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December 17, 2011


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I have studied Collins Dictionary for Idioms. But you are right to have a point of using Linking Words. Thats another important indeed.

Hello Simon!!!

Please help me!

Yesterday I had an exam (IELTS). In writing section I had opinion essay.
So my question is is it obligatory to discuss both views and in conclusion to write your own view? In my case I wrote only about advantages and nothing about disadvantages.
How examinators assess such kind of essay? Is it rude mistake and what about point which they can give?

Thank you!

Hi Leyla,

If the question said "To what extent do you agree or disagree?" you didn't make a mistake. This kind of question isn't asking you to discuss both sides.

If the question said "Discuss both views and give your opinion" you needed to discuss both sides.

hi simon
i have to give ielts in feb end and i want 6.5 band score.what r the key factors which i must consider while preparation.my
grammar is not so good.what should i do for this

Hi Sidra,

There are so many factors, but if grammar is a problem it would be a good idea to work on that. Try to find someone who can check and correct your work, and then you need to learn from your mistakes.

Good luck!

what type of people do teaching profession? how did you know about the job?

Hi Simon.recently,I have checked your website,and I am really excited about the quality of your information regarding IELTS. But I have faced a difficulty in the arrangement of topics. Although it is categorized, I can't follow it in order like a course or text book style( 1- 2- 3-.. with titles). I hope you classify your topics apart from the comments.

Finally I have a question about the Opinion statement -arching- it is better to use I agree ,rather than it is agreed that??

Hi Simon,

In you reading and listening practice, how can I check my score? or where can I get the correct answers.

the question was:6/ 4/2013
much emphasis is being given on academic study. some people think that vocational training should be encouraged because there is not enough applicants as an electrician, plumber etc.
to what extent do you agree?

How can we brain storm this question please

Thanks Simon.
You have been helping millions of students through this website ,I personally appreciate it a lot .Keep doing this wonderful job . God bless you !!!Have a happy life.

I said the examiner to change my cue card,it's a bad impression?

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