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December 10, 2011


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Hello, Simon.

I loooove your website:) Thank you so much! It's very helpful, however, as you point out, I need someone to help me. As I am in Japan, the hardest part is finding the person to check my work. But what can I do?......... My English has been falling like bungee jumping since I am back from the UK! Actually, at the moment, I only need writing score to achieve 7 as other parts are already 7 or above. I don't need to mark all 7 in single sitting of IELTS for the requirement. So I have been trying to focus on writing. Do you possibly have a plan to mark writings in the near future?.....

But this exercise is very good indeed. Thank you.


Simon, I've trying to learn everthing here on your website but it seems I'm still struggling. Could you recommend somebody who can teach me online speaking please. I keep putting off my test date because I'm afraid that I'm not be able to pass my speaking test. What do you recommend to improve my speaking to get at least 7, sir Simon?

you recommend us that we should 'get some face-to-face help', but I'm wondering if I can ask my colleague or my teacher to help me.
I'm looking forward to your reply
thanks a lot, sir.

Hello Simon! Your website is really useful for me. My problems is vocabulary :(. Can you give for me some advice? thank you so much. have a nice weeak.

Hi Noriko,

One of my colleagues does a really good essay correction service. Email me (ieltssimon@gmail.com) if you would like his contact details.

I'm glad you love the site!


Hi Gwapo,

Yes, you are probably at the stage where you need to practise with someone. Try to find a private teacher in your local area. It doesn't need to be an IELTS specialist - you just need a teacher or native speaker to practise with. I'm afraid I don't know anyone who does speaking lessons online.


Hi Huong,

Yes, ask your colleague or teacher - any help is good!


Hi Zukini,

I'm glad you like the site. The best way to improve your vocabulary is by reading a lot. Have a look at the advice in this lesson:


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