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January 11, 2012


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Hello Simon,
This, they argue, leads to a more satisfying working life.

What is the meaning of "this" in this sentences?

Thank you very much

hi hikmet,

this means what said before that is "Many people decide on a career path early in their lives and keep to it"

Here is another variation of your introduction simon using the same pattern:

Many people feels more secure and satisfied working on the same profession at early age for a long time. While this may suit some people, I think that others enjoy changing careers or pursuing job satisfaction in different ways

Hi simon,
Great introduction.... I was just wondering you didn't mention anything in introduction about the last part of the question.[What other things can people do in order to have a satisfying working life?]

Here is my intro...

People from a very young age decide on a career that they want to follow for the rest of their lives. For some the decision turns out to be satisfying; however others feel the need for a change in career direction to lead a more gratifying life. There is no definite formula for a rewarding working life but certain steps taken could achieve greater satisfaction in employment.

Everyone please feel free to comment on my intro.

Hi Hikmet,

Joe answered your question perfectly (see below your comment). Students often forget that "this" is a great linking word.


Thanks again Joe!


Hi Khan,

I did mention the last part, just in a very general way. I wrote: "changing careers or seeking job satisfaction in different ways". Adding your extra sentence is fine too. You've got the right idea.

Thank you Simon.

Hi dear Simon,this is my introduction:

It is certainly true that many people nowadays able to choose their career paths at a very young age.This could give them the opportunity to consider a suitable future career, which suits best their natural abilities and make them to be more efficent and sucessful workers.

Here is my introduction:
It is true that many people choose their goals and stick to their decision and put in all their efforts to get them.This gives them peace of mind and sense of achievement in their life.However for some people static life style is not very satisfying.They seek adventure and pleasure in life in different ways.

Nowadays,as economic crises are increasing more and more both in major and minor countries people are trying to do the best way in their working life.

Hi Simon,

What happen if our introduction become rather long as occasionally my essay is going to become less than 250 words and I do need to develop my essay to 250 words .Then it seems that I can do it well in introduction.

Hi simon .first of all thanks for ur great help.and it is my introduction pls check it.
While some people see the only way which leads u to the satisfying life is the sucessfull career activity starting from an earlier age.But i think it is a controversial topic.It can be change depending on human personality.

hello .and it s my introduction .Some people consider a sucessful career life that leads you to a satisfying work life.And i absolutely agree .Just because we live in a competitive job market.So it is very important being better that ohers.In this term,to get an earlier work facilities can be lucrative

Hi Khan !
your intro is really good ! looking forward to your main body paragraph and conclusion !

Hi Simon,
Can you help me with my problem? I usually can not finish my essays in time since they often very long(about 400 words). So how many maximum words should be expressed in a task 2 essay and if I don't agree to 100% with an idea but do not have enough time to list both its advantages and dis so what should I do?
Thanks in advance.

Things to learn from simon's introduction:

1- Never use the same words in the question.
early in their lives = at an early age
decide on a career = pursue a career
keep to it = Spen the rest of their lives in the same profession.

We can also replace the word job with the walk of life. I will let simon approve this.

2- The template used in the introduction and the elegant transition used by simon in "While I accept. .."
From the question to your answer.

3- Make the introduction sound like an introduction, so keep it short and general, The conclusion is just a restatement of the introduction.

Hope this helps,


thanks it was good

Hi Simon,
I am a big fan of yours I am learning a lot from your lessons i visit your website everyday i have one question i have joined an institute recently teacher over there is saying that use seven headings for your writing task 2 and five headings for writing task 1 INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION are also headings its the new pattern of IELTS so is it correct please do reply me thanks a lot

Hi Nafiseh,

I think you should also respond to the second question in your introduction (What other things...)


Hi Jawairia,

You've got the right idea.


Hi Alper,

That's a bit too general. You didn't really address the questions. Try to follow my 3 rules.


