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May 13, 2012


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Hi Simon,

Thank you for starting GT section here. I am expecting some more samples on formal and semi-formal letters.

Thank you.

Hi Simon,

Really useful. Expect more sample examples with different types.

Thank you for the GT section.

Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot for starting tips on IELTS General Training.I am regular visitor of ur blog, but just started writing comment today.

I was expecting guidelines for GT candidates and hope to get complete instruction on regular basis.

Hi Simon,

Thank you indeed for tips on IELTS General Training. It'll be very useful for me.I expect more examples.

Hi Simon thank you for considering General Module i took exam on 12th and the task 2 question was
Pollution and waste is increasing daily
what are the problems caused to ordinary people??
What should every individual need to do to overcome the causes
it is not exactly the same words but the meaning was same

My question is how to address for ordinary people??

thank you very much Simon....

I'm glad you all liked the lesson. I'll keep adding advice, examples and practice materials for the GT test once a week (probably Sundays), so we'll soon have a more complete resource.


Hi Sam,

Ordinary people could mean any person really. Just ignore the word 'ordinary' and write about the effect of pollution and waste on 'people'.

You are simply great Simon.

I am really happy you start GT writing.
thank you very much

Hi Simon,

I have one query regarding type of letter.
Basically, it is said that there are types of letter: Formal, Semi-formal and Informal. I am getting confused with first two. What if i ignore semi-formal type, either formal or informal?

Hi Simon i an unable to open this link .

Hi Simon....

You have did great job for those who will appear in GT. Thanks Owais Pakistan

Hi Simon ,

Thank you very much for uploading GT task 1 samples! I did this Essey and to my amazement it was very similar to yours !! I would like to know whether I could upload it and greatly appreciate if you could comment on it!

Thanks again

Hi Su,

I'm afraid I won't be able to check your essay, but you are welcome to share it with other students here.

please give more idea about GT Writing task 2 and 1 also

Hi Namita,

Task 2 is the same for general and academic. Just look through the lessons here on the site (see the menu on the left).

Mobile phone use has spread to every corner of the planet. Is this a positive or negative development?

Hi Simon,

Thank you for the information of GT sections. I got a confusion when I learnt the sample. Other people told me that the sentence of "I hope this letter finds you well" is a formal expression, but this topic showed the letter should be informal, so is it appropriate to use this sentence in both formal and informal letters?

Hi, i just want to ask you does thought process matters a lot in writing section 2 or you should know how to start and end the essay.

Hi Simon,

Could you please help me out with the essay questions

1) Marriage as a social institution is as old as organised human life and divorce has been nightmarish in all cultures.But of late divorce is seen as an instrument of convenience for both the parties involved. why is this shift of attitude towards divorce.Do you think its a good idea to stick on to a relation at any cost?

2) Sometime back balancing career and family was a tough job for women, but today majority of them this balancing is easier. Try to identify a few factors that make this happen. Do you think all carrier women are happy with this development?

3)Cyber crimes are much higher today. Some Say this is due to the cheaper nature of cyber services, but others say making them costlier is not going to help. Discuss these two views and mention how you see the cheaper availability of cyber possibilities and the crimes?

Hi Simon,

I didn't understand that why you used to but in below.
Why is it not because?
Why is it but?

Could you please explain to me?

Sorry I didn’t write to you earlier, but I’ve been working flat out since the moment I arrived home.


Hi Gurcan,

This is a common way to use "but" in English. I suppose we really mean "but the problem/reason is that..." Here's the structure that we use:

"Sorry + problem, but + reason"

If you want to use the word "because", you need to delete the word "Sorry":

"I didn't write to you earlier because..."

Dear Simon;
Can you give me useful link for informal and formal phrase and words for informal and formal writing.I am so glad if you can help me.

Best Regards,

My dear friends,
I hope you are doing fine and everything is going well with you. It was really a great time to spend with you. Also, I had lots of fun and enjoyment to have a holiday with you. I extremely enjoyed my time there. I would like to thank you for everything especially for the very nice pictures that I have recently received from you. That holiday will always remain in mind with the exciting memories.
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With love,

Hi my friends,

I am just writing to thank you for both providing the most amazing holiday that I have ever had and sending the fantastic photos of very memorable moments that we had together.

Sorry, I know that I should write back an email sooner, however an issue came up. Lets me explain it. When I came back from holiday, unfortunately, my mother got sick and she had been in the hospital for two weeks. It was very tough time for my family and I. After bring her home, Since she was unable to do her daily tasks because of her weakness, I should stay with her all the time. Anyway, that time passed and I should say that she has got much more better right now.

My father and I have planned that hold a big birthday party for my mother to change her mode. We would be delighted if you can come over to celebrate it together. Furthermore, we have a spacious house with two guest rooms, you can stay with us whether you like. I hope to see you soon.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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