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February 22, 2012


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today speaking has gone////

describe about weeding u attended recently??

hellow..simon it didnt go well..

I spoke fast as fluency, but repeted too many words and sentences

and in part 3...1 question asked by examiner ..I didnt listen properly..but I felt embrace to repeat again...so I couldnt give answer properly...how it will affect my band score..

I think everybody should give this exam in their home country instead of with english native speaker country....

coz examiner was not friendly with me...she spoke too sloly and too fast...as lerner its difficult to catch sentence...

I was so reluctant today...

this topic appears to be confusing. does the topic suggest that it has become a fact that more and more people pay attention to art. or it is controversial whether people should pay attention to art?

hard topic actually to discuss in 40 mins.

It was very useful.Thank You very much indeed.

Hi Simon,

I feel a bit confused about whether the topic question contrasts "people's attention on artists" to " people's attention on science and technology"?

I will be doing ielts in march. I am interested in practising speaking and writing components on skype.

Plz add my skype id ieltsmarch or mail me on [email protected]

take a topic like this
pepole give attention to Tom cruise and less important to I-phone.

that will make topic more clear
you have to say people go to watch his movies as well as keep i-phone or buy intersted in i-phone.
thats it.

It is very common question asked frequently whether artists are praised more than science and technology. To the best of my knowledge both of them are paid attention by people.
It is highly true that people have more knowledge about artists including writers, painters and movie players. By appearing their images on television, screen cinemas or newspaper, they become popular among individuals , especially those who set them as a pattern for their lifestyle. In fact, what is higher this popularity is coming into view their pictures 24hours by those companies tending to increase the number of audiences. For knowing how much popular they are is simply to see the level of welcoming from a famous artist when comes to somewhere.
On the other hand, we cannot ignore the popularity of some science and technology. The first justification to this is that the number of fans tending to learn computer programmes or observing new events of technology exhibited every year in some exhibitions such as Telecom or Dubai exhibitions. They spend many hours on surfing the Internet to know about most recent technology events. The second reason to prove that many people extol science and scientists is Steve Jobs death – finder of Apple incorporation and iPhone inventor . People in all around the world valued and praised him through taking part in his funeral or leaving kind comments on his site or social networks. In fact, individuals appreciated what he done in technology field and science.
In conclusion, while it is not surprising to see that artists receive a lot of attentions, science and technology are also valued by many people all around the world.

Hi Simon,
All most people confuse the idea of the topic.
The sentence "people pay more attention to artists (writers, painters and so on) and give less importance to science and technology" is not enough clear.
Does it compare between people or the products?
I think you should answer this common question.
P/S: I'm so sad when hearing that you will not answer one by one question. Your website is popular and famous because of that. If not, it is few the same with other. I do not like it become a forum of English. :((....Plz come back Simon!!!

which is correct

Jay and Simon had a coffee at harbour( passage)..

Q.) Simon enjoyed coffee at harbour.

is this T/or F???

Hello to all

Guys what is wrong with you. Simon likes us and definately has a busy lifestyle. how do we expect from him to answer all questions?
I think we should choose one who will be accepted by Simon or be a native speaker knowing enough about IELTS among us to assist us here.This would be approved by Simon.And if you look at comments and questions you will notice that most of them are repetitive. I saw some people claimed that got Band score 8.5 here so we do urge them to help us . I am sure that Simon will supervise this stream. So what do you think..


Thanks Mh. I agree that other students will be able to help with most questions.

I'll continue to read all comments, and I'll choose a few to include in one of the blog lessons (maybe on Saturdays or Sundays).

Some people value artists like writers, musicians and so on much more than scientists.To a certain extent I accept that art is a necessary element in human life but the importance of science and technology should not be neglected.

I think people today are paying lots of attention to.... LINSANITY!!!!!!!!!

Hi Simon,

One of my friends took the IELTS test two days ago and the essay question was " These days most parents are too busy to spend time with their children. What are some of the reasons for that and what are the effects on children?"

