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December 09, 2011


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Hi Simon ,
i would like to share some of the questions from my ielts speaking test , i got 8.5 in speaking but unfortunately in writing i scored 6.5 , i need 7 so i am preparing again !
speaking part 1 :
Why do you like the place where you live?
Why do you like your house?
Would you like to change anything in your house ?
which room is your favourite?why?
(then the topic changed to birds)
Do people of your country like birds?
What kind of birds are there in your country?
why birds are important?
there were few other questions about birds which i dont remember.(i was thinking at that time that i should have watched national geographic channel !)
speaking part 2:
Describe a favourite story character from your childhood? (i described cinderella)
Why do you like this character?
speaking part 3:
why do adults admire fiction characters?
do people like negative or positive fiction characters in your country? why?
do people like fiction stories ?
there were few more questions about fiction movies/stories/characters , but all related to adults not children !
i hope this will help other students !

Is it a good idea to give an example from our own life in speaking .For example,
Why do you think some school teachers use competitions as class activities?
As my son goes to school and can I give reference of his response to competition.

Hi Simon,
There are many interesting questions in the comment area of lesson,

IELTS Writing Task 2: 'help' essay

Waiting for your answers and advice.I'm looking forward to learn more.

Thanks and Regards.

Thanks NG!


Hi Jawairia,

Yes, giving personal examples is one of the best ways to answer speaking questions.

I've answered those comments now.

hi everyone

I sat for IELTS two times...I followed only one book for my speaking ..I scored 8(1st time) and 7 (2nd time)...Infact,fortunately I got common part 2 topics on both times from this book ..book name: IELTS speaking 2007, Matt Clark

Hi, how did you buy this book? i couldn't find it to buy until now, i just use it as e book from some websites

Hi Zillur,

I haven't used that book. I'll check it out.

Hi, simon, Thanks for your useful blog!
I saw a recent exam questions(speaking part)"Give examples women's role and responsibilities in different societies"
-' in different societies 'means 'different countries?' so should I say example of different countries? I cannaot say about my countries? Could you give some ideas about this questions? I have limited ideas like 'bring up children, working outside. Thanks.

Hi Fosterthepeople

The book has been published from China
please search the book in the Internet intensively.I guess you should get that from the net, otherwise let me know.

Hi Kyung,

Yes, it really means 'different countries', but your country CAN be included as one of them.

Your ideas are fine. In some countries, it's more common for women to stay at home looking after their children, housework etc. In other countries, more women work, earn a salary etc. Explain the situation in your country as an example - maybe you could even describe the roles of some of the women you know (family members, friends).

hi Zillur Rahman
you know, i downloaded this book from internet, and now it was in my laptop. it's easy to understand but a lot of chinese language in book. would you want me to share it?

chinese language will not interrupt you to learn.....so dnt worry about that...it's really fantastic book to the view of mine...it gave me confidence during my exam...still if you feel prob then send me your book to my email: [email protected], I will check and give u some feedback.thanks

Thank you so much!simon

hi: [email protected]
sent it to ur email

hi Simon,
thanks for the fabulous e- book ,hopfully I can absorb all the ideas and put it into practice.

No problem Sahar!

1. Why do you think some school teachers use competitions as class activities? I think competitions are used to motivate students to participate to class discussions. If the method of teaching is not stimulating, students are likely to lose their interest in the subject. Therefore, revolutionalizing way of teaching by competitions will greatly help students to learn better at school.

2. Is it a good thing to give prizes to children who do well at school? Why? I believe providing prizes is one of the effective ways to encourage students to do well at school. Children love winning things. So, make learning a fun experience for kids. When I was little, I remember my classmates and I loved to raise our hands to answer every question our teacher ask us whenever there are prizes involved. In my own experience it is compelling.

3. Would you say that schools for young children have become more or less competitive since you were that age? Why? I'd say it has become more competitive. One reason is that there are more students than during my time. Also, almost everybody has access to the internet. It is easy now to do research and it is also affordable. So, everyone has become knowledgeable about the subject. This leads to competitions among students to study harder if they are aiming to be in the academic honor's lists.

Hi Simon;

Is it good idea to give an example while discussing on speaking part3.
For example for question 2.
I would like to answer like;
Its good idea to motivate them by giving prize or prizes. The teacher can increase percentage of achievement by prizes also. For instance,I remember that when I was o on primary school He was motivating us by prizes.

That can be useful?
Thanks a Lot...

Hi Michael,

Yes, that's a good way to answer.

discuss competition on early age ,in schools, international competitions, psychology of competition

Thx for examples that's gd way to ans

Esau writing task 1&2 help

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