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December 02, 2011


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Dear simaon,
Your web site is really helpful.
Thank you for your great lessons

Hi Simon,
I going to sit in exam tomorrow...i am desperate to get 7 in each module in academic.i tried before and got 8.5 in listening,8 in reading but 6.5 in writing and speaking.....I hope i will achieve 7 this time.
Thanks for your help...

No problem Behrang.


Good luck tomorrow Mandeep!

Hi, Simon!

I have a question.
When I have to talk about film, Could I talk about an animation such as Arthur Christmas?

Thank you so much! ^^

Just to share with everyone about one of my favorite movies. Hope you like it.


Today I'd like to talk about Armageddon, which is one of my favorite movies of all times.

This is an American disaster film released in 1998 and it starred famous Hollywood actors Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. Even though this movie had mixed reviews from critics, I really liked its story line and it became, in fact, the highest-grossing film of that year. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armageddon_(1998_film))

Armageddon tells the story of a possible scenario in the future, which is the approach of a large asteroid to Earth and that could end all living organisms in the planet, including human beings. In the movie, NASA discovers such asteroid and sends a group of oil drillers to the asteroid with the intention of destroying it by setting a nuclear bomb in the heart of the asteroid. This was evidently a mission to save mankind, and they ended up having success after many struggles and sacrifices.

I first saw this film with my friends at the movie theater right after it was released. I really lost count of how many times I've watched it afterwards, but the truth is that I've memorized almost the entire script! I like this movie very much because it has a combination of reality, humor, romance, and suspense. Every time when I watch it, I feel that the world is so wonderful that we should all enjoy it as much as we can, or as long as we are allowed to.

All in all, although this is an old movie, it was a great success in the film industry and I would recommend it to all of my friends.

Dear Simon,
Thank you sooooo much ,I got my result today and I achieved what I wanted .I needed overall7 and not less than 6.5 in each section.
I got Listening 8.5
Soeaking 7
I really want to thank you for alllll your help,your wonderful website and your sincere dedication.I bought your ebook very helpful,topic 2 was already answered by you.....I actually took a course in Worcester but it was useless in the reading and the speaking.Your strategy in the writing is perfect,I know I should have got better but anyway Iwas verrrry tense n I got what I need .Thanks again

Hi Simon!

When taking speaking test part 2, I always feel nervous. I frequently look my main points and don't have eyes contact with interviews. Is it problem?

Hi Simon, I've got a question.
Im wondering how many questions i should answer to get 6 in listening part. Because there are different grading charts. Some believe you should answer 23 Qs and others believe you should give 26 right answers to get 6.
Thank u so much.

Hi Simon,
I was sad because I felt failed today's IELTS TEST in reading. I definitely need your help

Mandeep ,i have the same pblm that u face,..i got my result yesterday.,.6.5 for speaking and writing ...like u ,i need 7 band in each module...i have been trying to achieve a 7 band for these difcult modules for the last one year...

Hi Simon,
I'm a little bit confused about the question " Do you like taking photos?". Does that question mean "Do you like taking photos of other subjects, say, other people, flowers,etc." or " Do you like having a picture taken by others" ?

Actually, I like taking photos of my friends, because I think it's funny to record their expressions when they make faces. And I am also fond of taking photos of something beautiful, say, flowers. But I don't like to have my pictures taken, because I'm not photogenic.

How do I answer that question clearly in the IELTS speaking test?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks a lot!

Hi Simon,
another question, how to say "Elizabeth I", is it "Elizabeth one", or "Elizabeth the first"? Perhaps I need to use it to describe a historical film.

Hi Yuna,

Yes, an animated film is fine.


Thanks Martin. I'm sure students will find it really useful to read your description.


Hi Moka,

That's great news! You definitely worked hard and deserve your excellent scores. Well done!


Hi Nguyen,

Read this lesson about eye contact:



Hi Serdar,

I think you need 23. Read this lesson:



Hi Daniel,

Don't give up! Keep following the lessons and practising using the Cambridge books. You won't improve your score in just a week or two - it takes time to improve your language skills, but you will get there if you keep working hard.


