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December 28, 2011


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Wow! only four sentences! first one, topic sentence, nextt two, suproting the topic (reasons) and last one paraphrase of the first sentence but detailed and suprot the previous arguments, much like concluding.

Hi Simon
I liek your essay writing very much your world are clearly explan,well organized and easy to read.I hope that one day I can write like you.Forturnately, I'm going to buy your ebook soon:)
Waiting to other students to answers your questions from above.

There are several benefits of nuclear energy. Firstly, nuclear power is a relatively sustainable source of energy. In addition it may be alternative to finite sources such as gas, oil and coal which are predicted to last for next couple of decades only with current rate of use. Secondly, nuclear power is cleaner compared to fossil power, and could help to curb the green house effect caused by the carbon emission. As a result many countries are considering the nuclear power as a solution to meet the growing energy demand and tackle the issues associated with fossil fuel such as high price and environment pollution.

Hi Simon,
I really enjoy reading and analyzing your essays. They are very easy to read. And here is my rewritten paragraph:
There are several advantages of using nuclear power. To start with, it is an eternal source of energy and does not require to consume those which are finite, such as coal and oil. Secondly, nuclear power stations do not emit carbon dioxide or any other particles which can cause environmental problems. Finally, nowadays nuclear energy seems to be the only option which can meet increasing electricity demands.

Nuclear power has many benefits. First of all, we can use of nuclear power to create more much energy without wasting of sustainable resources like coal, oil or gas. Next, however nuclear power is more dangerous than the other sources of energy but it is cleaner than the others, so it can reduce air pollution and global warming.
To sum up, governments are worried about use of nuclear power as a Nuclear Weapon while it can be used for decreasing of contaminates.

Hi again Simon
I have a question according to thise sentence "Firstly, nuclear power is a relatively sustainable energy source" What part of speech of "relatively"? I checked on the dictionary it is an adverb but in thise sentence it looks like an adjective.
Thank in advance.

Good work guys. I'm glad you found the paragraph useful.


Hi Thip,

"Relatively" is an adverb because it modifies the adjective "sustainable". It's like saying "quite sustainable".

there are many benefits of nuclear energy. Most importantly, it is relatively sustainable source of energy as it does not consume the natural fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil. Another significant benefit of this source of energy is that, it is more cleaner in comparison to the fossil fuel source. As it does not contibute carbon emission during the process of generating energy, incresing green house effect due to global warming can be minimised. Therefore world is shifting towards the nuclear energy source to overcome the reducing source of fossil fuel energy.

On the other hand, drawbacks of nuclear energy cannot be ignored. firstly, safety of nuclear energy source is a big question. For example, recent damage to nuclear station by tsunami in japan was a big threat to the whole world. It produces radioactive waste which is harmful to human health. As a result, nobody wants to live near its power station. Secondly, disposing the radioactive material is big problem as there is always risk that terrorists may steal it to use as the weapon of mass destruction.

Using of nuclear energy has plenty of benefits. Firstly, it is relatively sustainable compared to frequently used energies as coal, oil and gas. In addition, it causes less carbon emissions and therefore reduce the risks of global warming. Recently, governements often use nuclear energy in order to provide big energy demands especially by high-polluted cities

Good work!

Hi Simon,

One of advantages of building more nuclear power stations is "it not only decrease the wasting of fossil fuels, but also more importantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions causing environmental pollution which is the serious ongoing problem around the world"

Could you give me your comment about my sentence?
Thank you very much.

The 'negatives of nuclear power' in the environment:

There is some negative impact of nuclear power plants on the environment during their operational phase. One adverse effect is the constant emission of low levels of radiation into the environment. Another is that of the cooling water needed to prevent overheating. This water is returned to the ocean or river at a significantly higher temperature, which damages the ecology and fishing in the surrounding habitat. Still there is the issue of potential leakage from the storage
casks, after the radioactive waste is burried. As a consequence, these harmful effects ought to be considered when weighing up the merit of nuclear energy.

Hi Simon.

I am strugling to keep the introduction and concusion short, especially for the problem and solution essay.

Here is the exple of such essay from cambridge IELTS 8. I would apreciate it if you can help please.

In some countries the average weight of the people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.
What do you think are the causes of these problem and what measures could be taken to solve the problem?

My introdutio:

Many nations are facing health problems such as weight gain, reduced health and fitness level among the citizens of those nationas. THIS ESSAY WILL DISCUSS the reasons and solutions for this issues related to the public health.


In conclusion, there are various reasons for the increased weight and loss of health and fitness and several steps can be taken to improve the public health in these areas.
does this sound alright? can this be improved?
Is it acceptable to use the capitalised words?

hi, is "hold water" a good phrase in ielts essay? for instance: From my point of view, however, the argument does not hold water. (if i use this phrase, can i have a balanced opinion?)

Hi UT,

You need to write 'decreases' and 'reduces' (third person after 'it').


Good ideas Bassel.


Hi Kai,

Perfect - that's a good way to write the introduction and conclusion for that type of essay.


Hi Bart,

I wouldn't use that phrase in the writing test - it's fine for speaking, but it's not the right 'academic' style for writing. It's a bit of a cliche (see this lesson for more information about cliches: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2011/11/ielts-advice-avoid-proverbs-and-clichés.html)

Thank you very much. I benefit a lot from what you have told me.

