life of poverty and famine only because they are destined to be born in a poor continent. Thus, it is obligatory for us as human beings to help the poorer countries and their peoples financially which evokes a sense of hope in them. Also, it is out of question the role of aid through international organizations in during crises such as wars and natural disasters.
In conclusion, although people might argue that it is more logical and possible to help the people within our communities, I do believe that it is equally necessary to help them everywhere.

excuse the separate posts, but I always worry about the level of my writing! Please Simon tell me what you think about my essay and what should I do to improve my writings..
your site is the best.. Thank you so much in advance.

Hi christina
I tried to spot out some mistakes or words that can be written in another way to strengthen the meaning and the flow of the writing.
1- If you omit "the concept of"
2- "a" instead of "every"
3- you wrote however and but in the same sentence, besides the however sentence is not a contradiction to the past sentence. So if we omit it maybe better.
4- boarders = borders
5- needy is an adjective and I'm not sure if it is correct to use it without a noun
6- make regular salaries= get reg. ..
7- equal donations= equal portions
8- "broaden their horizons" I guess that it is not the best phrase in the context.
9- "They are destined to be born" I'm not sure if this is correct; maybe "because their destiny is that ...
10- I think the thus sentence is too long. You could cut it at financially and then began a new small sentence (this... or consequently...)
11- in during=during
12- In the conclusion you mentioned that people argue .... but this is opinion essay so might it better to write what Mr Simon taught us about opinion conclusions.
Overall, your essay will definitely score 7 or above.
I'm sorry for the long writing, and don't take my english ideas as personal. I believe that one can improve his english language by this type of discussion. I'm waiting your ideas to tell me where I'm wrong in my suggestions.

Hi Agnes,

Thanks for sharing your questions. I'm glad my lessons helped, and I hope you get the scores you need. Good luck!


Hi Bassel,

What I mean by "middle opinion" is that you can't "partly agree" with the statement because it says "we should ONLY be concerned..." Either you agree that we should ONLY be concerned..., or you disagree.


Hi Christina,

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction, feedback or scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays. You seem to have the right idea though.

Hi Simon,

As I see it; generally speaking, people from rich countries would probably disagree, while those from poor ones would agree.

Hello Simon
I understood from your answer to Bassel that with these types of questions we can't use agree to a certain extend and then discuss both sides. Please could you explain for us more about situations where it is wrong to discuss both sides in opinion essays.I mean, I previously thought that opinion essays give us wide variety of options to choose from. Such as partly/ completely agree,disagree and so one can write about the easiest ideas.
Thank you

Hi Simon,

The world is wide when each person of us is so small, therefore be helpful with everyone in the world is nearly impossible. So, have the opinions that we only need to worry for our communities and countries, I firmly believe in the internet times it should to help everyone in the world if you can.

I agree that it is importance to help our neighbors and fellow citizens because those people normally have closer relation with us. The neighbors who live next to us, therefore whenever we find out their problems then we never can witness that without help. By far, our fellow citizens not only have the same cultures with us, but also have the same country need to be building up. So, overall if we help those people have a better life then similarly we have helped for our national pride. On the other hand, to narrow our mind on our national pride will arise many negatives problem and may be lost many changes that can provide many helps for people who need it.

At the same time, I believe that we have an obligation to help those who live beyond our national borders. The development of internet and other communication equipments are daily shorten the distance of people in our planet. One people live on this side of earth can immediately know what happen with people on the other side. Furthermore, common language is English also provide a lot of changes for people all over the world, which help them more understand the information from other then contact easily to share and consult for the problem. Beside that, the development of many software and networks like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter…are contributed many tools for people in the world to contact and help people from other areas of the world.

In conclusion, comparison the advantage and disadvantage I strongly believe open our mind by spreading our capability to help other all over the world will really value to building for our green planet.

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much for the reply...

Hi Hassan, nothing personal of course..
Thanks for the tips, boarders is a mistake I should be careful about.. didn't notice it..
-I used donations which is very much the same in meaning as portions, so I guess there is no real difference.
- If you use (the) before an adjective, it would make it as forming a group of people as in (the poor). What I meant here is those who are in need.
- I'm not sure about which is preferred the passive or active voice.. if you have an idea please share, so we could all know.
-Argue is in the sense of holding an opinion and expressing it... They do argue for their different opinions not me. I stated my opinion in the use of (I believe) (a word for opinion).
Again thank you so much for the ideas... are you a teacher? I'm glad you think my essay is worth band 7 as it is required by some universities apart from the overall score...

Hi Simon,

If I write my introduction like this:
"I believe people from developed countries should send foreign aids to developing countries, while those living in the latter could be excused for donating only to their fellow countrymen", am I not then staking out a middle ground?

Hi Hassan,

In fact, Bassel seems to have found a 'middle point' - see his comment above this one.

Good thinking Bassel! Yes, that would be the middle ground.

Hi Phung,

I'm afraid I don't give essay correction, but you can compare your essay with mine tomorrow.

Hi Christina
No I'm not a teacher but an IELTS candidate struggling with the Writing section.
Kathy's and your essays are good examples of witting. They are direct to the point and illustrate two views, each in separate paragraph with topic sentences. Besides, short guiding introduction and clear conclusion. Overall, good style and wide range of vocabs. So definetely these types of essays will score high.
Thanks for the explanations, I meant is it the "destine" verb that you used. Could we use it correctly in this context: because they are destined to be born in a poor continent. Is it giving the same meaning as their destiny.I mean if it is in the passive then by whom they are destined.
Best regards

Hi Simon
I have question for task2 writing " if they say me agree or disagree"
Can I show both view and give opinion

Bye simon

Hi Attou,

Have a look at this lesson:


hi simon,

im from malaysia and i do take my ielts exam on the last 16jun 2012 and the result is very frustrating me because im not reach the requirement of my university for my further studies at UK on this september.

im working now and cannot go to class for my preparation and i needs to learn by my self by answering the question in internet. i only got 5.5 overall score and in writing only 5. can i post my writing in your blog with hope you will spot my weaknees so i can improve my writing indeed.

im sorry for my broken english and really hope you can help me before my second exam by this 21july 2012..

thank you very much

best regards

Hi Mun,

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

Keep following the lessons - I'm sure they will help you to improve.

Hi simon,

I am a new IELTs student and i am having a little bit problem with my writing skill(especially writing task 2). In the writing task 2 i read carefully the statements and i understand everything what they want to say. On the other hand i also know the most of rules which we should to follow during the writing tasks. I means i know most of rules about writing. But when i read the statements i can not planing how to write the essay, i do not know where i have to start to write firstly and i can not planning this statement in my own language. I sad ok i firstly i have to prepare plan in my own language but i can not do it. I think you understood what is my problem. I can not planning the writing essay not only in English, even i can't do it in my native language. What is your advice for me to solve this problem or how i can improve my skill in given resons

hi simon,
this is grace my examination will be on august 20 and i am having a hard time answering the task question given to me can you give me example for this.if you had the resources to help international community or local community,which will you help?

What about option that countries should be worried about themselves, but in case of war or natural disaster they should help others?

can i have some reading tips ? i am feeling that its going to be the one that is going to make my result unacceptable. please help me eith it

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