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February 14, 2012


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Hi Simon, could you tell me when to use half and when to use half of. I make plenty of mistakes in task 1 regarding the use of half.
The following is taken from Longman Dictionay
half of
 Over half of the children live in one-parent families.
 Only half the guests had arrived by seven o'clock.
It's only half the size of a normal violin.
 They offered to pay half the cost of repairs.

I dont really see the difference between half and half of.


a continuation of the last post:
I read on the Internet that you can omit 'of' most of the time except when half is followed by personal pronouns such as half of them.

3-such great poverty
6-all over

hi Simon
plz tell me how much time it will take me to receive ur ebook after payment

Hi Simon,
This video is very useful in both writing task 1 and and task 2. I wanna download it. Can you tell me how? Thank u so much.

around 50 seconds, if i am not mistaken, did he say peoples?

is that right simon?


Hi Simon,

Thank you for this video.
There was one sentence that I didn't understand at all.
"Is China drinking our milkshake?" at 12:32
The speaker is talking about oil. Does milkshake have any relevance to oil?

and one more)))
plz tell me according to what they choose the topis for speaking?
each theme is from cambridge booksa or wh?))thanks beforehand

3.great poverty
7.all over

Can I ask you is this sentence correct?
'Education is incresing the number of scientists and researcher while it is also increasing the supply of new ideas.'

Thank you very much!

After three times, I got the answer as below,

7,all over

Hi Simon,

My answer:

1. national
2. parts,
3. property
4. driving
5. function
6. supply
7. all over

hi Simon!
I have couple of questions for you, if you don't mind.
The second part of speaking was about describing an animal inhabiting in your country. Can i, for instance, describe a horse? or it should be about wild animal?
And how can i understand the question "how often can you spot one?"

Could you please give pros and cons on multinational companies? The only thing I think of is its economic effects, such as providing more job opportunities, promoting local economy development.The drawbacks about that cab be slowing down or even threat local companies' development.
Whatelse effects this type of companies can have?
Thank you very much!

my answers are
3.great poverty
7.all over

plz answer my qn i have very short time..


1. national

2. parts

3. poverty

4. incentive

5. demand

6. supply

7. all over


Hi Christina,

I think I'm right in saying that both 'half' and 'half of' can be used in the same way in most situations. The exceptions are phrases like "half an hour". Also, you need "of" when it is followed by a pronoun e.g "half of them" is correct, but you can't say "half them".

I've just read your second post!


Hi Leila,

I send it the same day by email.


Hi Lei,

Try going to ted.com and searching for the video there. Then look at the options below it. I haven't downloaded any TED videos myself, but I think you can.


Hi Fam,

Yes, he did say 'peoples' and it is correct, but it has a different meaning from the normal use of 'people' as the plural of person.

"A people" means a "race", "tribe" or "group of people", and the plural of this word is "peoples".


Hi Tomo,

Yes, he means 'oil'- he's trying to say it in a funny way. There's no particular reason why he chose milkshake. I was a bit surprised by that too!


Hi Leila,

There isn't a special list that they choose the topics from. They just choose topics that they think will be familiar to everyone, and that don't require any specialist knowledge. Have a look through my lessons to see examples.


Hi Sunny,

Yes, but make 'researcher' plural.


Hi Saida,

Yes, it's fine to describe a horse unless the question asks you to describe a wild animal. Note: some countries do have wild horses.

'spot one' means 'see one', so I think that question probably was about a wild animal.


Hi Sunny,

Those ideas are good. You just need to explain them in detail and give some examples - I'm sure your ideas are good enough for 2 paragraphs.

thanks simon... it is clearer to me now... new vocabulary/grammar for me... i will try to remember that. ",)

Hi Simon,

Got it. Thank you for answering to my question.

such great poverty
all over

why I cant see the video? :(

Hi Tomo
The reference of milkshake is a dialogue of "There will be blood", by watching this movie you will get it.

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