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February 20, 2012


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I really understand your situation.
Thank you very much Simon.


Anyone knows if it is correct to say "understand" or "understood" to respond to "do you understand"?

Also there's a similar question
I've taken a Spanish course several years ago, but I "forget/forgot" everything


Hi Simon,

I just couldn't find the right words to appreciate your effort

Thank you for all your help for us, you are really a GREAT teacher

Hi simon
I used to find reading is the easiest part in IE test but somehow in the real test, the amount of reading materials is much more than in the Cambridge 7 or 8 and it's really confused me.It's nearly impossible to complete each part in 20 minutes. So deeply reading is not a option either with scan and skim.

Hi Simon,

I have booked Exam for 10th March 2012, however I am feeling lack of reading skills last time I got L7, R6, W6.5 and S7. My requirement is 7 each. Can you please prpovide me General Reading Material.

Hi Simon,
To be honest, I feel a little bit shock when hearing your announcement and I know somedays, it will come true. It's reallyyyyy a big shame!!!
However, I can really understan your situation. I dont' know exactly how many questions have I posted and how many answers have you replied. from deep inside my heart, I'd like to sen you my best sincere thanks and wish you all the best with your handy website!
Best Regard!!!


It is quite possible to finish each part within 17 mins if you practice hard. Some of my friends are able to do this, with reading every single word in the article.

I think there's no shortcut, you just need to read more, and learn more words

Hi Pawan,

You may read through Simon's reading lessons first, i believe you will find something useful as he has already give us a lot of suggestions in previous lessons

Dear Simon,

You will never know how PITY I feel! I just started to log in your website more frequently several days ago. I read all comments including students' questions and your feedback in your comment area. Personally, it is REALLY helpful for me and other students, as well!!!

Anyway, you did do a GREAT WORK! God bless You!

I will keep following your lessons seriously since I have to take an IELTS exam at the end of March. Unfortunately, the province where I live now does not have any center for IELTS preparation, so all things I can do is to study by myself.

My exam date is coming and I feel a bit panic.
Could you please post more lessons in Writing Task 1 and 2, and Speaking.

THANKS MILLION for everything you do, dear Simon!


I have NEVER sat any IELTS test before. For some personal reasons, I am not able to take a trial test. So could "Someone" kindly give answers for my questions?

1. In terms of READING part, are all of the 3 sections presented in two-side paper or one-side paper?
I usually practise Reading part with one-side material and I realize that it's easier for me to concentrate on the passages and do the test more quickly by doing that.

2. In terms of WRITING part, is it compulsory to use a pencil but a ball-point pen? By the way, we must use a pencil to do other parts of IELTS test, don't we?

3. In terms of SPEAKING, I want to practise Speaking part with other IELTS students. If anyone who has the same idea with me, we can work together.

Best wishes to all!
Phuong - from Vietnam


1. The articles and questions are printed on double sided papers
2. Not 100% sure, but as far as i know everyone uses pencil
3. umm....

Hi Les,

Nice to meet you!
Do you have a Skype or Yahoo account?
Could you send it to my email address: "[email protected]".

I'm looking forward to talking to you.

Best wishes,

Hi Phuong
I am also from Vietnam, and I am going to sit on IELTS test at the end of March. So maybe we can work together for speaking part.
My skype: Lethinuong1

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your lessons, you really helped me a lot,
I just got my result

L8, R8 W7.5, S8
Overall 8.0


Dear Simon,
I was really shocked when I first heard you will not be able to answer all the questions.But I found still you continue with daily lessons then,I become so glad,at least you are not leaving us.In fact, the only reliable IELTS class I found is yours.Anyway,thanks for the effort, I know it is really a difficult job to answer all comments every day.You are doing a rewarding job for IELTS students which I appraciate that from my bottom of heart.Thank you very , very much

Dear Simon,

I am sorry to hear that, but I understand your decision.

What you have done and what you are doing are really impressive and helpful.

Hi Simon,I think it would be beneficial if you can at least answer the questions for the students who attend your lessons at Manchester otherwise they may have many questions unsolved/unclear.

