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January 14, 2012


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Thanks for the info, Simon!

It is also very important to remind students to save the "real tests" until they have done enough practice in a regular basis. I've known several students who wasted so much time on those precious tests.

I personally like Simon's previous advice of doing the practice tests during the weekend and devote weekdays to work on grammar, vocabulary, small exercises, etc.

Thank you very much.This is very helpful!

Hi Simon

I had given academic ielts in dec 2011 and got R = 8.5, L= 8.5, W = 7.5, S = 7. Thanks for the online lessons and e-book. Your tips were very helpful to me. Could you plz advice me how can I improve my Writing and speaking score to get 8 each.


Good point Martin. Thanks for the reminder!


Hi Kanwal,

Those are great scores! To improve your writing and speaking scores, maybe you just need to develop your ideas in a bit more detail, and reduce the number of small mistakes.

NB. You don't 'give' a test (unless you are the examiner), you 'take' one.

hii Simon,

I want to ask that i am keep doing practice of reading by doing practise test paper from different books like cambridge 1 to 8 which i completed and some others as well.
I am usally do 2 test of reading 5 days a week and now i do not have enough material so what shuld i do?should i limit my practise test?

this time i am planning to give general exam once and for that i have to get 34 right.I am practising more of 1 and 2 passange which comprise 4 small different passages to make less wrong as passage 3 is the same like academic reading so am doing right thing?will keep practising essay by following your eassay stucture and work little bit harder for task 1 because before that i gave general exams 3 times so i am aware about letter writing.
How is my plan to practise?

Hi Siya,

Maybe you could try reading newspapers and other non-IELTS things during the week, then only test yourself at the weekend.

Your practice plan seems good to me. Keep working hard!

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