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April 29, 2012


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Hi Simon,

I have a question,if we want to pass the IELTS exam abroad,in our countries,are the results send to the UK to be checked or are they checked in the country where we take the exam.I found out that my marks are higher in my mother land in comparison with the english speaking country .do you think that examiners in the UK are more strict?

HI! Simon,

I am going to take the IELTS on 18th May. I am having a trouble with reading. Especially, True, False, NG questions. When I check my tests, I have always chosen the opposite of the answers. How can I improve my reading in short time? My listening is ok, but reading ... please give me some suggestions and advices


Simon, thank you for opening TED for me!
Now I don't know if my purpose is preparing for the examination or enjoying this wonderfull media source!

i writedown one speaking topic-favourite music
My most favourite music is the My heart will go on..from the movie titanic sung by celion dion.The soundtrack of titanic,has been one of the best soundtracks yet made.When i listen to it closely,the rhythm,words,or no words touch deep within the heart.These can even bring tears to my eyes.10years before i watched the movie titanic and apart from the extremely emotionally impacting story,the music just amazed me the first time.Its incredible.The emotions and the actions that the music brings up is immense,all the scenes are matches with the music.This has been so far,the best soundtrack i have evere heard and James Horners orchestral version of "my heart will go on" is the best version of the song.I enjoy the music always...

Dear simon, i follow the amazo site and try to write above about my fav music.is it enough to get a score of 8 in speaking...pls

Hi simon

I have taken ielts exam two times and just got 6.0,but my aim is 6.5 and all skills have to be higher 6.0

1st time L 6.5 R 6.5 W 5.5 S 6
2nd time L 5.5 R 6.5 W 6.5 S 6

Plz,Could you give me some advice What should i do for the next month?

Hi Kasia,

The test will be checked in your country. I can't really say if the test will be easier in your country - examiners are supposed to be the same everywhere.


Hi Khaliun,

Just keep practising! There's plenty of advice and practice here on the site.


I'm glad you like TED Maria!


Hi Nur,

I'm afraid I don't give feedback or scores (everyone would ask for this if I did), but thanks for sharing your ideas.


Hi Anh,

There's nothing special that you can do. Just keep working hard, and I'm sure you'll start to notice improvements. Good luck next month!

Not sure about people in the UK, but Americans LOVE to leave their comments or reviews for the products they buy online. In fact, some people spend plenty of time to do it thoroughly, making sure that they give every detail of the product.

I think reading those posts is quite fun and informative at the same time (especially if you are tempted to buy something!), and I believe students can learn many common and natural ways of expression.

Thanks for the tip Simon!

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