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February 23, 2012


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The diagram shows that the whole coffee making process goes through eleven different stages.
It starts with the picking of coffee beans from the field and ends when the coffee is ready to be packed into jars.

The figure illustrates the process of coffee making.
The process of coffee produce involves 11 stages. It starts with collecting coffee beans and ends with packing product into jars.

the diagram shows how coffee is made by diffrent stages.It starts picking of coffee beans and ends when it is ready for packing into jars

shoulw we replaced the world mixture with blend?and freeze with refrigerate?

This diagram shows us how coffee is made.
It has 11 stages. Starts it by picking the coffee beans and ends by packing them into jars.

It can be clearly seen that the process of coffee making is carried out subsequently in 11 different steps, where it begins with the collection of coffee beans and finally ends in packaging of coffee.

The figure illustrates the process of how coffee is made and it includes eleven steps. The process begins with harvesting coffee beans and finishes with packing coffee into jars

in this picture we can see how the coffee is made in 11 different steps . finally the coffee is packing in the jar.

Hi Siomon, check this out)

It is clear from the flow chart that there are eleven comlex stages of producing coffee. We can also see that the prime step commences in the open air (special area) and probably ends at some coffee mill.

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The method of coffee making composed of eleven various steps. The first procedure is collecting the coffee beans and the final step is to store the finished product into containers.

The figure explains all the eleven steps of manufacturing a coffee, from the main source up to the final step of packing.



The above diagram shows that coffee produced in eleven steps of manually and automatically. In fact coffee beans harvested and dried by farmers and then machines carried out the process to the end and packaged.

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The figure illustrates the process of making coffee beans.
There are eleven stages in the process,beginning with the harvesting coffee beans and finally packaging of coffee.

Hi Simon,

I received my result yesterday which wasn't good. I've just got overall: 6.0

Lis: 6.5
R: 6.5
W: 5.5
Sp: 6.0

what should I do in order to get 6.5 overall and all skills have to higher than 6.0 ?

There are 11 stages in the coffee making process.This process starts with collectng coffee beans from trees and ends with packaging coffee powder into jars.

The diagram illustrates the eleven stages involved in coffee production. It is clear that the procedure is quite complicated, starts with collecting coffee bean and ends with packing end product into jars.

Ever wondered how coffee is manufactured, today we are going to discuss the manufacturing process of the coffee. For simplicity it can be broken into 5 phases harvesting, drying, grinding, filtering and packing.

First coffee beans have to be handpicked. After carefully handpicking they are left to be dried in the scorching sun. Next grinding, to make the beans brittle they are roasted in the furnace and cooled quickly then they are mill grinded to powder. Later this course powder is mixed in hot water and strained to filter dirt.

After the impurities are filtered the mixture is frozen and grinded to fine powder again. Now this powder is dried in vacuum container to evaporate the excess moisture. Finally it’s ready to be packed and stored in jars

The diagram shows how coffee process is carried out in 11 stages, which is initiated by the bean-picking and ends at jar-packing.

Dear Simon,

Could you please post your full essay of this diagram next week?

Thanks million, Simon!

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Hi Simon,

Is it this sentence grammatically correct?

Sara has 10 books mare than Anna.

If not, please let me know what's the correct form.

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I'll write some of the essay for this question next Thursday.

Quick note to Snehal:
Don't start essays with a question (Ever wondered...?)


Sorry I can't answer all of your questions individually.

Hi Anh,
Your results are not bad) In my opinion, you should just practise more on your writing and speaking skills. Try to write more essays and speak anywhere (even alone)), this really helped me to achieve high band scores exactly at WRITIN and SPEAKING, however, my reading is far from perfect((

This graph illustrated a totally eleven steps to produce coffee products from coffee beans harvest to product packaging.

Dear Simon,

I am learning your previous Writing lessons (a pie chart which is posted on Thursday, April 07, 2011, and a line graph on Thursday, March 17, 2011).

You usually focuses on complex graphs (including more than one pie charts/ bar charts) in each writing lesson. I highly appreciate that you gave us many helpful tips; showed us how to get main ideas, how to pick up significant figures, etc. To be honest, I almost don't know how to write a Writing test 1 before I study your lessons. Thank you so much for your GREAT works!

However, when I encounter writing test 1 which presents only one pie chart or a simple line graph, I get difficulty in expressing my idea in more detail as well as choosing the less important figures to make my writing at least 150 words.

Could you kindly post more essays on these topics or maybe the full essays of the two graphs I mentioned above?

Thanks again!

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The picture shows the coffee manufacturing process. It is clear that there are eleven stages in the process of coffee production.

the above diagram depicits how coffee powder can be produced and it involves three stages whic are collection of coffee beans, sorting and processing.

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