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April 18, 2012


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i want to ask 2 question about Ielts

Firstly, is there any difference between Writing Task I and Task II about calculating the points? Some people says Task I is calculated out of 4 and Task II is out of 5 (totally 9). Is it correct?

Second question will be about Speaking Part. Who gives the point ? is it only the examiner who talks to us in exam? or someone else? because they record our speaking wit a tape.

can anyone rank my essay (290 words)?

Depending on the individual's choice, hobbies can be either easy or hard. In the leisure time, some people enjoy doing easy activities which needs less physical and mental stress and others love to continually challenge themselves with striving hard. While easy hobbies can be enjoyable, I believe that the more adventure we do the more enjoyable moment we have in life.
To create great memory, we have to do something different from our daily activities. Most of the people prefer to choose risky activities in their leisure time. For example, in the world today, bungee jumping, rafting, trekking have become the first choices of holiday activities for the people. I have also experienced many trekking and expeditions, which are the most memorable moments of my life so far. In addition, five minutes bungee jump was the shortest and most extreme event I have ever done. I believe these types of extreme activities eliminate usual minor fears of our life.
On the other hand, some people choose easier entertaining activities. They think taking high risk in life can be hazardous; the climax might be disaster. Singing, dancing and playing cards inside a close room can be a great fun for those people. That type of activities gives different type of pleasure. It's easier to gather people for such type of events, while very few people want to join adventure. Furthermore, many office workers like to hang out in pub and restaurant bar in their weekend; they don't want to get tired by strenuous tour.
I believe that the hobbies should be physically and mentally challenged; more difficult than the work we do in our daily life. From those extreme adventurous events we can make our life's moments more memorable and enjoyable.

Nimral u hv done a gr8 job.. :) Well Done Dear.. .:)

Hey Guys pray 4 me am gonna to take test at 21st April... :(

Dear Simon and reading students,
I send you my trial on a given topic.
I know, that our lovely teacher cannot give a straight feedback, but perhaps someone would like to look at it. I know that it may still be too long. Greetings to all.
Aleksandra B.

To achieve a life-balance, people apart from work or home routine duties spend their time,as much of it possible, on hobbies or activities they like most. It is a commonly held view that a hobby should be challenging to make people happy while doing this. However, I believe that the level of difficulty of the hobbies is not of such importance as a real interest in and a true involvement of a hobby performer to enjoy it fully.

To begin with, the purposes of hobbies may vary individually. It is true that some people, even, during their leisure time want challenge themselves crossing their limitations and checking themselves. For example, they would do this by climbing the most dangerous and highest mountains or practicing other risky sports. Through this they strengthen their character and when the aim is gained it brings them a great feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. They cannot imagine their pastime to be mundane or calm. Interestingly, it is also characteristic for people performing rather monotonous jobs during the week like accountant or secretary. Thus, they spend their weekends or longer holidays doing something totally different, new and more difficult and breaking down their routine. On the other hand, there are people who cannot stay stagnant, whether working or resting. Simply, it lies in their character. For instance, a doctor within his hospital schedule and a traveler - discover on mission in Antarctica or car-racer, while on holiday. I had even known one person, exactly, of this type. He was a surgeon and during his holiday climbed and once he saved the life of his colleague performing an operation on his leg, in freezing conditions at the top of the mountain. Another time he won the Camel Trophy, driving and performing many hazardous tasks in harsh regions.

However, there are hobbies, which give people a lot of entertainment, without such a risk. For instance, reading a book, listening to a preferable piece of music at home or during concerts it is worthy doing, as well. Taking my own examples, I like gardening, spending a lot time in nature -climbing or just walking through the forest, picking mushrooms, admiring plants, watching birds, meditating at the top and tanning. Additionally, art collection of fine pieces like religious pictures(in style of Russian icons)or landscapes(in the impressionism style)is my favourite hobby that give me so much joy, while watching it. The only one difficulty, downside I found about it - high prices of real masterpieces. So, I have to be happy owning some good replicas or copies of great masters.

In conclusion, a hobby is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to enjoy and to develop themselves. While some people prefer doing something more challenging satisfying them it is not obligatory to have a difficult hobby, but rather an interesting and occupying one to take a great pleasure in.

Hi, Simon,

If the question statement changed to be '...hobbies MUST be difficult to be enjoyable...' instead of 'need to be' and supposed i use your 4-para approach, then should i change the opinion to be 'i disagree' or still keep 'i partly agree'?

Thanks and look forward to your response..

Hi Marcus
this is Mr. simon's answer to your question on 25.03.2012 :
Task 1 is worth one third of the score (33%).
Both tasks will be scored out of 9 but in the final calculation, Task two's score will be calculated two times then the result will be added to task one's score.
as you can see hereunder calculation as an example:
Task 1 : TA=5 CC=5 LR=6 GRA=6 - 5+5+6+6=22
Task 2 : TR=8 CC=8 LR=8 GRA=7 - 8+8+8+7=31

(22+(31*2))/12 = 7
The final score will be 7 in the TRF (Test Report Form).

Hi Simon
i find it diffficult to gather some ideas or plan in writing task 2.my exam would be 26th May.is it possible to overcome this within this time?what should i do to overcome this?pls suggest me.i require 7 individual.

Hi all,if any serious motivated examine like to practice speaking on Skype,pls add me:TAHERDR2010...thanks.

Hi Cherrychen,

Yes, in that case you would change it to "I disagree".


Hi Gangchil,

You just need to keep practising and working hard. Try to follow the daily lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.

Hi, Simon,

Thanks a lot for your reassuring~

Some questions with 'extreme words' can be really tricky and should be paid more attention to..

Simon,thanks a lot.

Hi Simon,
For WT2 Could I use some kinds of linking phrases like:
To open up this can of worms, I would like to air the idea that... To add fuel to the fire... instead of firstly, secondly...
I'm so confused as my exam is just around the corner.
Thanks so much!!!

Hi Dung,

No, those phrases are not appropriate for an academic essay.

I got it, Simon. To be honest, I'm still so confused as these phrases are provided by an Ielts exam who is working in IDP!

Hi Simon, please how/where can i get CAMBRIDGE IELTS book? Is it available in bookshops?

Hi Kofo,

Yes, in bookshops or on Amazon.

Hi Simon ,
some people tell me that in this type of question . However i totally disagree with the statement, i still need to mention one opposite view in the second paragraph of body part,then deny it immediately to make my argument stronger .should i do that ?

plz pray for me ths is the third time am giving ielts

and my required band is7 allover but twice i got 5.5

Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind such as reading and doing word puzzles. Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time .

In modern era, people are too busy in there routine, don't have so much time for own health. However, to improve the health and working capacity needs to schedule free time.

It is frequently believe that, to use spare time people should do some activities like reading the books or solve puzzles for improve the mind. Partially I am in the favour of this statement. However, I also believe that to entertainment facilities such watching TV or Shopping play a significant role to rest the mind.

Nevertheless, it's depends on the individual interest and occupation because nobody can force to others, how they should spend there leisure time. Few people have office job or may be others have physically stressful job.

Thus, who have office job they feels more relax to do physical exercise like yoga, Swimming, running or walking in fresh air, because they have to spend most of the time during working hours in a cabin with burden of paper and computer work.

However, others have physically demanding job such as waiter, engineer, doctor or in marketing field. In these type of profession may be nobody will be able to do running after work shift. So especially these category folks prefer few entertainment activities like watching movies, browsing Internet or take a nap.

To conclude, health play a Vital role in life. Individual determine that how they love to enhance there health according to own responsibility and Interest to get rid from everyday stress and to be healthy.

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