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March 04, 2012


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Hi Simon,
Sorry for off topic comment but I think its important
I would like some of your advice about how to sustain bands while attempting IELTS multiple times.
As I need 7 in all modules my results were
L6.5,R7.5,W7,S6.5 in Ist attempt
L7.5,R7 ,W6.5 , S6.5 in 2nd attempt
I found it disappointing and so worried how to maintain 7+ bands and improve in other modules.
I hope youe advice will help others also ...


Hi Naheed,

Your scores are great !!! Would you like to contact me through Email


Hello Simon,
Your book, your way of writing and your Web site are helped me a lot.
I like your writing essay as I like to read them very much because there are close to my writing skills. I don't use very complicating vocabulary whereas the ideas linked to eachother.
So I want to see as many as of your writing essay but the time is too close to my IELTS Exam.
I don't know if it is acceptable to use personification from my language because I translate them to English and then make a structure to the sentence but it is not common in English. It's like something new but interesting. Is it sound disrespect to the language to write like that.
For example: Some people don't even want to walk to be under the tree shadow. They want for the shadow comes to them.
* It means they are so lazy that even don't try a little to do something*
It's not familiar in English. Can I use such a these sentences?

Thank you again for your real work and wonderful Web site.

Hi Adil,
When are going to attempt IELTS?
Would you like to share your preparations & skills with me.

Hi Poya,

I 've accepted your request .Please check your E.mail.

Hi every body
As Naheed says 'We r trying to achieve good band
12 May will be my 2nd attempt
so, we need out teacher's advice
Do any one like as to share our knowledge
may be that will help in someway

Kind Regards
Saudi Arabia

Hi Naheed,
I will take the test in 31st of March.
I'd like to share my knowledge and experience. I think you will help me a lot.
This is my Email: adelansari49@yahoo.com

Hi Simon,

I have a question about scores.

Why the avg. scores
6.25 --> 6.5 (this seems not fair)
6.625 --> 6.5
6.675 --> 7

Sorry Jimmy, you would have to ask the top people at Cambridge or the British (or Australian) council about that.

hi Simon,

i had 3 General Training test recently and my writing section stuck at 6.5. what could be the shortcomings? :-(
thks in advance

p/s - i dropped you an email too

Hello Dear Simon

I tool IELTS general module and I got
Reading 8.5
Speaking and Listening 7.5
Writing 5.5

I would like to ask is it possible, do you recommend to make a complaint?
What should I do for writing improvement?

Most Regards
Ali Ahmadi

Hi Ali,

I think you must have done something wrong. I only recommend asking for a re-mark if you got 6.5 (if you need 7).

You really need to get a teacher to check some of your essays to see what you are doing wrong.

Hi, Simon
I want to ask about ielts band score:
1/In ielts.org website:
band score -raw score out of 40
Academic reading
band score- raw score out of 40
2/ In IDP library, my friend found another:
How we mark IELTS
1 = 1 correct answer
2 = 2 , 3 correct answers
3 = 4 , 5, 6 , 7correct answers
3.5 = 8, 9, 10correct answers
4 = 11, 12, 13correct answers
4.5 = 14, 15, 16correct answers
5 = 17, 18, 19correct answers
5.5 = 20, 21, 22, 23correct answers*
6 = 24, 25, 26, 27correct answers*
6.5 = 28, 29, 30correct answers
7 = 31, 32, 33correct answers
7.5 = 34, 35correct answers
8 = 36, 37correct answers
8.5 = 38, 38correct answers
9 = 40correct answers

1 = 1correct answer
2 = 2 , 3correct answers
3 = 4 , 5 ,6 correct answers
3.5 = 7, 8, 9 correct answers
4 = 10 ,11, 12 correct answers
4.5 = 13,14, 15 16correct answers
5 = 17, 18, 19 ,20correct answers
5.5 = 21, 22, 23 ,24correct answers*
6 = 25, 26, 27,28correct answers*
6.5 = 29, 30, 31correct answers
7 = 32, 33correct answers
7.5 = 34, 35correct answers
8 = 36, 37correct answers
8.5 = 38, 38correct answers
9 = 40correct answers
I want to ask that if you have 23 listening correct answers:
ielts.org: 6.o
Academic reading:
ielts.org: 6.0
IDp: 5.5
Which ielts band score is right? 6.0 or 5.5
Thanks in advanced.

Hi Hermerry,

I would trust what ielts.org says. That's probably the most up-to-date official information.

Hello every body
please help me
I need to find some IELTS exam in IRAN (general).

Hello every body
please help me
I need to find some IELTS exam in IRAN (general).my e mail hosseinashrafi26@yahoo.com

Hi Simon,
In "multiple choice" part, I wonder that we should search all the key words from question then we search the key words from answer or we should answer the question in turn

Hi Simon!
Can you check my answer!^^
The graph provides information on the percentage of old age people in Japan, Sweden and USA from 1940 to 2040.
In general, the number of the population aged 65 and above go ups and downs erratically before being expected to reach a peak in 2040.
For example, from 1940 to 2000, the number of elders in Sweden was lower than in Japan while the opposite WAS SEEN BETWEEN 2000 AND 2040.
More over, starting with 5 percent, the figures of the olds in USA which increased dramatically during period, is expected to 27 % in 2040.
Interestingly,in 1940, the percentage of the elder citizens in USA was lowest number but in 2040, it is predicted to overcome Sweden and Japan elderly at 27 %, 25 % and 23 % respectively.
If I write like that, I wonder the verb in " WAS SEEN BETWEEN 2000 AND 2040 " is right or wrong.