Please grade my writing,

Last twenty years power consumption of the world has increased dramatically. Form our cloth to space station using electricity as energy. Without nuclear power world will not be able to meet their energy needs for next century.
Form the positive side nuclear technology brings us many benefits. first of all, most import aspect as per my point of view is environment. To produce electricity in traditional way we need to burn tons of coal or thousand of letters diesel fuel per day. As a byproduct, it produced greenhouse gases and some other toxis gases that harmful for the environment and lives. Due to that, global temperature has reached it almost peak point. Moreover, instant of fossil fuel burning some countries using hydropower as energy. To build a hydro power plant we need to change our natural beauties. Construction big dam’s tunnels have already vanished some of our natural rivers, waterfalls. Second of all, other energy source are limited. Gases, fossil fuel, we got only in countable numbers. Even hydropower plant needs some natural requirements to build. However, nuclear power is limitless 100g uranium can provide power for whole world.
Form other side, nuclear power could be dangerous in event of radiation leak. It need more advance technology and technician to build and maintain. Only few countries in the world have reached that level. Next main disadvantage is nuclear waste; still we do not have clear methods to destroy them.
In conclusion, I believe that nuclear power is the only way to fulfill the next century power requirement in environment friendly manner. Countries that already have nuclear technology should help to other countries to build the nuclear power plant in safer way.

Hi Chaminda,

I'm happy to answer quick questions, but I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

If you would like some essays corrected, one of my colleagues does that, but it's not free:


Hi Simon,

Could you please tell me why did you use building instead of build. Considering that after "to" we have to use bare verb.

many thanks

Hi Milad,

People often ask that question. Unfortunately, that grammar rule (to + infinitive) is not always true. There are several cases of "to +ing" e.g. "I'm looking forward to seeing you."

We often use "benefits/advantages to +ing". If you Google "benefits to doing" you'll find nearly 3 million results.

Dear simon,
i sat an ielts academic test today. i am writing with regards to task 2.
The question was:
people believe that the spending on arts such as painting and drawing to improve quality of life is not effective while there are other areas where government can spend to better the quality of life of its citizen
to what extent do you agree or disagree?

simon i have writen a framework of my answer please give me some feedback if i was in the right track. thank you,

i wrote the intro as: i somewhat disagree to peoples view
first para:numerous ways arts helps to uplift standard of life-eg for mute to express feeling
second para:helps people to set up their career. eg- people in canada used the governments programme for arts and now are financially able to commit to their family and self. thus government should fund for arts
third para:however, other important ways includes helping the economically poor for food and housing. but gave quote "give a man a fish it will feed him for the day and teach him to fish, it will help him feed all his life". so, government spending on arts helps to maintain quality of life in long term.
conclusion. many areas which can be looked after by diverging the budget to but the benefit of art in quality of life is better in longterm so its benefit should be wisely considered before diverting the fund to other aspect for the better quality of life
first para: i wrote abou

Government should build more nuclear power plant as it is eco friendly but other people oppose this view. Describe the both sides of view and the give your opinion. The fear of the scarcity of natural resources has compelled people to think about any alternative means to be exploited for the production of electricity. Nuclear power is one of the suggestions to overcome this problem however, the pros and cons of using nuclear power has compelled people to think whether to or not to emphasize on establishing more and more nuclear power plants. Certain people favor the exploitation of nuclear energy as they believe that in contrast to the fossil fuels, the energy production via nuclear fission is safer for the environment. The reason is that during the process of nuclear fission, the carbon dioxide gas is barely produced which is one of the ultimate reasons behind polluting the environment. In addition to this, once the nuclear power plant is fixed then it is very cheap to maintain the product of electricity for ages. Not only this but amount of energy produced via this way will be more than sufficient in powering a big city. However, there are number of arguments against the establishment of nuclear power plant. The chances to get fatal health hazards due to radiation are more than one can expect and are not only limited to the workers but also the people who resides in the vicinity that power plant. Other than that there is significant issue of decaying radioactive waste, which is not biodegradable. Moreover, the power plant needs special construction which is expensive enough. The staff need to highly qualified and professional. In my humble opinion, while making decision regarding the establishment nuclear power plant the government should deeply consider each and every aspect rather than focusing on only a few appealing aspects. Though it is the cheapest and environment friendly way but in my understanding health of surrenders is more important than anything else. Number of other sources that are available to us should be exploited for example, tidal energy, wind energy, solar energy, to mention a few of them.

hi simon,
this is my first essay which i am going to upload .i would happy if can read it in a glance for me. i m really very impressed with your efforts and i appreciate your work.
thanks kind regards. Hoor.

Hi Simon,
Simon , Would you kindly explain that why have you used " benefits TO building." I mean you have used "gerund" after "to" , is it because BENEFITS is adjective ???

I will greatly appreciate your explanation! as mostly I get confused regarding the proper usage of gerund after "to."

Secondly, would it be more safer for a person like me to say " benefits OF building...."


Hi Atif,

Read my explanation in this lesson:


Best site that I have ever seen.
Best of luck Simon....

Hi Simon,

I have a question about the sentence at the beginning of the second paragraph: There are several benefits to (building) more nuclear power stations. Why do you use "building" rather then "built" ?

Waiting for your reply. Thank you.


I got it. Thank you very much! Simon!

Have a look at this lesson Chris:


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