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April 05, 2012


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Hi Simon,
i am a new comer here. Could we use this version also:
These figures illustrate information of UK's favorite places to be visited and locations outside UK visited by UK's citizen.
is that too long or still appropriate for introduction?
Actually, how many words that suitable for introduction only?
Thank you

Is this correct?

The graph shows the number of tourists visiting UK and abroad visits by UK residents.
The pie chart shows 5 different countries where UK residents like to visit.

I'm not Simon, but here's some feedback from me:

'These figures' doesn't make sense in this context (it's a graph and a bar chart, and 'these' should be changed into 'the')
'UK's' looks strange, use it without a possessive
'residents' is better than 'citizens'.
As for the number of words in the introduction, there's no special requirement regarding those, but on average there should be about 25-30.

'The UK' if you mean the country
'where.... they like to visit' is awkward. use 'which'/'that' instead. Avoid using numbers (5), use the corresponding words (five)whenever possible

Hi Simon;
I studied your helpful website and e-book, and I got 7.5/7/6/7/7 (L/R/W/S/O). Frankly I found your website like my private tutor.
Your website and e-book are wonderful.
Your help was invaluable for me.
[Thank you very much for all your help]*1000
I wish you would achieve all your goals.
Best wishes;

thank you Stas or correction.


Hi shayan
congratulation on your successfull, iwant you to add me for enquiry
[email protected]

Congratulations Shayan!

It's nice to hear that my site was like your private tutor. I'm happy I was able to help.

Hi Simon,
This question is out of the topic but I would like to ask if my sentence structure is correct.

"It is clear that couples with children were living in poverty more than those couples who do not have children, with about 12% and 7% respectively.

Please Simon..Please comment if my sentence is correct or not. please

Hi Laarni. I guess Simon doesn't have time to answer, but I'll try.

I would write:

It is clear that A HIGHER PROPORTION OF couples with children were living in poverty COMPARED TO those WITHOUT children, with FIGURES OF 12% and 7% respectively.

Thank you very much jim for the correction.
I will take my IELTS exam on 14th of April.
so fingers crossed. >.<

im taking my ielts exam this 14th of May T__T
so scary!!! im stuck in the writing part!!! Thanks for the tips in writing task 1 about plural thingy!!!:D:D
can you please estimate what topic will come up and on the task 1 whether it's a bar chart or pie chart etc!!! im so nervous!!

thank u

Hi Mai,

I'm afraid your guess is as good as mine! All I can do is wish you good luck!

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