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January 10, 2012


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hi simon
is the highst mean premium here?

hi simon!
in listening test can we write two answers ? for example in my test in the audio, the lady told a person that he can have keys from the receptionist at reception and the question was 'KEYS.......' , and i wrote 'RECEPTION/RECEPTIONIST' so is it right or wrong ?? as i was completely confused at that time what to write as both r right , plz guide me for these kind of situations !

is this right?

hi simon
thank you for everything
unfortunately i cant download the file for listening while i download some else easily, does it have problem?


Thanks Joseph.


Hi Sabah,

Yes, premium is the highest.


Hi NG,

No, you need to decide and write just one answer. The examiner will not accept 2 answers.


Hi Hah,

The answers are at the bottom of the question sheet:



Hi Saman,

The listening should open on a new webpage, but I don't think it allows you to download.

I took it from this page:


Go down the page to "IELTS listening recording 2".

Hi Simon,
The answer for a question is two weekS' notice but I wrote two weeks notice. And I wrote one month rent instead of one month's rent. If I wrote like this, have I got the score?

Hi Simon,
I have a question about the listening test. Do you think it is a good idea that I write all the answer with capital letters in order to avoid making mistake? Some people suggested me that it would be a safe way not to miss the mark, but I found it difficult to write all answers with capital letters. :(

Hi Hathanh,

I think both answers would be accepted.


Hi Bessie,

The IELTS people don't care about capital letters any more (probably because many students started writing everything in capitals), so don't worry - you can't make capital letter mistakes.

Hi, Simon
Thank you for replying me.
Are you sure??? I'm so happy to hear that.
I'll take the IELTS test next week and listening is my weak point. I had many mistakes when I'm practicing the listening test in relation to the capital letter. I don't need to worry about it anymore.
Thank you very much. You are a great teacher to me!!!

No problem Bessie. I'm sure!

Best of luck!

omg you are the best teacher i've ever seen.you are really put a great effort,your teaching method shift me from one band to anther.i still need 7 to pass,but anyway its a matter of time,good job mate.

Thanks Alul. Good luck!

hi simon,
can you recommend some website to me to practise more listening for multiple choices?
thanks a million!

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