Hi Les,

Congratulation for these brilliant scores!
If you dont mind please send me an Email. I want to know about writing more

[email protected]

Today I left my first comment and look what happened:D

Anyway, thnx Simon!:D


Thanks so much for all of your kind responses to my decision. I'm grateful for your understanding, and hope that you continue to find the lessons useful.

PS. Les, "understood" is what we would say.

Hi Simon,

I do respect your decision and I will continue to contribute by keep posting IELTS advice and tips on your blog from time to time.


Thanks Martin, your help is really appreciated.

Simon, thx a lot)) I've advised your blog to nearly all my students, so you are a celebrity by now in this country))) Keep posting the daily lessons! All the best!

Hi Simon,

You are a great teacher!

Even though,reading your announcement made me sad, I am also happy that you can have some free time for yourself too. For long, I have been thinking that it should be a difficult task to answer everybody individually. But you gained the love of all us.( I am not quite sure if the word "love" works properly in this case :) )

Thanks a lot for your help! After I get a good result in the exam, I will still be visiting your website and I will try to help others.

You are providing us an amazing online course. Thank you so much!

Hi Simon,
Just wanted to echo the previous comments that you are a great teacher.
That's fair enough with your decision. As one of the regular students of your website, I think daily lessons are more than enough for us.
I just received my results, though it's not the greatest: L8; R6.5; W6.5 and S7, but I have achieved my target. Even though, I am sure that I will certainly keep visiting your great website as I am not sure since when it has become one of my daily habits.

All the best for you and your family.

Hi Simon,

I do respect your decision and believe you are right.
This is a completely free service and shouldn't feel you stressed.

I'm looking forward to your future materials that would definitely be valuable:-)

Kind regards,

PS. I'm quite enjoying your e-book as well!

Hiii Simon
i'm so sad to hear that,i just have joined you lessons.
i'd like to say thank u soooooo much for your effort,but i have one question & i need your answer.Iam always confused when i use 'year'and 'years'
please give us a lesson about this
& thank u again

Please our teacher help us in writing a report about this figure


Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer to our questions. Your answers were very helpful and full of good tips. I hope things are a bit calmer for you now.


Hello Simon,

Sad to hear that. Your site really helps and enlighten me on the things that makes me confuse and you made me examine on what went wrong with my previous exams. But still I am grateful that you still kept on posting updates. You really are a blessing to me.

Thanks again for all your kind comments.

sad =( no simon thanks for your help

Hello sir,

I am writting IELTS exam 15th time, i got L=8.5, R=8.0, W=6.5, S=7.5. Many time missed by 0.5 in writting. I am writting too much on task 2, as a result quality of writting on task 1 is coming down, probably this is pulling me down by 0.5. I am practicing for march 31th exam. please provide me some tips sir.

Hi Mahesh,

Focus on writing less and improving the quality. Best of luck!

Hi simon,
Some students stay with their family to complete university degree, while others study away from home in a different city. (Topic statement)
Do you think the benefits of staying away from home outweigh the disadvantages? (Task)
Here if I discuss the three advantages and three disadvantages of staying away from home, without discussing anything about staying with the family. My task response outline is correct or not?
Please tell me how to tackle this type of question. I have exam on 31th march.

That's fine Mahesh.

Hi Simon,

I wrote exam on 31st march, in speaking test the examiner wrote 30, 30, 30 after part 1, 2 and 3 of the speaking test. How much band score i can get?, what is the meaning of these scores ?. Also i want to purchase your writting e-book, can u tell me what is the procedure. I am getting band score of 6.5-7 in speaking, do u have any book to guide me to take a band score of 8 in speaking.

Hi Mahesh,

Ignore what the examiner wrote. It doesn't mean anything.

Here's the link with instructions to buy the ebook:


All of my speaking materials are here on the blog.

Simon !
You are a great teacher.Your site is really a beneficial one for the test takers.

Hi Les
I want to cotact you as I am going to appear for Ielts in January 19,2013. I am having problem with speaking. If you can manage please contact me for speaking practice.
Thaks alot

Les and all friends on ielts-simon.com
This is my skype id (ielts4me)
Contact me for speaking practice.
Thanks to all

Hi Simon

i really need your assistance to clarify whether i am allowed to view the notes which i made in speaking part2 when i am actually speaking to help me to touch all the points i noted down on the paper in one minute

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