What do you think about this introduction:

Busy as a bee is an applicable expression to most parents these days. Having to provide both financial and parental support for their family, parents need to juggle their jobs with their children's needs. With the escalating cost of living, a vast majority of people have to moonlight to supplement their income and make ends meet. Therefore, they have limited time to spend with their family, which could have far-reaching consequences on their children.

Isn't the expression at the beginning too informal? Could this introduction be a band 9? As always, thank you very much for your help.

Firstly, Thanks Simon for sharing my topic which was I send you.I tried to write down this essay in mine way and also with the help of ebook from your side. So if annyone read it and give me feedback than it would be appreciated.

There are various kinds of people living on this planet with different views. Both science and art fulfil various society’s needs. However, it depends on a person or group of people with their interest what they like. In my opinion, I disagree with the statement that people are giving less importance to science and technology.

The main reason why I disagree is that science provides a good knowledge to the community and also helps the country in the economic growth. It gives a new idea to live a life better. As well as, science can save the human and animal life and make their better life with the help of the technology. For instance, people take medicine to cure their illness. It is also important that technology makes life easy to live. People are getting connected to each other from around the world with the help of the communication technology. For example, using mobile devices or the internet makes a world small.

Another reason why I disagree is that some people would argue that paying more attention to artists is just waste of time. Some people will go out for their leisure activities such as watching movie in theatre, going to club or any art gallery. I would like to argue that both science and art contribute to society but the contribution from science and technology is better than that made by artists. People can live without music or movie but not live without medicine.

In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above I disagree with the view that people are paying less attention to science and technology. Both fields are considered to be important, but people more strongly depend on products of science, which makes this field more valuable."

Simon n Friends !!!!

HI Jay, from my point of view the ans is T bcoz both Jay and Simon had a coffee that mentioned in passage and in question only asking about Simon which is already included in sencetance of passage.
I hope I will helpful.

Hi Rony,

From my point of view, you did not answer the question whether people pay attention to artist or science. In fact , you addressed this question that which one do you pay attention more artist or science? I think you should read the question more carefully.

Best regards,

Hi Mh,
May be you are right but when I wrote first time I was thinking in a same way that what u think then I sent this essay to my x Ielts teacher and he said that I was on right way. If you read the ans then you can see that i mentioned about attention and views and also provide reasons that why I was disgree.
Anyways thanks for this commpliment.

Hi Rony,
if I'm not mistaken the task is:
"TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE AND DISAGREE WITH THIS VIEW?”, so the examiner waits from you to describe both positions (for and against). It is also possible to take one position, but I would not. Notice that the 2st paragraph of body ought to be stronger than 1st in odred to easily end your view in conclusion. Tell me if I'm wrong)Yeah, and try to use more synonyms, this is necessary for getting high band score...


Hi Simon.
How(the way) can I begin each body paragraph in the essay of (Discuss views and give ur opinion)and ( to what extent do you agree or disagree). I mean the topic sentence of each paragraph. Could you please make some samples which we can use them with any topic in this kind of questions?. I suffer from this since it wastes my time. I asked this question because sometimes I find myself forced to repeat and especially the words of peoples. Secondly, How many ideas(as supporting ideas) I am expected to write in each paragraphs?. After I read your informative E BOOK , I think about a lot of supporting ideas during the test and that makes me a bit confused how I can put all of these and orgnize them?!!!! then, the time will run out ,and my mind well be distracted. Thirdly, Could you please write a subject about many general words that student can avoid repeating them with their synonyms. Thanks a lot.

Hi Nosir Khan,
It's not compulsory that you have to write two para one is for and one on against but you have to give your opinion in an introduction do an examiner will not confused and you can write in a one way but you have to stick with your opinion. That's what I followed the opinion essay. Different formats follow different people so it's depend on person how he/ she would like to describe the essay.

