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April 12, 2012


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hi simon,I want to start writing task 1 ;which chart is the best and easiest for me and student like me?pie chart,bar chart,table chart or liner chart?

Its simple and very understandable. But to write such an essay I think it needs a good planning before we start to write. And its not an easy job to plan such well structured essay containing very good ideas and vocabulary in just 20 minutes. we may lack in time. Even if we plan it, we may obviously face difficulty while drawing our plan into writing. Anyway. this essay is great and I, personally learnt a lot. Hope I would be able to apply it during my exam.

Do we lose marks if we write too much?

Has anyone written sentences like this:
"Both the figures for male and female students increased, from 100 to 150 and from 200 to 220 respectively"
-- I'm utterly confused here. Can we use "both" and "respectively" in the same sentence?

Hi Simon,
I undertook the ielts exam 3 times in the past 3 months, and here are my results:
1st attempt = L:8.0, R: 8.5, W:8.0, S:7.0
2nd attempt = L:8.5, R: 9.0, W:7.5, S:9.0
3rd attempt = L:8.5, R: 8.5, W:8.5, S:8.0

I took IELTS 3 times as i needed everything to be above 8.0 for immigration purposes. Im just wondering, why are writing and speaking scores so inconsistent? Especially for my speaking, from a 7 to a 9 then only an 8. Weird thing is, i thought i did very well for speaking on my 3rd attempt and i got a lower score than my second.

I got really worst result today..no quality in checking in exam..

1st attemp=L:6.5, R: 6.5, W:6.5, S:6.0( given outside oz)
2nd attempt=L:6, R: 5.5, W:5.5, S:5.5(aus)

I am totally screwed that by changing centre in IELTS how my score was decreased overall.

hi frnds

dont give exam in AUSTRALIA or english speaking country. I was frustrated day by day my score is decreasing really too much nervous. Howmuch I am gonna throwing money and time for this shit exam

They set their own level for IELTS.

I think Jay is right.

Every IELTS exam center has its own standard to evaluate the results, especially the wiritng and speaking tests.

I took more than 20 IELTS examd in order to get my PR.

According to my own experience, even in the same IELTS exam center, different teachers has different standards to evaluate my speaking level. Someone once gave me a 8 in my speaking test, but usually my speaking result was 6.5.

It is really a subjective test. I took some tutorial lessons with some of the IELTS examiners, they told me something totally opposite.

By the way, I don't think it is legal to give candidates classes if they are the IELTS examiners. But they charged me a good money and gave me some techniques, such as if you want to get a 7 in writing, you need at least to write 7 paragraph.

Hi Mia,

Yes, you can use them together.


Hi Lucia,

I think I answered below another lesson.


Hi Jay and Eric,

I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. I understand your frustration

Thank you Simon :X

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