Hi Simon
I am struggling to write essay about considering and assessing argument for and against of a topic.
Could you give some tips to write this kind of essay?

Hi Simon

I would really like to thank you for all your efforts in developing free IELTS material on this website. I required 8 each for Immigration purposes and so I started searching for study material online when I bumped into your website accidentally. I just followed your website thereafter for 2 weeks before sitting for the test on 10 of March in India. And I can't thank you enough as I scored 8.5 overall with individual score of 8.5 in Listening and Reading and 8 in Writing and Speaking respectively. Please keep up the excellent work. I am sure anyone can achieve their target score by following your website sincerely.

Thanks & Regards
Inder Kaur

Well done Inder. I'm glad the website helped!

Hi Naheed,

I will pass ielts soon, i want to ask some advices from you.
contact me please, briliant-87@mail.ru(only one "l")

Hi Simon,

If I got a 6 in writing task 1 and I got a 7 in task 2, would I have a final band score of 6.5 or 7?

Thank you,


Hello Simon,
I thank you for your excellent work on this website,
Iam about to take ielts by tomorrow, iam done with speaking part, which went quite well, my question is
can I take up listening then writing and then reading ..is it possible in this way..plz advice ..

6.5 I think Chen.


Hi Mih,

I think it's always listening, reading, writing. You can't decide the order I'm afraid.

Hi Simon!
I think your web site is great! i have just started preparation for IELTS and i have some questions, fist quiestion is:
Is it useful to learn by hard the special phrases for IELTS writing?
second is: my level is between upper-intermediate and advance (i am not sure), how long does it take for me to get 7 band?

Thank you,
Ulbossyn from Kazakhstan

Hi Ulbossyn. Here's Simon's advice about vocabulary:


and about band 7:


Hi Simon. i have a gramma exercise. Correct the mistakes. Please help me
It is important that cancer iđ diagnosed and treated as early as possible in order to assure a successful cure.

Hi Simon. i had taken ielts exam in sep and oct 2010.n got 7 overall lacking 0.5 in each of the writing and speaking modules.my requirement is 7 each. how can i overcome my shortcomings? please help. i heard about this site from one of my friends. i am new to this site.so please recmmend how to start n what to do?

Thanks & regards,

Hi Deepika,

This is a good lesson to read first:


Then just read as many lessons as you can. There is no special order.

for Her Marry
i saw on the converting score list that IDP gives 6.0 for 23 correct answers. i think you must update your converting score list :)

Hi Simon I am really glad to see your free ielts meterials on this website.actually I need your help..I need 6.5 each band in ielts but I still stuck in 5.5 each band. I don't have enough time to take preparation because I am taking exam on next month.. Pls can you give me some suggestions how can I improve my score??besides practice what I have to do??pls reply as soon as

I took IELTS 3 times, so writing task2 were :
1/peopl who study at university have sucssful life do you agree or dis agree

2/ goverment should punish the parents if their child brok the low do you agree or disagree

3/ english will be global language do you agree or disagree

Hi Simon,
I undertook the ielts exam 3 times in the past 3 months, and here are my results:
1st attempt = L:8.0, R: 8.5, W:8.0, S:7.0
2nd attempt = L:8.5, R: 9.0, W:7.5, S:9.0
3rd attempt = L:8.5, R: 8.5, W:8.5, S:8.0

I took IELTS 3 times as i needed everything to be above 8.0 for immigration purposes. Im just wondering, why are writing and speaking scores so inconsistent? Especially for my speaking, from a 7 to a 9 then only an 8. Weird thing is, i thought i did very well for speaking on my 3rd attempt and i got a lower score than my second.

Hi Simon!
I'm very happy when I find your website. It's useful for every people who want to get a high score in ielts. I have a fear in Listening and Reading. there are many new words in Reading. Listening, when I listen, I often translate what I hear to Vietnamese, so I miss a lot of words. What should I do in listening and Reading?
Many thanks!

Hi Niger,

You just need to keep practising and working hard. Try to follow the daily lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.


Hi Lucia,

Those are great scores. It's difficult for me to explain the variation I'm afraid. I suppose it could be due to the differing quality of your answers depending on the topic. I guess it could also be due to examiner subjectivity.


Hi Bluepureice,

Just keep practising and you will improve!

Dear Simon,
I would like you to reply a question from reading if you can.
The question was something that some part of Northern Hemisphere will be covered with Ice in future.
While the in the paragraph it says: Some part of Europe, North Europe & North America will be covered with Ice in future.
(There was no mention of hemisphere's in the article. Should one use his general knowldege or just stick to the information in the topic?)
Is the answer TRUE OR NOT GIVEN ?