Hi Rony,
I did not say it's necessary, just it's better) e.g. in intro you can explain your position like: " I partially( or generally) support this standpoint,however, not excluding its drawbacks" or " There are both sides, those for and against ...(something)". Just it's my personal recommendation for this type of task.

Also, NB it must not be forgotten that some tasks require to choose only one position...

hi Simon...
I hope I got reply, regardless your busy schedule, from you.
(25/2/2012)( Australia, sydney, academic)..
recent question of Task 2

whether students should only focus on studying instead of participating other activities..

To what extend do u agree or disagree with this idea?..

I follow your pattern to answer it, but

I made bit mistake was that I explained in both side..because I was worried about I couldnt find out various idea to stick on only one side....

how effect it to my score??

Hi Behrooz,

Thank for your sharing, I am really interested in your topic:
These days most parents are too busy to spend time with their children. What are some of the reasons for that and what are the effects on children?

Does the introduction consume you much of time? What i have learned from Simon site is let the introduction simple , don't spend much time over than 5 mins.

I would like to share my introduction as a way to exchange experience

It is true that nowadays many parents display their busy by reducing play time with their children. They will suffer from social problems and educational troubles which reasons are overuse new technology achievements
I hope that it helps.

hi RONY,

I think you missed something in your paragraph because if you disagree with the statement, automatically you have to talk about why art/artist are given much attention and the 2nd paragraph should explain why you disagree that science was given less importance. It's like saying that science was given equall importance as art/artist.

I think you have to answer two questions in the statement whether you agree/disagree that art/artist are given much attention- I believe rony did not answer this, and also agree or disagree that science was given less importance- i believe you disagree. Some questions have actually 2 divided arguments while some only has 1 (no middle answer)and if that is the case, the format must be 1st reason why you agree/ disagree and 2nd reason why you again agree or disagree. DO YOU AGREE GUYS?!?

In contemporary society, vast people are entertained by many different artists such as writers, painters, singers and many more. For this reason, people fail to realize the significant value of science and technology because they focused more on idolizing their favorite artists.
Firstly, paying attention to your favorite artist can be a form of recreational activity. It can serve as a good outlet to release tension and stress from your busy life. For instance, if you sit in your couch and be able to hear the music sang by your favorite singer, you will then feel good, happy and energized. Recent study shows that when you feel good about something, your body releases happy hormones thereby making you feel relaxed and at ease.
On the other hand, because of focusing too much on the artistic side, people tend to ignore the importance of science and technology. Nowadays, people fail to realize that science and technology has made our life efficient and that we should thank the people behind this. Scientists or people with innovative minds helped us a lot in many different ways. Examples are the inventions of machines, gadgets, computers, etc. Science and technology played a vital role in making our lives fast, easy and hassle-free.
In conclusion, people pay more attention to artists because they feel good about it and it entertains them. It is not bad to appreciate artists but one should also give importance to science and technology because without them, our life would be more difficult and stressful.

Hi everyone. Please comment on my essay above so I can improve my writing. I need comments and suggestions.
And what's the approximate band score that I will receive with my essay.
Thanks a lot guys!

-Simon you're an angel! i love your site.

Hi Simon !I will take the Ielts exam in July and i want to improve my speaking and writing skills through your teaching on Skype.
Please mail email me what steps that i need to do. Thanks a lot !!!

Hi everyone

I thinks that this topic that we have to answer for 3 two main reasons
firstly: why do u agree with paying attention art
secondly: why do u disagree with science and technololy are less important
- we can support with 2 paragraphs for strong idea, and other is once

Hi simon
I will pass my exam 10/2/2018 .. what do you think about this introduction.. to some extent i agree with this opinion but i think that artists, sience and technology are equally important.. i am trying to follow your procedure about how to write introduction with balanced opinion.. is it good?

My Intro:

It is an undeniable obvious that people are not only extensively interested in art producers, such as authors, painter and musicians; but also they are equally into scientific developments and technological advancements. In this essay, I am going to point out that people care both arguments on the same level.

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