Hi Jobs,

You're nearly there, so keep trying. Suddenly you will get your 7, and the effort will pay off.


Hi Jennifer,

It means "Do you like taking photos of other subjects, say, other people, flowers etc." - so your answer is fine.

We say "Elizabeth the first".

Thank you very much for your reply,Simon!

Preparing for Writing: Become familiar with your grammar and other writing mistakes so you know what to look out for when checking.

Dear Simon,

I have just got my Ielts score and I would like to show my deep gratitude for you to help me achieve my desired score.

I knew your website one month prior to Ielts test date and I spent my all time practicing on your website. As a result, I got 7.5 (R:8, L: 8, W:7, S: 6.5).

Thanks you very much.

hi Simon,
i have been following your advises and techniques and they are proving to be very helpful..i think you are doing a great job and i really appreciate you for that.
can u please give me outline of this topic that was asked in second part of speaking test.

Describe an outdoor activity that you enjoy. Please say

- What activity is it?
- Where and when do you do it?
- Whom do you prefer to do it with?

Plz Simon
I want more describe for part 2
1)Like song of music you like
2)Place you want to visits
3)person in your family is healthy and why.
Plz Simon help me
Good bye

Hi Sunil,

Good advice! Learn what your weaknesses are, and try not to make the same mistakes!


Hi Yen Le,

That's great news! Well done, I'm glad the website helped.


Hi Aneela,

Just choose an outdoor sport or hobby that you like doing. It could be anything from 'walking in the countryside' to 'sunbathing' to 'having a picnic'. If you choose something that is true (you really do like it), it will be easier to describe.


Hi Attou,

Have a look at this lesson for some advice about describing a song:


For the 'place' question, you could use my description of London:


For the 'healthy person' question, just say that your brother or sister is healthy because he/she eats well and does a lot of sport.

Thank you too much, in a fact I am explicit you are the best teacher and person help people.

I want only skill how can I do well in speaking part 2 because sometimes the examiner asked me question i dont have idea too much .....like describe person healthy in your family or piece of music you love it and why...... In a fact I don't listen to do music...... Can I say that and explain to him why I don't like music...

Thank you Simon

Thanks Attou,

I think it will be a problem if you say that you don't listen to music because you won't be able to speak for 2 minutes.

Maybe you could say that you like the music in a particular film - then you could talk more about the film, and say that the music is important because it adds to the atmosphere, tension etc. For example, films like "Jaws" (about the shark) or "Superman" have very famous music.

Hi Simon,
Could you please answer this question: Is it OK to describe a sitcom / a TV series?

Hi Risa,

No, I'm afraid that's not really answering the question. A series is not the same as a film. Maybe you could pretend that your favourite series is a film instead.

Is it advisable to avoid name of film in vernacular language?
If i am being asked about my favorite movie , then do i need to speak about an English movie compulsorily?

Hi Harsh,

You can talk about a film in any language.


Hi Simon,
I am Sachin.I have given IELTS General Training on may 2013.I got 6 overall it includes Reading 6.5, Writing 6, Speaking 5.5,Listening 5, I want to improve it upto 7 in each please suggest me the tips how can i achieve this goals.
I shall be much thankul to you.

I am Juana. I have my IELTS GT on Sep 2013. I got 6 overall and it includes Reading 5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 5.5, Listening6.5. I want to improve it to 7 in each. Please guide me to achieve my target score.

hi simon.
I am going to take an exam 21st of December.itnis my first time .The problem is that i am not self-confident.(((((please motivate me

in speaking,can we use hand gestures?is it good?

hi simon
i have little confusion in speaking test how could we explain cue card

hi simon
i am going to take an exam on the 25th of april. it is my first time / i am not native speaker . i have problems with speaking. especially in part 3. what should i do? i have only 3 weeks left

i am gonna describe the film called 'the professional'.can i say 'i suppose this film's plot is more an excuse for stylish gunfights to take place amongst all the character development.'is that sounds natural?

and i also want to ask is that ok to use any slang like wicked in the speech?

Hi simon
Please answer this cue card
The film you saw in future...

Hi simon
please help me i want to achieve 6.5 band

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