Hi Muzsar,

I think they expect you to use your general knowledge about this one. So the answer is true.

Dear Simon;

Thanks for your reply. But don't you think, this not the purpose of the IELTS exam! As it is said that it is an English Language test and not the test of your knowledge?


Hi Simon,
I took the ielts exam end of march . my score is 5,5 but I need 6. My writting score is 5,0 but I believed best score for writting task. I think challenging for my writting score .I don't know what I do. Do you have any suggestion for me ?

I am currently seeking writers who would be able to write sample IELTS tests for fee and though you kmay be interested or know of parties who would. Drop us a line if you have any interest in this sort of thing. Best wishes.

Hi Muzsar,

Yes, I agree. However, I suppose it's impossible to avoid some using some references to general knowledge. It's difficult to separate language, ideas and knowledge completely.


Hi Lici,

It's difficult for me to advise you without knowing you or your situation. I suppose it can't do any harm to ask for a re-mark. Good luck if you do!


Hi Patrick,

I'm not sure, but maybe you could email me with more information (ieltssimon@gmail.com)

Dear Inder Kaur & Lucia;
Congratuliations on your fantastic achivement. I'm also looking for 8 bands in each module for General. If you can please share some of your preparation methods along with the books and/or sites you have used it will be really helpful. I have made around 4 attempts with varaing scores getting 8 or 8.5 in 2 and 7 or 7.5 in other 2. I think my writing is causing prob. although I got 8 once but after that it is stuck on 7. I would really appreciate if you guys can share some of your thoughts. Simons input on this is also highly appreciable.

Hi Simon

I have just booked my 2nd IELTS exam. My previous scores were as follows:
Writing 9.0, Speaking 7.5, Listening 6.5,
Reading 6.0, Overall Band Score 7.5.

I am aiming for at least a 9 in all 4 sections and would appreciate your recommendation on any good practice books. There are too many on the market and I cannot afford to fail this time. Thanks in advance.

Hi Amanda,

Here's my advice:


I just want to ask in Task 1 is it acceptable to write 145-149,or in task 2 245-249 words,and 1 more thing,how does it affect the band score?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Aysel,

You'll be ok with those numbers. Examiners are lenient if it's just a few words under.

Hi Simon,
Is it acceptable if the arguments or ideas I present for Speaking task 3 and Writing task 2 might sound controversial to the examiner? Should I avoid giving my subjective point of view or am I encouraged to freely express my thoughts on the given topics?

Can I begin the summary with the word 'overall' in task 1?Actually,I have seen it in your essays,but,my teacher does not agree with it and says it is only used in conclusion.What extent is it true?

Hi Quanzi,

The examiner only cares about your English, not your views, so you can express whatever opinions you want.


Hi Aysel,

Yes, it's fine to use 'overall' in that way.

Thank you very much!This site really helps me.

Which one preferable in the Speaking section of IELTS to speak in American pronunciation or British.Because My teacher said that candidate's speaking performance is assessed in UK..THANKS..

Both are equally acceptable Abror.

hi Simon
our teacher says try to avoid using firstly,secondy etc.instead of them she suggests in the first stage,first of all.what do you think?

my another question:i can't solve reading questions without reading whole passages.what do you advise me?

Hi Simon,
Can I write both summary and conclusion in Task 1?In my opinion,I don't need both of them,but,if I give conclusion after writing summary,how will it affect my score?

Hi Simon,
i have a question abiut grammar: Is this sentence correct?
We students are going to have a party
Why do we you "we students",is it correct?
My friends said that you very much"us students " is correct.I'm very confused.Can you explained it for me.Thank

Hi Edward,
I want to answer your question,if I'm not mistaken,you should write the sentence like that 'We,students,are going to have a party'.I think,using 'us students' is incorrect.

Hi Simon,
I have a question on Writing task(s) for you.
Well, I always find additional word(s) to add or sometimes writing at pace made me to miss a word in a sentence.

What should I do in order to add an additional word in a sentence, if missed??
Is there any symbol needs to be put in to indicate or how??

I will appreciate your response.

Hi Simon

I really need your help with the Reading Test. How to understand and answer heading list.

By the way, my exam is on 30 June 2012.

I will appreciate your response.

Thank you very much


I'm afraid I don't have time to answer every question on the site. I think I've done lessons that address most of the questions above.

Hi Sir,
I had recently given ielts and got L7,R6,W6,S6 AVG 6.5.
my required score is 7 in all,could you plz help me how i can i get it,tell me the way by which i can improve my score.
wl be very thankful to you.

There's no special way I'm afraid Shaharyar. Just keep working hard and you'll gradually improve.

Hi Simon,
Last month I took the first IELTS exam after 3 months course and I got 6.5.
Listening: 6.0 Reading: 7.5
Writing: 6.0 Speaking: 6.5
I always get distracted in the listening part. And I want to raise the band score to 7.
Would you give me some advice?
Thank you very much.

Hi Simon,
I just received my ILETS score I.e L-8, R-6,nW-5.5, S-7 my overall score is 6.5. I want to know why it is not 7,when the average is 6.625.

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