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December 03, 2011


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I like "the figure for".

hi simon,
many researches suggest that overeating some foods can cause health problems like cigerattes use. its advertisements should be banned as for cigerattes in some nations?

to what extend do you agree or disagree

for this question,i disagreed

also i included these points in my body paragraph like diabetes is not as fatal as lung carcinoma and comparison between junk foods and cigerattes is unfair,in between other disagreeing ones.

will these mentioned points backfire ?


Hi Simon,

Can we use word "the figures for"?

hi simon,

sorry,it was obesity in place of diabetes...

Dear Simon,
It means that we can use only "the proportion of" and "the figure for" to describe pie charts or bar charts in which the data are measured in percentages, doesn't it? Can we use "the amount of" to describe percentages?
Thank u so much

Hi Rajeesh,

Your ideas seem fine to me.


Hi Patty,

Yes, use "figures" to talk about more than one.


Hi Quynh,

Yes, just use "the proportion/percentage of" and "the figure for" to describe percentages. Don't use 'amount'.

hi simon,

thank u very much..

this site really helps.;

hi simon

can we replace those words with quantity?

Hi Mehran,

I don't usually use 'quantity' for task 1 essays. However, it can often replace 'number' or 'amount'.


Thanks for posting this one, it helps me a lot! Keep your posts coming, I'd really love to read you sample essays and set my samples to it. TheIELTSSolution.com

Thank you.

Hi Simon,
what about the usage of "Rate"???

Hi Dung,

RATE = a measure, quantity, or frequency, typically one measured against some other quantity or measure e.g. the crime rate rose by 26 percent.

My advice is to use 'rate' only for a few specific things e.g. crime rate, unemployment rate, divorce rate.

Try Googling it to find some more specific uses.

okje, I got it, thanks so much!!!


Do I use "its" properly in this sentence?

Between 1982 and 1997 saw a rapid growth in the number of Indonesian students in Australia before "its" peak of roughly 25,000 in 1998.

"Its" is intended to refer to the number of Indonesian students in Australia.

Hi Simon,
When we are stating data, is it possible to use 'rate' in any situation? Or should we use it just with percentages?

Thank you.

Hi Simon, Can we say " the figure of 16% in England was higher than the figure for other countries"

Hi Tung - my countryman,
It's better: The figure of 16% in England was higher than those in other countries.
'Those' replaces 'the figures of 16%'

Dear Simon,

Is it correct if I write: "The number of A and B is 1 and 2"? Can we use "the number of" for several things listed?

Thanks very much.

Kind regards,

Louis Ho

Hi Simon,
Can we you "the Figure of" in any case?
the figure for volunteers in educational org = the figure of educational org.

Thank you so much.

Hi Simon,
Can you tell me that after the phrase "the figure for ..." I should use plural verb or singular verb??

Thank you so much!!

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