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April 10, 2012


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Hi Simon,

My problem is not confined to section 4 but more of related to type of Question. Most of the time I do not get correct answer for question where list is given with blanks I have to choose answers from list of answers using alphabets or numbers. Can you suggest solution?



I'll try to find a question like that. I'll make a lesson about it.

hi simon,
i ve been following ur blog for a couple of weeks now.i jus cant thank u enough for the tremendous help its been all through.im taking my ielts test on 12th april,general module.last year in august i took acadamic module in which i scored an overall band 7.5.{l-8.5, r-7, w-7, s-7.5}.but for resons unknown,the whole process of going through the test is getting on my nerves.anyways thanx a lot and keep up the good work.u r truly an angel for ielts students.

hi simon
plz tell me how to increase the listening score

I have another suggestion about listeing of Section 4 while the recording is explaining the section 1 and the example , try to consume this time (over 1:45) to have a look at the section 3 and 4 ,but when you hear now shall begin turn to the section 1 immediately

Hi Simon,

I have problem with multiple questions in listening. Although I underline names and verbs, I still make mistake. My exam is in April 14, Thank you in advance for your guide

I tried the method that Omar suggested above, which really worked for me. HOWEVER I'd really recommend you better not to use this way unless you get quite confident as the place you take the test, you must feel so much pressure there.

Otherwise it would be very helpful and I've got 7.0 for the listening just sticking with it:-)

Hi Simon,

I have a question
Ultimately, helping your child break habits of backtalk and disrespect will help her not only in her not only at home, but will make all the difference in her ability relate to others and be successful in life.
What dose this sentence mean in terms of "be successful in life"? IS the thing that helping your child break habits of backtalk and disrespect successful or the thing help child successful?

Dear Simon i m new here, i tried underline the keywords but it's does not work for me,some time i just write down all the important keywords then i got confuse which one I go to place in the blank.Secondly, face trouble in section 3 especially selection the answer in the given list .Please help me out I will be very thankful to you.

Hi Simon,

I answered some tests of Cambridge test books and found out that I have problem with numbers and multiple choice questions. In multiple choice questions I can't concentrate on what the speaker says.

for example, I answered listening test 2 of Cambridge 5 and my correct answers were as follow:
section 1: 6 correct answers
section 2: 5 correct answers
section 3: 7 correct answers
section 4: 8 correct answers

I had 4 mistakes in numbers and 4 mistakes in multiple choice questions.

Could you please help me and tell me what to do?

Thank you very much

please give me some idea for listening section 3 and 4.i have been failed for multiple choice question so please give me some ideas that may helped to get good score on IELTS.
Thank you

Hi Simon,

I would appearing in IELT exam on 1 November 14, and currently I am getting 29/40 score in Listening module. After too many practise, I am not able reach at score of 34 which is my target. As per my observation I always lost my score in "section 4 - more of related to type of Question". Please help me to solve to reach at 34 score in litening.

Hi Simon,
After practicing a lot, I am only able reach at score of 34/40 in Listening module.As per my observation I always loose my score in "section 3" From Q-21 to 25 where 2 People do conversation.How can i increase my score to 40. Please suggest me

213/1 West Rampura Ullon Road Dhaka-1219
213/1 West Rampura Ullon Road Dhaka -1219

I practiced a more in IELTS Listening module,but score appeared nearly 28-30.My target score is 38 out of 40. How can I improve my score ?? I am appearing the examination January 2016.

I am awaiting for your response.

I took part three times in IELTS exam but got 6 , listening i got 5.5 but my target is 7 ,my problem area is section 2 and 3 ,especially multiple choice question ,matching and diagram

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