Hi Mh,

A long introduction is not a good idea. The examiner wants to see good main body paragraphs - these are the most important part of any essay.


Hi Aytaj,

I wouldn't use 'controversial topic' for this question. Controversial means that politicians or the media are debating it all the time. Controversial is a strong word - only use it for topics like the death penalty or nuclear power.


Hi Nayna,

You use too many sentences. Look carefully at where you put the full stops.


Hi Trang,

You need to be more disciplined. There is no maximum word count, but 400 words is far too many. Try to practise writing about 260 words, and make sure you finish answering all parts of the question. Practise this at home without a time limit. It's all about QUALITY, not quantity.


Great analysis and advice Joe!


Note: I wouldn't use 'walk of life' instead of 'job' in this context. We say 'people from all walks of life' - meaning 'people from all professions, social classes and backgrounds. So it's a bit more general than 'job'.


Hi Asad,

Don't use headings in the exam. Maybe your teacher is just trying to help you to organise your essays when practising.

Thanks for the clarification simon!

Hi Simon,

It is not only about the introduction but also about linking two body aragraphs for the below topic and understanding of the topic. Please advise.

People prefer to watch foreign films rather than the local films. What are the reasons? Should the government of a country provide more financial support for local film industries?

1. People prefer watching INTERNATIONAL films compared to native ones for various reasons consequently often local film industry find it hard to survive, therefore, the local government should help the local industry financially.

2. People prefer watching films from OVERSEAS compared to native ones for various reasons consequently often local film industry find it hard to survive, therefore, the local government should help the local industry financially.

I tried to write one pargrph for the reasons of preferring foreign films. 1 large budget 2 star atraction 3 to learn cuture and languange

Other paragrph about the responsibility of government to provide financial support because local films provide oportunity for local artist show culture and tradition of that country.

Which intriduction is better? did I paraphrase good enough?

Now I have no idea how to link two pargraphs. I will appreciate it if you can help with this. Secondly, it looks like foerign films is refered to international films here, this also allows me to write more reasons for perferring, can I make it exclusively abuot the internation films or do I have to mention foreign films?)

Thanks in advance.

did I used financially correctly in my introduction?

Hi nafiseh,

If you would like to practise email me plz
[email protected]


i could not believe it.You answered whole questions whıch we asked before.this is my-email

[email protected]

Whenever u want to come to Turkey,you'll always be my guest.keep in touch.cheers.

Hi Simon,
Can you please help me with this topic ? I'm absolutely stucking with it.
"Giving aid to poorer countries does not work. The richer nations have given billions of dollars to poorer nations, but while some nations have benefited, many more are still poor.What are the causes of the problem and what measures can be taken to reduce it?"
And please advise me what to do when I know nothing about the topic. Thanks

Hi Kai,

I prefer 'films from overseas' or simply 'films made in other countries', but 'international films' is ok.

I'd write "AND consequently" and start a new sentence from "Therefore,..." You use 'financially' correctly.

Your paragraph organisation is fine. Just start each paragraph with a short, simple sentence to introduce the main idea of the paragraph.


No problem Alper. Thanks!


Hi Apple,

Here's a lesson I wrote about that question:


Hi Simon,
Could you write a sample essay about the topic in Cambridge IELTS 4 ( Test 1) in the next week? I'm so confused about this kind of question. Thanks for your help.

Hi Hathanh,

I won't be able to do it this week because I promised to continue with last week's topic, but I'll try to look at it soon.

please check this introduction

It is certainly true that some people targeting on one specific profession since their childhood and do their best to pursue it.so people who get their desired job shows higher job satisfaction in most of the time.on contrary, others would love to have some changes in their career pathway and seeking job satisfaction in different ways.

Hi Anita,

You've got the right idea about how to write an introduction, but you made some grammar mistakes. I'm afraid I don't do grammar correction, so it would be a good idea to ask a teacher or native speaker to check your writing in more detail.

