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February 26, 2012


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HI Simon,

Indeed, they are all valuable tips that one can benefit them a lot. However, in terms of question orders and numbers, as we occasionally cannot find the answer and go further more than we need,I think it would be better read two questions simultaneously or at least the underline the key word of second question. This may help us to save our time, because even if we cannot find the answer of first question we realize that we have reached the area of second question meaning that we passed the area of first answer, as the answers mostly come in order.

Hi Mh,
I do the same thing plus ---
one passage contain 2 or 3 types of questions for e.g T,F,NG and Fill in the blanks and Match the following. so I go through 1st question of T,F,NG and Fill in the Blanks and match the following.and the reason for that If 1 st question is about t,f,ng that might start from middle of the passage.also second question ,mailnly for T,F,NG becasue one reason is already mentioned by Mh and second reason there might be 1st question's answer is NG and you keep reading further.
The things that I have mentioned worked for me,mean I got 7 in reading in my last 2 readingexam ,not necessary that can work for all.
another thing Simon's tips are for all student mean from band 1 to band 9.this is his general basic view for all students and first step.band 9 student might aprroach reading exam differently.


Hi Tahir,

Thank you for your advice, I completely agree with you.From what Ive got from your post is that if we read the passage then we search all relative questions which might be found their answers there. It is very likely to see that questions come from all of the paragraphs then if we, for example, read the T,F,NG questions and there is no questions related to T,F,NG type of questions in PARAGRAPH A then it is possibly that some questions about fill the blank asked from paragraph A.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your answering of my questions.Although I got 7 last time, I'm still searching for better way to save time when solving questions. I agree most of your advices. However, I think everyone has his own way to adjust strategy a little. For instance, I'll skim at least 2 types of question or keywords first, and I won't read heading types until I finish each paragraph, because of vivid impression.

Hi Mh,
you got me.

Hi Simon.Today I'd like to ask you for some synonymous expressions to the following:
"the UK's proportion of the European Council's population."
Though I've tried to reword this phrase several times,I still feel there is repitition.
Many thanks.

Hello Simon,
I'm not sure if I'm writing this in the right please. Anyway here is my question, in the first writing task should I write all the numbers or at least some of the numbers given in the graph? or can I just write about the graph generally without actually stating the numbers?
(the exercise I'm doing has a lot of numbers (not percentages) and I'm not sure I can write about in a clear paragraph).
Thank you for all your help

I still think it's better not to write essays in capital letters.

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