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April 14, 2012


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Hi Simon

A great lesson about commas,but I was wondering if we can higher our score by using other punctuation like semi-column in right places?

Hi dear Simon
I appreciated to let me know in first type of questions(opinion)az you told 'you don't have to give both sides of the argument ' ,does it mean if I devide this subject to two views like an argument and then I express my view(some of the people hold the opinion...In contrast,others think),it makes my structure wrong?
I know how many times this question have been asked but actually this subject is so controversial due to I found various views which make me confused! really thanks for your help

Hi Simon
You r doing great job for ielts studen.Today I've received my result I've got 7 in speaking, 6.5 listening but I shocked to see my writing reading with 4.5.Although I was not expecting good band I readings bcoz it was really dificult I couldn't manage time wisely but my writing was ok I did second task according to question,question was about both sides of view about the effects of computer games on children. I wrote four paragraphs introduction,second for against views,third in the favour and finally,gave my balance opinion but first task was bit difficult its was about the number of people per km2 in between 2003 and five. Might be I couldn't illustrate properly.its was two bar chart and was very strange two but I try to 3xplain it according to advice I do not know I've got low scores in writing and in addition I had used extra abbey for writing but I didn't write my candidate no it and attach as well.the lady said she will manage it but I think they lost my Extra sheet.I need ur advice what I need to do for next test.can ask them for re-check for my writing or not.plz reply me on weekend.

Thanks a lot

thanks alot simon for this useful lesson..

thx simon sir

could u give any ideas about this topic in writing task 2 topic? please
In many countries men and women are working. It is therefore logical that men should share household tasks with women(e.g cleaning and looking after children)
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

ayesha i have written answer in assay sample comments check it out there

@ hussain where can u give the link here? please

Hi Khadija,

You could try asking for a re-mark, but I can't guarantee that they will raise your score.

It might be a better idea to find a teacher who can check some of your essays and tell you what you are doing wrong.


I'll answer some of the other questions this weekend.

ayesha in 11th april lesson

if i am going to use a sentence like this

"He said that" whether i should use any punctuation after the 'that' or no need?

No, you don't need a comma there.


please give some lesson on usage of propositions like on/of/for etc


simons, i have a problem that i am unable to understand that why we use-i am interested in-mean why we use ed in simple present tense.

Hi Ravinder,

'interested' is used as an adjective here, like "I am bored" or "I am happy".

HI Simon,

This is Candy. I am just wondering what, "DO NOT USE BULLET/NOTE FORM. For instance, "There are a variety of reasons why there is an enormous amount of garbage in our environment. These include the following: people’s lack of obedience, insufficient understanding about right junk dumping and the big number of big industries." Is this allowed? Thank you very much. Also, "such as but not limited to:"

hello sir
i am little bit confused about punctuation in task 1 and task 2.

The number of cases began at 100 in 1983,whereas the figure rose steadily to reach 200 in 1987.

The number of cases began at 100 in 1983 whereas the figure rose steadily to reach 200 in 1987

Should I have to put comma before whereas or not.
please help me.

Could we use questions mark or put a question in ielts writing...

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