Hi Simon,
kindly check this introduction

It goes without saying that several people start choosing their profession from an early age, and they continue it for the rest of thir life. This gives them a desired job satisfaction. in my view, it may suit some people, but others may change thier occupation in order to become satisfied with their positions.

Hi Ziaul,

You've definitely got the right idea.

Hi Simon,
is it true that you give a balanced opinion in this introduction???
Best regards!!!

Yes, it's really a balanced view.

Hello Simon

Thanks so much for your useful tips
I am going to take an IELTS test in 25 th February, I have got benefit from your advice..
Well done and thanks again


No problem Hemn. Good luck on the 25th!

Hi Simon,
just wondering if a question asks 'agree or disagree', can I just state that I agree with the statement in the introduction and also a brief reason why I agree? And then the whole body essay I discuss my opinion about agreement for the topic and nothing about the disagreement. Or I have to put a general view on the introduction and discuss both point of views regarding the topic in the body essay?

Hi Steffi,

"Can I just state that I agree with the statement in the introduction and also a brief reason why I agree? And then the whole body essay I discuss my opinion about agreement for the topic and nothing about the disagreement."

- Yes, this is the best way to do it. 'Agree/disagree' questions don't ask you to discuss. They ask for your opinion.

Okay. Thank you so much, Simon.

Hi simon
you are the best i have found all of my answers in your site

hi simon

Im just wondering what other words to say a balanced opinion? is it a neutral view? and is it advisable for this type of question? hope you can clear this to me.

Hi Namie. Simon's introduction in the lesson above is a balanced one. He uses "while I accept..., I believe..." to look at both sides.

Thanks Jim!

Hi Simon,
May I ask about the types of Task 2 writing.
I know that there are 3 types: proposal, argumentative and discussion.
Is that right, please correct me if wrong. And are there any different than these?

Hi Sam,

Have a look through my lessons - you'll find examples and advice about all 3 types.

Hi Simon,
It would be great if you could give your opinion about my introduction,i use your ideas to write it.
It is true that some people know from an early age what career they want to pursue, and they spend the rest of their lives staying in the same profession, which gives them a sense of satisfaction.While I accept this could be true for some people, I believe that others may achieve more satisfaction when they change their careers.There are other factors that can leads to enjoyable working life besides keeping or changing a job.

Hi Neda,

I'm afraid I don't offer correction or feedback, but you seem to have the right idea.

Dear Simon,This is my intro...
There is no tools,rules and fundaments that make the job satisfaction whether the age you start the job.I think the types of the job people do and get in return really does the matter.Indeed,the age is not a factor for job satisfaction but the environments of the job,challenging and persuits of the jobs,salary ratings are the main factors that make the people to be satified with the work what they do

what are the most important writing task 2 topics?
I'm planing to give the test on 2nd of February.


hello every body,,
can I add my writings over here for correction?

Hi Simon,
Today I had IELTS Exam(General)....In my writing Task (task 2 ); I think I had crossed 300 words...but as you know it should be minimum..250 words.
My Question is ; whether it may effect my score for Task 2...
Your earliest reply will be highly appreciable.

Hi,simon, I am new here. Your site is of great help for my writing preparation. I'd like to improve from band 6 to 7. My biggest problem is I don't know what to say and simply repeat genereal ideas again and again. Hopefully, I can improve writing as soon as possible.
Are my introductions Ok?

Version 1:Some people are able to choose a profession at a young age and devote to it for the whole life. They believe this lifelong dedication results in more job satisfaction. While there is truth in this opinion, other people change occupation to seek gravitation in work. I feel both choices are rational and I am going to talk about what people can do to have a satisfying working life.

Version 2 ; People are often questioned about career choice as soon as they get their first job. While some people are able to decide on it at an early age, others constantly change their occupations and take a long time to settle on a career. I believe these are no better or worse in contributing to a satisfying working life. And I will talk about factors of job satisfaction in my essay.

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