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March 21, 2012


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Hello simon,
Its really very helpful to me since i was not in a correct track all these days.but when i gone through your website.i got little bit confidence i can do well at my exam.

but the only thing that is bothering me is Task 1 letter writing.i am general module student.

it will be good if you can upload some of the band 9 letters so that we can go through it.your the best tutor.


hello simon,

kindly check my essay and give the feed back please..

In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies.
What do you think are the causes of this?
What solutions can you suggest?

Today there is lot of completion between the students to achieve the best grades in their schools and universities. Due to this there is very less time for the students to spend on their leisure activities.

There are two main causes for the young people to work hard in their studies. Firstly, every parent wants to see their children to become a doctor or an engineer. Due to this more pressure is being put on children from their childhood. They are sent to tuitions and extra classes in order to gain more knowledge. As a result the whole day gets completed by this workload. They will not have time to even talk with their friends and play games. Secondly, the education system has also been changed to a larger extent. Even in schools and colleges there are extra study hours for the children to make them study. For example in some countries like India people are more focused to studies than any other activity. And even in most of the hostel s they make people to study even after their class hours are completed with our giving any rest to the students. Due to this students undergo lot of peer pressure with the other students.

There are some solutions to solve the above mentioned problems upon students. We should make parents aware by conducting sessions. We need to tell them that by putting lot of pressure upon their children from their childhood causes lot of stress and strain to the child. They might be depressed if the things don’t work out. Another solution is that we can make children to play computer games or else conducting some education games. Whereas it would be useful to the student in increasing their thinking ability. Due to this they can come out of the pressure environment and can have some leisure time to do these activities.

To sum up, I conclude that putting lot of pressure on young people is not good for their health. And this kinds of practices should be changed.

Hi, Simon!

I've got a problem with the nouns with the suffixes “-ance” and “-ence” in the words like ambulance and conference. Don't you have some tip or even rule for it?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Simon for this lesson!
This is also something that I'm always trying to make my students understand.

Another tip for students is that this topic sentence concept can (or "should") also be applied when answering the questions from the Speaking test.

Simon, i have a dilemma for Writing task 2..

When i want to do the writing tasks, i usually have two sides.. whether i have to write slowly but could get a good band but sometimes i couldn't finish all my writing tasks or vice versa.

Do you have any tricks regarding my problems to write faster and more accurate

Hi Avani.T

Your essay is too long (340 words). Try to make it shorter. You made a lot of mistakes in Articles ( a/the) and verb+ subject agreement. And also many repetitions like Due to this have been seen in your writing.
But you tried to back up your ideas with fairly convincing reasons. I think revising your essay would be useful to find your errors.

Hello Simon,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback..ill try to improve the areas which you have told me to do.

Once again ill try to write the essay with some more improvements and send you across.

Thank you.


hi simon,

i want to ask you about the topic (question) and the introduction.

should I need to paraphrase the question separately and make an introduction in another paragragh? or can i make an introduction paraphrasing the question with my opinion?

Im confused which is the correct way to do it.

many thanks~!

hi simon,
can I answer the question "do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages" by giving 2 paras describing pros and 1 pars saying cons.
finally, draw the conclusion advantages outweigh disadvantages.
Is it OK with a 5-para????????
I am really confused!!!
from E.S.

hi simon.I am confronted with this sentence,hope you can do me a favor

when discussing parenting and schooling influence on a child's development.i want to give an example,stating that: a musician's child have more ability or edge than others,as they see or listen everyday(,imperceptible and gradual or inadvertent?? ) please write a proper sentence for me.

question2:how do you write: a child is more influenced by their partents as they are in their formative years when they are best at imitating ?and partents are the first educator of them..pls do me a favor thanks simon

Hi Andy,

Quick suggestions:

1) ...as they listen every day and learn unconsciously

2) Correct!

Sir Simon, I'd like to share to you the writing task 2 question that I had last Feb 25. Just make an essay out of this and have something to share again to your avid followers. "Some people say that the government in poor countries introduce new technology to have a better quality of life. Others say that everyone should have access to free-education. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Hi Simon,how are you today:)

i tried to use"be it...or.."

those old buildings are usually of supurb aesthetical and cultural value or even regarded as the landmark of a city,be it the Greatwall or the Pyramid.

do you find and mistakes in this sentence?

thank you


Hi Gwapo

What to write in this essay?? could You share some idea??


kindly can some one check my essay?
Some people believe that women should play an equal role to men in country’s police force or military force, such as army. Others don't believe so. Do you agree or disagree?
In today’s world, many think that women should work in nation’s military force equal to men. Women, these-days are performing and showing their skills almost in walks of life to enhance the economy of the country. There is an opposing opinion, which claims that women should no longer be allowed to join military force. My personal view is that women need to play a leading role equal to men in military force, and this will bring with it more benefits than drawbacks.
For one, women should get the equal rights to participate in the workforce. Since women excel in all parts of lifestyle from technology to sport. A famous Indian athlete, P.T Usha, has been a well known sport woman, who has received many medals in international sporting events. An instance illustrating in action is a female, Jhansi Ki Rani, who fought a war in India to get freedom from British troops. Thus, this real life example makes it clear that women need to be included in equal proportion to men in nation’s army. As this shows that women are equally qualified and competent to men, regardless of professional performance.
On the other hand, there are some good reasons for believing that women are good equalizer to men in Para military forces. They are doing all jobs from technology to defense. Since, the rate of crime is increasing across the globe, and the people committing the crimes are both male and female genders. For tackling with female offenders, it is believed by many that women need to show their skills in equal numbers to men in police. Thus, it is understandable that women need to show their best equal to men.
After looking at the above, women certainly should join military forces equally like their male counterpart. It has been proven that the real need of the society is to provide more job opportunities to women in troops. Thus, it is predicted that this course of action continues to be followed into foreseeable future.

Hi Simon. It is very great to find your website. I have a question about writing task 2, do I have to write a preview in the introduction?

Hi Simon.

This is the first time I access your website. It makes me surprising because I find out a lot of useful lesson I really need to improve my writing skill.

Thank you so much,
Wish you are always energetic and powerful.

Hello Simon Sir
I attended a mock test conducted by British Council.The question in task 2 was The lifestyle and eating habits of new generation has changed a lot. Some people say that it has a negative effect on people's life. How far do u agree or disagree with this?

At first I was so confused either to explain the changes in eating habits and lifestyle or not. If such question comes, do I have to explain changes in eating habits in body paragraphs or is it necessary to explain only the side effects?

I would be very thankful if you answer my questions

Hi Mira,

I think you will explain both things because they are connected - explain changes like eating fast food or taking less exercise, and say how this affects people.

Dear Simon
How can I improve my skills for ielts exam speedily?

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